Skye Terrier Club of America

Exercise Requirements

A Skye will usually be happy with whatever exercise his owner can handle.  It is best to have a fenced yard in which he can run and play. However, a skye will also thrive even in an apartment atmosphere, where he is walked two or three  times a day. If in a fenced yard, it is good to have an area where he can get off of the grass or ground, especially if trying to keep their coat in shape for the show ring. This can be done easily with a small amount of decking. However, please be very careful about the lumber used. Some toxins in treated lumber can build up in a dog's system and could even lead to serious illness.

Many a Skye enjoys an enormous supply of energy and enthusiam and, as an adult, can be worked in obedience, tracking, and even agility, to the enjoyment of both owner and dog. However, an owner of a puppy or immature Skye  must be careful to avoid excessive jumping and climbing.

The Skye is a condroplastic breed which means a big body and small legs. Excessive exersize as a puppy, before the growth plates in their shorter legs have closed, can cause a Skye to limp and perhaps have greater problems as he grows.  If the growth plates do not close properly, a Skye can end up with a condition known as Premature Closure.  It is believed that waiting until he is mature before taking long walks and participating in other strenuous training may help these growth plates close properly.