"Largest Assemblage of St. Bernards Ever On Park Avenue"

Celebrating the Opening of the Swissotel


Here is a series of photos taken at the opening of the Swissotel in New York in 1997.. Included is a list of tv coverage of the event, a letter, and a number of photographs. Note that the images may not be in consecutave order.

The following narrative was writen by Winnie Vogel, High Chateau Saints.

In June of 1997 the Saint Bernards from this area invaded NYC to help with the opening of the new Swisshotel. Those members who participated were:

Horst and Winnie Vogel, Eric Vogel, helpers Chuck and Eric


  • Ch. High Chateau's Yuri
  • Ch. High Chateau's Orpheus
  • Ch. High Chateau's Xaba
  • Ch. High Chateau's Yvonne
  • High Chateau's Webster

Bob Morgan

  • High Chateau's Zima v. Morgan

Donna Lee

  • Ch. A' Lee Saint Tyson
  • A'Lee Saint Carlee (lh. pup)
  • A'Lee Saint Jewellee (sh. pup)

Joanne Alstead and John Murvin

  • 4 puppies

Ruddy Genovesi and helper Pat Baldassare

  • Ch. Beric's Questor von Ruddy
  • High Chateau's Bayard

Jim Mandella

  • Ch. Tiny Bear's Pee Wee

Jeff Morton

  • do not know names of dogs he brought (3 dogs))

The day started out at 6am. We gathered in a still unused dining room that was set up for the dogs and where we set up crates etc. Each dog was given a bib with the hotel logo and a Keg that the hotel had purchased from the SBCA Rescue. The humans were given a white polo shirt and a cap with the hotel logo and after the day was over key chains were also given to each participant.

From 7 to 8 am. the dogs were out in front of the hotel being groomed for the days events as New Yorkers hurried to work; many stopped to look and pet the dogs. After a break the dogs were put on display until about 11am. Thousands came to look, talk and pet the dogs and all were on their best saintly behavior. It was great PR for the Saint Bernard. Once news of the event hit the TV stations (list included of coverage)the people came out of their offices, during lunch, camera in hand, took pictures and loved the dogs by hugging, petting and even holding.

After another break it was time for the parade. We had balloons, dogs pulling folks in carts and dogs walking for about a mile in a circular path around the city blocks. Meanwhile back at the hotel Winnie and Joanne stayed with the puppies and answered hundreds of questions about the breed.

When the gang came back, another break for the dogs & a provided lunch for us and it was picture taking time. The whole staff of the hotel and all the dogs blocked off the traffic and the group pictures were taken. Then Traffic was stopped in all directions on Park Ave. and 56th St. so photos of the dogs crossing to the hotel could be taken. It was unbelieveable.

By this time it was 4pm and most of the dogs went home but Horst and I, Joanne, John, and Donna stayed so the guests of the hotel could have their pictures taken with one of the dogs. The president of the hotel also had some photos taken in the board room with Donna's pups. Then we had the ribbon cutting ceremony with dogs at the ceremony.

After a great dinner and about 8pm we headed for home.





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