Historical Saint Bernard Documents

We are pleased to present Historical Data from the Saint Bernard Club of America. We hope to add new items to this section frequently. The first selection from the Club Historian is the first Saint Fancier in its entirety, originally published in 1932. The second selection is the entire show catalog from the 1911 SBCÅ Specialty Show. The third selection is a group of unidentified historical photographs. If you have any information on these photos, please use the email link within the individual documents to contact the club Historian. We are grateful for any help you can provide in indentifying the photographs. The fourth and fifth selections from the Club Historian are fascinating excerpts on the breed from books that are now out of print. The sixth selection is a set of photographs of Orville Wright's dog, Scipio. Following that, is the pamphlet, "The Saint Bernarrd Dog - Their Breeding, Training and Management Duringn Health and Disease," that was put together by the St. Bernard Club of Greater St. Louis in 1901. Then, we show a photo essay of the 1997 grand opening of the Swissotel in New York, which boasts the largest assemblage of St. Bernards ever on Park Avenue.



Title of Document
Original Publish Date
Date Presented on Website
Fall 1932
September, 2001
March, 1911
November, 2001

December, 2001

December, 2001
December, 2001
June, 2002
June, 2002
July, 2002


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