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The Saint Bernard National Archives & Hall of Fame
We hope you enjoy your visit today to the Saint Bernard National  Archives and Hall of Fame.  It is our goal for you to find the Archives useful, informative and entertaining. Gathered here is information on the Saint Bernard which now spans three centuries, so it may require several visits to take it all in.  You are welcome back anytime as we are open twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week!  You should consider bookmarking the site address: http://clubs.akc.org/saints/Archives/Welcome.htm  to your favorites and install a shortcut on your desktop.  Then you are only a click away to one of the most complete breed history sites on the World Wide Web.

     We have gone through quite a few changes and additions to make the Archives more accessible.  The Archive Newsroom is where you can keep up-to-date on the latest Archive updates and information. To track the Archive updates and current news, go to The Archive Newsroom click on

The Latest Archive Updates and News

     This link will host information of when the site was updated, what has been updated, new firsts for the breed or record(s), plus other notes of interest. Also, the most current Performance Periodicals will be in this link.    As the link is updated, the older periodicals will then be moved to the newsroom and categorized according to subject matter for future viewing.

     THANK YOU Marty Thurman for creating a wonderful piece of art for the Archive Newsroom.   All will enjoy your remarkable talents for some time to come.

          Be sure to take a moment and visit the Saint Bernard Hall of Fame Room and view the newest members to the Saint Bernard Hall of Fame.  Each month the new inductees and Plateaus of Excellence will honored in this room.  Also in the room, you may view all the Saint Bernards in the Hall of Fame from 1879 to date and review their achievements.

      The newest room to open in the Archives is the Venues Room.  The exhibits in this room show the many AKC and SBCA venues where the Saint Bernards of today earn titles, set breed firsts and breed records.   Learn more about the different venues and how they link to the Saint  Bernard's past.  Today's venues help preserve the conformation, obedience, tracking, agility, weight pulling, draft work and temperament of  the Saint Bernard.  The venues listed in this room are the specific areas of competition in which the Archive records are obtained.

     If you have a web page of your own, why not link to the Saint Bernard National Archives and share the site with your visitors (address above).

     Finally, a "big" THANK YOU to Barb Jansen in Alaska!  For it is Barb we owe our thanks for the foresight and idea of bringing the Saint Bernard National Archive's historical records to the World Wide Web for all to view.  It was through her encouragement alone that started me on the road to format all the data I had collected  over the past decades--data in the different files now located in the Archives.  Barb was the founding webmaster for the SBC of America and we started uploading the "hundreds" of files back in 1998.

     Enjoy, and welcome again to the Saint Bernard National Archives and Hall of Fame!   Photo of the Archive's Library

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John Cox, Archivist
Shoreline, Washington, USA

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