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Ten (10) Rooms of Exhibits in the Saint Bernard National Archives
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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Saint Bernard National Archives and Hall of Fame.   Enjoy your stay and return as often as you wish.  The National Archives houses historical information on the Saint Bernard breed now spanning three centuries in the United States of America.  To assist your tour, listed below are the Archive rooms and the type of exhibits you will encounter. 

 1 Welcome Room: General information about the Archives.

 2 N
ational Archive Room: In this room is the Purpose of the Saint Bernard National Archives, plus quick access to all of the Hall of Fame dogs, criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame, current year databases, national specialty web page, past national show results and the latest Archive updates and news.  The Archive's email address and comment box are also found in this room. 

 3 Years Past Room:  Every year dating back to 1877 is located in this room.  Choose a particular year, click it, and view all the AKC and SBCA titled get, their sires and dams, plus the results of AKC and SBCA shows, trials and tests for that year.   Also, the Hall of Fame inductees, Plateaus of Excellence and year-end tallies are listed.  Each year is a time capsule of history!  The current year may also be found in this room.  This file changes monthly!

 4 Breed Records Room: The dogs on exhibit in this room have set records for Saint Bernards in many of the different Hall of Fame categories.  These records not only give recognition to the dog and handler teams which we can all be proud of, but they also set goals for us to try and achieve or surpass.  These records reflect where we are today.  Most of the record holders have personal stories along with the record achieved.

 5 Breed Firsts Room:  The dogs on exhibit in this room are the American Saint Bernards which have the distinct honor of being the first  to accomplish the task they set out to achieve.  Each achievement is listed in chronological order by year, plus you will find a story about the individual dog and the record of the "first" achieved.

 6 Database Room:  Contained in this room are the complete Archive databases dating all the way back to 1879.  This is the room in which you will want to research the breed or to view a Saint Bernard's complete record.  Please note these are all very large files, and some may take several minutes to open online, depending on your  internet service.  For example, the Sire and Dam files have over 45,000 names.   A wealth of information is just a click away!

 7 Saint Bernard Club of America Room:  The Saint Bernard Club of America is a club rich in history, being one of the oldest breed clubs in the United States of America.  We are now entering into our third century!  In this room you may view all the past national specialty winners (back to 1911), judges, show locations, plus many of the exhibits are complete with photos of the winners.  Also, there are files on past winners of draft tests, weight pulls and listings of all the dogs who have earned SBCA working titles.   Even the firsts to achieve the different SBCA working dog titles may be seen in this room.  Plus, the Top SBCA Performance award-winners (Agility/Obedience-Tracking/Performance) are listed year-by-year all the way back to 1966.

 8 Hall of Fame Room: Located in this room are all the Hall of Fame dogs.  The exhibit honors the inductees, Plateaus of Excellence, and shows breakdowns by the year or dog's name.   You may open the files and do a search for a particular dog to view the Hall of Fame records achieved.  The purpose of the Hall of Fame and how it functions are also exhibited in this room.

 9 The Archive Newsroom:  The Newsroom opened for viewing on March 21, 2003.  This is where you will want to go for viewing the latest updated files and news in the Archives.  All current Archive information is contained in this room, plus the complete collection of Performance Periodicals, the Dog Talk series of articles on AKC obedience, and other articles of interest.

10 Venues Room: The exhibits in this room show the many AKC and SBCA venues where the Saint Bernards of today earn titles, set breed firsts and breed records.   Learn more about the different venues and how they link to the Saint  Bernard's past.  Today's venues help preserve the conformation, obedience, tracking, agility, weight pulling, draft work and temperament of  the Saint Bernard.




SBC of America's Web

SBCA:  This link will take you to the Saint Bernard Club of America's web page and/or the historical page.   A wealth of information on the breed and club activities is awaiting your viewing.  Be sure you take a moment and visit the site.