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For more extensive databases, visit the DATA

To record & remember our breed's accomplishments from the past to the present; therefore, setting new goals & new accomplishments for the generations of the future.

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Click the icons above to sample the different databases
For more extensive databases, visit the DATA room
Spanning four decades, I have been building an Archive for the Saint Bernard dog.  Not a building, like in the logo, but a continuing project in amassing extensive databases on the breed's accomplishments in the United States of America.  It all started back in 1975 with a 4 x 6 card file system and now, through the miracles of technology, the data is computerized and available for viewing on the World Wide Web.   For the complete story about the Saint Bernard National Archives & Hall of Fame, click on Archives. I welcome you to access the Archive's files for your own personal enjoyment and research.  Great measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within the Saint Bernard National Archives; however, we are not responsible for errors or possible typographical misprints or omissions.   Databases, articles, photos and text contained in the Archive's web pages are intended to be informational only.  If you notice a possible error, please bring it to my attention -- saintbernardnationalarchives@comcast.net .  ©The National Archives and its contents are owned and copyrighted 1975-to date by John Cox.

Today, our records are almost complete and date back to the year 1877.  The databases reflect the awards from The American Kennel Club (AKC) registry and the Saint Bernard Club of America (SBCA) only.  When the AKC was founded in 1884, the Saint Bernard was one of the first five breeds it recognized.  Saint Bernards were first entered in the AKC's Stud Book in 1885.  The SBCA was first established in 1888 and became a AKC member club in 1898.  As you can see, the breed has a long and rich history in America!  The Saint Bernard now enters into its
third century in the United States and their past accomplishments may be viewed in the following categories  below. 

The categories below are compiled from the AKC GAZETTES & AWARDS. Please keep in mind that the "current" information published in the AWARDS is always about two months behind a show or title date.  As a new AWARDS is published, the new information will be updated monthly to the Archives (usually by the end of a month). Click on the AWARDS cover to subscribe.  To keep current on what is new in the Archives, click on the "month" to the left of the columns on the home page during your next visit .  The links below are a sample of our complete databases on the Saint Bernard.  Enjoy!
 * Saint Bernard Club of America's Working Dog titles from 1988 (first year) to date
                                            * Agility titles, scores, times & yards from 1994 (first year) to date
* Agility titles, scores, times in Fifteen And Send Time (F.A.S.T.) from 2007 (first year) to date
* Agility titles, scores & times in Time 2 Beat Class from 2011 (first year) to date
* Rally titles & scores from 2005 (first year) to date

More extensive breakdowns of the Archive's databases are located in the Database Room.
*We are in the process of assembling a complete set of AKC GAZETTES for the Saint Bernard National Archives' Library.  If you know where we might find our missing issues, please notify me at saintbernardnationalarchives@comcast.net.

The Archive's database records reflect the AKC and SBCA venues where the Saint Bernards of today earn titles, set breed firsts and breed records.   Learn more about the different venues in the Archive's
Venue Room and how they link to the Saint  Bernard's past.  Today's venues help preserve the conformation, obedience, tracking, agility, weight pulling, draft work and temperament of  the Saint Bernard. 

From the Archive databases, a Saint Bernard National Hall of Fame has been created.  Dogs which have achieved the criteria in the Hall of Fame have been given their recognition and will not be forgotten as time passes.  Click on 
Hall of Fame Criteria to learn more.  To view the newest members to the Hall of Fame, plus the Saint Bernard Inductees and Plateaus of Excellence from the past and present,  visit the Hall of Fame Room.
All files in the Archives are PDF files. To view a PDF file you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free utility from Adobe. To download the free reader from Adobe's website, simply click on the icon to the left (or in each of the rooms in the Archives) to begin the process.  As you open any file you will see a pair of binoculars on the top tool bar. Click the binoculars and enter a name for a search. It will take you to the first time the name appears in that file. Then click again and it will go to the next entry for that dog.

You are cordially invited take a tour of National Archive rooms and view our Site Tour,
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Enjoy, and welcome again to the Saint Bernard National Archives and Hall of Fame!