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by Marty Thurman



AKC Obedience - The Foundation For All Venues

Dog-Talk Articles

The DOG TALK articles have one objective - to help give you a better perspective of obedience judging and how it works.  I hope the articles will help your efforts in working towards a better performance.  Remember, the sport of obedience is a team effort to be ENJOYED!  It is not the end of the world if you or your dog lose some points or dosen't earn a qualifying score on a given day.  Some of the best "dog stories" are when things don't go as planned!  Keep the sport in perspective and ENJOY THE TIMES WITH YOUR DOG as they go by so quickly.

Four Obedience Exercises - - - May 1, 2018
The Dog-Talk & Random Little Tidbits Articles
 Have Been Updated to Refelct the Changes

New Exercises in Power Point Format

YouTube videos of the new exercises

2018-05 NEW Regulations

 Index For All The Dog-Talk Articles 









Link to the AKC Rules & Regulations Web Page 

      Take A Good Look At The Heeling Exercise, Who Is Losing The Most Points?

Workshop notes with links to articles, AKC Blog & AKC YouTube Videos on the new exercises


Saving Withdrawals  from Your 200 Account

 All of The Random Little Tidbits Articles in one pdf file (to date) for downloading
 If you downloaded the set in the past, be sure to check back as more Tidbits may have been added later!


 Index For All Forty-sieven (47) of the Random Little Tidbits Articles Below 
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 Tidbit #20
 Tidbit #21

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 Tidbit #24
 Tidbit #25
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 Tidbit #28
 Tidbit #29  Tidbit #30
 Tidbit #31
 Tidbit #32
 Tidbit #33
 Tidbit #34  Tidbit #35


 Tidbit #36

 Tidbit #37
 Tidbit #38
 Tidbit #39
 Tidbit #40
 Tidbit #41
 Tidbit #42
 Tidbit #43  Tidbit #44

 Tidbit #45

 Tidbit #46
 Tidbit #47
 Apprenticing Materials
AKC Blog for Obedience & Rally Information

 Stewarding Packet (article on stewarding, plus helpful charts)

 AKC Past Obedience Regulations Available From 1936 To Date

  Saint Bernard Articles & Movies of Interest   

The First Saint Fancier 
Introduction Page 1  Page 2  Page 3  Page 4  Page 5  Page 6   Page 7  Page 8

Evolution of dog shows in America AKC & SBCA title abbreviations
History of  American Kennel Club Year-End Tally of AKC & SBCA Titles from 1879
A "Cool List" for the traveling Saint Bernard Saint Bernard Kennel's 100th year!
A "Warm List" for the home-body Saint Bernard Saint Bernard Oil Painting at AKC
Gazette article on the Archives SBCA enters 3rd Century
Saint Bernard Hall of Fame Registrations - 1949 to present
New criteria added to the Hall of Fame in 2006 "Movie" Link to YouTube--Saint Pulling a Ton
Saint Bernard wins at Westminster Kennel Club "Movie" Link to YouTube--Saint in Agility
The Hospice--end of an era "Movie" Link to YouTube--Saint Bernard Tracking
"Come, Come Ye Saints" DOG NEWS "Movie" Link to YouTube--Saint Bernard Rally
 Article or Therapy Dog Training Turn up the sound for watching the movies