Dumfriesshire Tomboy '69
                                Dumfriesshire Tracker '78
                                        Dumfriesshire Careless '76
                        Ch. Boravin Quarryman
                                        Dumfriesshire Clansman '76
                                UK Ch. Boravin Oakleaf
                                        Falconcrag Nugget
                Ch. Aberdeen's Arthur
                                        Am.,Can. Ch. Andel Milk Bank
                                Am.,Can. Ch. Follyhoun First In Line
                                        Ch. Andel Follyhoun Worthy Demon
                        Ch. Chaucer's Sunflower
                                        Ch. Spectre's Agate Of Skye Top
                                Ch. Fogbound's Lady Clara
                                        Ch. Marquessa Of Grass Roots
        GCH Ch. Aberdeen's Under The Influence
                                        Ch. Aberdeen's Gotcha
                                Ch. Aberdeen's Copper Dirt Devil
                                        Ch. Triple Creek Copper Penny
                        Ch. Aberdeen's Lost In Space
                                        Can. Ch. Avitar's Front Page News
                                Ch. Aberdeen's English Ivy
                                        Ch. Aberdeen's Alien
                Ch. Aberdeen's Queen Of Everything
                                        Ch. Scentasia's Doonesbury
                                Am.,Can. Ch. Aberdeen's Caveman
                                        Ch. Aberdeen's Alien
                        Ch. Aberdeen's Jeepers Creepers
                                        Ch. Greyfield's Justin the Nick Of Time
                                Ch. Aberdeen's Hog Wild O'Foxfire
                                        Ch. Aberdeen's English Ivy
Kiowa Creeks Little Rascal Miss Crabtree
                                        Ch. Scentasia Poplar Hill To Be Or Not To Be
                                Ch. Scentasia's Howlaway Semper Fi TD
                                        Ch. Scentasia's Million Dollar Baby
                        Ch. Clearwater Howlaway What's On Tap
                                        Ch. Scentasia's Just a Gigolo
                                Scentasia's Be Bop A Lula
                                        Ch. Scentasia's Warrior Princess CD CGC TDI
                GCH Scentasia's End Of An Era CGC
                                        Shreenwater Blackjack
                                Ch. Kalevala Jack The Lad RN CGC VO
                                        Ch. Scentasia's Good Time Girl
                        Ch. Scentasia's Diamonds Are Forever
                                        Ch. Cheery OH's Return To Scentasia
                                Ch. Scentasia's Wheel Of Fortune
                                        Ch. Scentasia's Lady Liberty
        GCH Ch. Magicwood Kalevala Gettysburg Memory
                                        Hazzard at Otterbobs
                                Shreenwater Baccarat
                                        Boravin Zetta
                        Shreenwater Blackjack
                                        Boravin Zebedee
                                Shreenwater Governess
                                        Boravin Zetta
                GCH Ch. Adeline's Sticky Wicket BISS
                                        Ch. Aberdeen Bently O'Corcra Gael
                                Ch. Hooters Corcra Gael Range Rover
                                        Hooters Hatteras Cuhaven
                        Ch. Corcra Gael Bristol Royale
                                        Ch. Aberdeen Bently O'Corcra Gael
                                Ch. Cheery OH's Daimler O'Corcra Gael
                                        Am.,Can. Ch. Scentasia's Gypsy Impressions