Dumfriesshire Booster '48
                                Dartmoor Bellman '57
                                        Kendal Beautiful '56
                        Dumfriesshire Highlander '62
                                        Kendal Bachelor '54
                                Dumfriesshire Bounty '58
                                        Dumfriesshire Dainty '56
                Dumfriesshire Tomboy '69
                                        Dumfriesshire Bruiser '58
                                Dumfriesshire Warrior '61
                                        Dumfriesshire Countess '59
                        Dumfriesshire Liberty '64
                                        Dumfriesshire Landmark '58
                                Dumfriesshire Laudable '61
                                        Dumfriesshire Brilliant '58
        Dumfriesshire Taurus '78
                                        Dartmoor Bellman '57
                                Dumfriesshire Hunter '62
                                        Dumfriesshire Bounty '58
                        Dumfriesshire Inquest '67
                                        Dumfriesshire Warrior '61
                                Dumfriesshire Lapwing '64
                                        Dumfriesshire Laudable '61
                Dumfriesshire Careless '76
                                        Dumfriesshire Bellman '58
                                Dumfriesshire Mountain '61
                                        Dumfriesshire Tinkle '57
                        Dumfriesshire Jezebel '72
                                        Border Counties Convict '61
                                Dumfriesshire Jangle '68
                                        Dumfriesshire Jeopardy '64
Ch. Greyfield's Doubtful Daisy
                                        Ch. Agrippa Of Adriucha
                                Adriucha Zola's Pirate
                                        Ch. Zola Of Adriucha CDX
                        Ch. Adriucha Rob Roy CD
                                        Rothe's Shawnee
                                Bridie Murphy
                                        Rothe's Maggie
                Ch. Rinjan's Holy Moses
                                        Dumfriesshire Loader '61
                                Kendal Peeler '63
                                        Dumfriesshire Patience '60
                        Kendal Dahlia '70
                                        Kendal Mariner '58
                                Kendal Magic '65
                                        Kendal Playful '63
        Ch. Tar Beach Blythe Of Greyfield
                                        Ch. Agrippa Of Adriucha
                                Ch. Adriucha Kings Knight
                                        Ursula Of Adriucha
                        Ch. Spectre's Agate Of Skye Top
                                        Ch. Capitaine Of Skye Top
                                Ch. Rinjan's Charity
                                        Adriucha's Ginger
                Ch. Fogbound's Almost Martha
                                        Ch. Dexter Of Adriucha
                                Am.,Can. Ch. Nirvana's Chaunter O' Skye Top
                                        Chauntress Of Skye Top
                        Ch. Marquessa Of Grass Roots
                                        Ch. Dexter Of Adriucha
                                Ch. Eureka Of Skye Top
                                        Am.,Can. Ch. Belsprite Of Skye Top