Am.,UK Ch. Ottersdream Protector
                                UK Ch. Boravin Yorker at Teckelgarth
                                        Vison Treasure
                        Boravin Alderman
                                        Dumfriesshire Lanyard '76
                                Dumfriesshire Desperate '81
                                        Dumfriesshire Impetus '72
                PCOH Chief
                                        Henry at Otterbobs
                                Otterbobs Impact at Deanery
                                        Surfside Berry of Otterbobs
                        Deanery Clover
                                        Falconcrag Wybergh
                                Auldkirk Candlelight
                                        UK Ch. Clotterswood Sloe at Auldkirk
        Culmstock Collier '02
                                        Dumfriesshire Clansman '76
                                UK Ch. Boravin Peeler
                                        Kendal Pastime '77
                        Boravin Woodman
                                        Dumfriesshire Tracker '78
                                Boravin Nutshell
                                        Falconcrag Nugget
                Culmstock Sunset
                                        Dumfriesshire Cypher at Trevereux
                                Boravin Verderer
                                        Boravin Nutshell
                        Songstress Songbird
                                        Dumfriesshire Bosun '77
                                Boravin Silverleaf
                                        Dumfriesshire Traceable '78
Devon & Cornwall Coryton '06
                                        not available
                                Newforest Pirate '79
                                        not available
                        Ytene Porter '87 **half Otterhound
                                        Falconcrag Noble
                                Ytene Naiad
                                        Ytene Priestess
                Ytene Pontiff **quarter Otterhound
                                        not available
                                Irfan & Towy Rambler **Welsh Foxhound
                                        not available
                        David Davies Bracken '88 ** Welsh Foxhound
                                        not available
                                David Davies Dauntless ** Welsh Foxhound
                                        not available
        Devon & Cornwall Parsley '99 **
                                        not available
                                Devon & Cornwall Socket '79 **not an Otterhound
                                        not available
                        Devon & Cornwall Nation '88 ** half Otterhound
                                        Dumfriesshire Linguist '76
                                Ytene Nightshade
                                        Kendal Nonsense of Falconcrag
                Devon & Cornwall Nightshade '94 **
                                        not available
                                Wealdon Doctor
                                        not available
                        Devon & Cornwall Likely '86 **half Otterhound
                                        Dumfriesshire Linguist '76
                                Ytene Nutmeg '79
                                        Kendal Nonsense of Falconcrag