Index to Otterhound Database by Name


Swe. Ch. O'Shaughnessy Bashful D13-Mar-1994
O'Shaughnessy Doc D13-Mar-1994
Swe.,Dan.,Nordic,Int.,UK Ch. O'Shaughnessy Dopey B13-Mar-1994
Swe. Ch. O'Shaughnessy Grumpy D13-Mar-1994
O'Shaughnessy Happy B13-Mar-1994
O'Shaughnessy Sleepy D13-Mar-1994
O'Shaughnessy Sneezy B13-Mar-1994
O'Shaughnessy Snowwhite B13-Mar-1994
O'Sien van de Kweb B11-Feb-1992
Ch. OH Godfrey Of Lonesome Lane D21-Jul-1975
OH Gracious Of Lonesome Lane B21-Jul-1975
OHCAR's Barney Google Barney D1993? [photo]
OHeavens Heeere's Johnny Carson D13-Apr-2011
GCHB UKC Ch. AKC Ch. OHeavens I Believe in Miracles Miracle B22-Dec-2012 [photo]
OHeavens I Found a Lucky Crickwood Penny CGC RATI RATN Penny B13-Jan-2015 [photo]
OHeavens Maisie Mae Maisie B13-Apr-2011
OHeavens Mystery Machine Otis D13-Apr-2011
Ch. OHeavens Strike The Harp at Crikwood CGC Striker D13-Apr-2011 [photo]
GCH Ch. OHeavens What A Scalliwag CGC Calli B13-Apr-2011 [photo]
UKC Ch. AKC GCH Ch. OHeavens Worth Repeating CGC Echo B13-Apr-2011 [photo]
Obelix van de Kweb D11-Feb-1992
Oda van de Kweb B2011
Oliver van de Kweb D11-Feb-1992
Olivia B26-Apr-1997
Olly D26-Apr-1997
Oscar van de Kweb D11-Feb-1992
Otje van de Kweb D11-Oct-1986
Ottaryx Coachman*** D3-Aug-2014
Ottaryx Comet*** B3-Aug-2014
Ottaryx Cora at Houndville*** B3-Aug-2014
Ottaryx Cornflower*** B3-Aug-2014
Ottaryx Cornish*** B3-Aug-2014
Ottaryx Corrie Kingstree*** B3-Aug-2014
Ottaryx Coryton Kingstree*** D3-Aug-2014
Ottaryx Courtney*** B3-Aug-2014
Ottaryx Lace B7-Oct-2010
Ottaryx Lark B7-Oct-2010
Ottaryx Lewis D7-Oct-2010
UKC Ch. Ottaryx Lister D7-Oct-2010
Ottaryx Locket B7-Oct-2010
Ottaryx Lomax Murhpy D7-Oct-2010
Ottaryx Lotus Libby B7-Oct-2010
Ottaryx Loxwood D7-Oct-2010
Ottaryx Lynus Bosun D7-Oct-2010
Ottaryx Lyric Lucy B7-Oct-2010
Ottaryx Magnum D26-Jul-2013
Ottaryx Malham D26-Jul-2013
Ottaryx Marshal D26-Jul-2013
UKC Ch. Ottaryx Moreton D26-Jul-2013
Ottaryx Morgan B26-Jul-2013
Ottaryx Mulberry B26-Jul-2013
Ottaryx Mumford D26-Jul-2013
Ottaryx Mungojerry D26-Jul-2013
Ottaryx Odin D19-Feb-2015
Ottaryx Olivia B19-Feb-2015
Ottaryx Oller D19-Feb-2015
Ottaryx Orchid B19-Feb-2015
Ottaryx Ostarra B19-Feb-2015
Ottaryx Ouzel D19-Feb-2015
Ottaryx Painter D14-Jul-2015
Ottaryx Parship B14-Jul-2015
Ottaryx Parsley D14-Jul-2015
Ottaryx Pepperpot B14-Jul-2015
Ottaryx Percival D14-Jul-2015
Ottaryx Phaedrra B14-Jul-2015
Ottaryx Postman D14-Jul-2015
Otter Bee A Grand Slam D9-Nov-1988
Otter Bee Mac The Knife D9-Nov-1988
Otter Bee's Blazing Inferno B16-May-1992
Otter Bee's Burning Ember B16-May-1992
Otter Bee's Crowning Blaze B16-May-1992
Otter Bee's Mystical Rhapsody B9-Nov-1988
Otter Bee's Nantucket Sound D16-May-1992
Otter Bee's Pyromania B16-May-1992
Otter Bee's Singing The Blues D9-Nov-1988
Otter Bee's Trail Blazer D16-May-1992
Otter van de Kweb D11-Feb-1992
Otter-Be Rippley Rose Croft B9-Nov-1988
Ch. Otter-Bee's Anna Bell Patchas Anna B3-Jul-1989
Otter-Bee's Duke Of Rag Tyme Rags D17-Aug-1988
Ch. Otter-Bee's Fire Starter B16-May-1992
Otter-Bee's Music Man Brecken D9-Nov-1988
Otterbee's Bodington Gold Bodie D12-May-2012
Otterbee's Boomerrang Brown Boomer D12-May-2012
Otterbee's Holy Cow it's Churchill Churchill D12-May-2012
Otterbee's Killian Red Hugo D12-May-2012
Otterbee's Sippin Newcastle Seaside Prince D12-May-2012
UK Ch. Otterbobs Hannibal D7-Apr-1983
Otterbobs Harbinger D7-Apr-1983
Swe.,Nor. Ch. Otterbobs Harmony B7-Apr-1983
Otterbobs Heidy B7-Apr-1983
Otterbobs Hermit D7-Apr-1983
Otterbobs Highlander D7-Apr-1983
Otterbobs Honesty at Inisfraigh B7-Apr-1983
Otterbobs Hurricane D7-Apr-1983
Otterbobs Image B3-Sep-1984
Otterbobs Impact at Deanery D3-Sep-1984
Otterbobs Inman D3-Sep-1984
Otterbobs Islesman D3-Sep-1984
Otterbobs Jangle B12-Dec-1984
Otterbobs Jarvey D12-Dec-1984
Otterbobs Kaptain D6-Apr-1985
Swe.,Nor.,Int. Ch. Otterbobs Keepsake B6-Apr-1985
Otterbobs Kindle B6-Apr-1985
Otterbobs Kitchener D6-Apr-1985
Otterbobs Kora B6-Apr-1985
Otterbobs Lasher D1-Jul-1985
Otterbobs Lavender B1-Jul-1985
Dan.,Int. Ch. Otterbobs Lingbob D1-Jul-1985
Otterbobs Loyal D1-Jul-1985
Otterbobs Magic B25-Dec-1985
Otterbobs Marker D25-Dec-1985
Otterbobs Marquis D25-Dec-1985
Otterbobs Minstrel D25-Dec-1985
Otterbobs Monty D25-Dec-1985
Otterbobs Music B25-Dec-1985
Otterbobs Opal B28-Nov-1986
Otterbobs Orbit with Kingstree Jack D28-Nov-1986
Otterbobs Orwin D28-Nov-1986
Otterbobs Painter Painter D9-Jul-1987
Otterbobs Partner at Coptara D9-Jul-1987
UK Ch. Otterbobs Pearly of Lyonesse Pearly B9-Jul-1987
Otterbobs Pickle B9-Jul-1987
Otterbobs Pintail B9-Jul-1987
Otterbobs Porter D9-Jul-1987
Otterbobs Posy B9-Jul-1987
Otterbobs Quaint B8-Oct-1990
Otterbobs Quarrel B8-Oct-1990
Otterbobs Quintina B8-Oct-1990
Otterbobs Quizzer D8-Oct-1990
Ottersdream Pacifist D10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream Page Boy D30-Apr-1989
Ottersdream Pandemonium B6-May-2003
Ottersdream Pandia Daisy Mae B6-May-2003
Ottersdream Pandora B30-Apr-1989
Ottersdream Pansy B1-Nov-1993
Ottersdream Panther of Crosswinds D1-Nov-1993
Ottersdream Parable D17-Feb-1986
Ottersdream Parchment D19-Nov-1984
Ottersdream Parsley D8-Jan-1988
Ottersdream Parthan B23-Aug-1996
Ottersdream Partridge B4-Jun-1987
Ottersdream Pasion of Balthazar B7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Pasque Mabel B7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Passion D10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream Patience B23-Oct-1982
Ottersdream Patsy of Actaeon Patsy B1-Nov-1993 [photo]
Ottersdream Pavalla B6-May-2003
Ottersdream Pavlova B23-Aug-1996
Ottersdream Pearly King D30-Apr-1989
UK Ch. Ottersdream Pearly Queen of Balthazar B30-Apr-1989
Ottersdream Pebbles B10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream Pedlar D23-Oct-1982
Ottersdream Pedro D11-Sep-1988
Ottersdream Peeper B7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Peewitt B7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Pendle B6-May-2003
Ottersdream Penman D10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream Pepper at Venquest D8-Jan-1988
Ottersdream Perdy B30-Apr-1989
Ottersdream Peregrine D4-Jun-1987
UK Ch. Ottersdream Perfection at Dinaleas Saffy B23-Aug-1996 [photo]
Ottersdream Perisher B30-Apr-1989
Ottersdream Periwinkle B8-Jan-1988
Ottersdream Perry D1-Nov-1993
Ottersdream Peter Pan D30-Apr-1989
Ottersdream Petronilla B11-Sep-1988
Ottersdream Petunia B8-Jan-1988
Ottersdream Phancy B8-Oct-2001
Ottersdream Phanera Gigi B6-May-2003
Ottersdream Phantom D28-Aug-1999
UK Ch. Ottersdream Pharoah Charlie D7-Mar-1996 [photo]
UK Ch. Ottersdream Pheisty at Keepcott Maude B8-Oct-2001 [photo]
Ottersdream Phickle B8-Oct-2001
Ottersdream Philanderer D8-Oct-2001
UK Ch. Ottersdream Philosopher Brendan D28-Aug-1999 [photo]
Ottersdream Phlambouyant D8-Oct-2001
Ottersdream Phlapper B8-Oct-2001
Ottersdream Phleur B8-Oct-2001
Ottersdream Phlighty B8-Oct-2001
Ottersdream Phlirt CGC Willow B8-Oct-2001
UK Ch. Ottersdream Phloozie Tilly B28-Aug-1999
Ottersdream Phlox D8-Jan-1988
Ottersdream Phoebe B1-Nov-1993
Ottersdream Phoenix D28-Aug-1999
Ottersdream Piaget Lou-Lou B7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Piccolo D23-Oct-1982
Ottersdream Picotee D8-Jan-1988
Ottersdream Pierette B11-Sep-1988
Ottersdream Pierre D11-Sep-1988
Ottersdream Piety B17-Feb-1986
Ottersdream Pilgrim D23-Oct-1982
Ottersdream Pillager of Crosswinds D7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Pilot D30-Apr-1990
Ottersdream Pimento D8-Jan-1988
Ch. Ottersdream Pinochio CGC Harvey D30-Apr-1989 [photo]
Ottersdream Pinup at Keepcott B6-May-2003
Ottersdream Piper B23-Oct-1982
Ottersdream Pipit B4-Jun-1987
Ch. Ottersdream Pippa Pippa B30-Apr-1990 [photo]
Ottersdream Pippercorn D23-Aug-1996
Ottersdream Pippin D1-Nov-1993
UK Ch. Ottersdream Pixie B30-Apr-1990
Ottersdream Pizzazz of Crosswinds B6-May-2003
UK Ch. Ottersdream Playboy of Balthazar D30-Apr-1990
Ottersdream Playful B23-Oct-1982
Ottersdream Playmate B10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream Ploughman D30-Apr-1990
Ottersdream Plunderer CD TDX Ollie D7-Mar-1996 [photo]
Ottersdream Pluto Pickwick D30-Apr-1989 [photo]
Ottersdream Poacher D10-Dec-1994
UK Ch. Ottersdream Pochard of Lyonesse D4-Jun-1987
Ottersdream Poet D23-Aug-1996
Ottersdream Poetry B28-Aug-1999
Ottersdream Polestar D30-Apr-1990
Ottersdream Pongo B30-Apr-1989
Ottersdream Pontiff D17-Feb-1986
Ottersdream Popeye D30-Apr-1989
Ottersdream Poplar of Maycup B8-Jan-1988
Ottersdream Poppet B1-Nov-1993
Ottersdream Porcelin B7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Porter D10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream Portrait of Balthazar B7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Posy B1-Nov-1993
Ottersdream Potiphar D6-May-2003
Ottersdream Potter D10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream Pouncer D10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream Powder Monkey D7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Preacher D17-Feb-1986
Ottersdream Precious Precious B19-Nov-1984
Ottersdream Predicament B10-Dec-1994
Ch. Ottersdream Preditor Teddy D28-Aug-1999 [photo]
Ottersdream Prelude of Crosswinds D23-Aug-1996
Ottersdream Preponsa B6-May-2003
Ottersdream Presence D19-Nov-1984
Ottersdream Presents D10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream President D23-Oct-1982
Ottersdream Priestess B17-Feb-1986
Ottersdream Primadonna of Crosswinds B6-May-2003
Ottersdream Princess B30-Apr-1989
Ottersdream Privet D8-Jan-1988
Ottersdream Procurer D8-Oct-2001
Ottersdream Promise B23-Oct-1982
Ottersdream Prophet D17-Feb-1986
Ottersdream Prote B6-May-2003
Am.,UK Ch. Ottersdream Protector Fred D19-Nov-1984 [photo]
UK Ch. Ottersdream Protege D23-Aug-1996
Ottersdream Prowler D10-Dec-1994
Ottersdream Prudence of Balthazar B1-Nov-1993
Ottersdream Psalm B17-Feb-1986
Ottersdream Psyche B7-Mar-1996
Ottersdream Pullman D28-Aug-1999
Ottersdream Purity B23-Oct-1982
UK Ch. Ottersdream Purlieu Eddie B1-Nov-1993
Ottersdream Puzzle B30-Apr-1990
Ch. Ottertail Monty the Python Monty D22-May-1988
Ch. Ottertail Otterly Ridicqlus Ottie B17-Jan-1987 [photo]
Ch. Ottertail Some Like It Hoot Sugar B22-May-1988
Ottertail's Beaver B17-Jan-1987
Ottertail's Max In A Million D17-Jan-1987
Ottertail's OH What a Dreamer B11-Nov-1991
Can. OTCh Ottertail's Olivia UDX TDX UKC UD Olivia B17-Jan-1987 [photo]
Ottertail's Otter B11-Nov-1991
Ottertail's Trouble Brewing Barney D22-May-1988
Ottertails Mischagas Gipper D17-Jan-1987
Ottertails Sampsonite D17-Jan-1987
Ottertails Sir Winston Of OH Awesome D11-Nov-1991
Otto D4-Feb-1994
Otto van de Kweb B2011
PCMH Apperley Apperley D1990s
PCOH Amazonian B9-Feb-1999 [photo]
PCOH Anglican D11-Nov-1988
PCOH Anna B11-Nov-1988
PCOH Annwen B9-Feb-1999
PCOH Apperley D11-Nov-1988
PCOH Badger D17-Apr-2014
PCOH Bathman D4-Mar-2009
PCOH Batman D4-Mar-2009
PCOH Blueberry B29-Dec-1997
PCOH Bobbin B4-Mar-2009
PCOH Butterfly B29-Dec-1997
PCOH Cardiff D19-Dec-2001
PCOH Cardigan D19-Dec-2001
PCOH Castor D15-Apr-2012
PCOH Cecil D15-Apr-2012
PCOH Cedric D15-Apr-2012
PCOH Cello B19-Dec-2001
PCOH Cerberus D19-Dec-2001
PCOH Chancery B19-Dec-2001
PCOH Cheriton B12-May-1997
PCOH Chief Collier D12-May-1997
PCOH Christabel B19-Dec-2001
PCOH Clarion D4-Mar-2009
PCOH Copper D19-Dec-2001
PCOH Coralie B15-Apr-2012
PCOH Countess B15-Apr-2012
PCOH Coyningham D12-May-1997 [photo]
PCOH Cressida B19-Dec-2001
PCOH Daphne B27-Aug-2004
PCOH Denmark D1890s?
PCOH Diana B27-Aug-2004
PCOH Donald Bunnahabhain Donald D27-Aug-2004 [photo]
PCOH Dougal D27-Aug-2004
PCOH Douglas D27-Aug-2004
PCOH Duncan D27-Aug-2004
PCOH Echo B19-Oct-2010
PCOH Edgar D16-Jan-2002
PCOH Eloquent B19-Oct-2010
PCOH Eric D16-Jan-2002
PCOH Ermine B16-Jan-2002
PCOH Ernest at Keepcott D19-Oct-2010
PCOH Euclid D16-Jan-2002
PCOH Eustace D19-Oct-2010
PCOH Fashion D15-Jun-2012
PCOH Fawlty D28-Sep-2005
PCOH Felix D28-Sep-2005
PCOH Ferdinand D28-Sep-2005
PCOH Fettle B16-Sep-2008
PCOH Fibre B16-Sep-2008
PCOH Figaro D28-Sep-2005
PCOH Finial D16-Sep-2008
PCOH Fiorenza B28-Sep-2005
PCOH Flimsy B15-Jun-2012
PCOH Flintstone D15-Jun-2012
PCOH Flora B15-Jun-2012
PCOH Florence B28-Sep-2005
PCOH Fuchsia B28-Sep-2005 [photo]
PCOH Galaxy B17-Apr-2014
PCOH Gandalf D4-Jul-2003
PCOH Genuine B17-Apr-2014
PCOH Georgia B17-Apr-2014
PCOH Gloaming B17-Apr-2014
PCOH Gloria B17-Apr-2014
PCOH Glory B17-Apr-2014
PCOH Gorgeous B17-Apr-2014
PCOH Gryffyndor D4-Jul-2003
PCOH Hamlet D7-May-2008
PCOH Hannibal D7-May-2008 [photo]
PCOH Harlequin D23-Jan-2006
PCOH Harriet B23-Jan-2006
PCOH Henley at Keepcott D7-May-2008
PCOH Hilary B23-Jan-2006
PCOH Honcho D7-May-2008
PCOH Hotspot D7-May-2008
PCOH Howler D7-Jun-2011
PCOH Hurricane B23-Jan-2006
PCOH Hyacinth B23-Jan-2006
PCOH Imogen B2-Sep-2010
PCOH Impulse B2-Sep-2010
PCOH Index D2-Sep-2010
PCOH Indigo D2-Sep-2010
PCOH Infamy D20-Mar-2009
PCOH Inkspot D10-Aug-2006
PCOH Iodine B20-Mar-2009
PCOH Iris B10-Aug-2006
PCOH Isobel B20-Mar-2009
PCOH Ivanhoe D10-Aug-2006
PCOH Ivory B20-Mar-2009
PCOH Ivy B10-Aug-2006
PCOH Jake D18-Sep-2009
PCOH Jamie B18-Sep-2009
PCOH Juno B18-Sep-2009
PCOH Lonesome B23-Sep-2013
PCOH Mabon D24-Apr-1999
PCOH Mackintosh D19-Jul-2015
PCOH Madrigal D10-Mar-1996
PCOH Magic B6-Nov-1993
PCOH Magician D10-Mar-1996
PCOH Margrave D19-Jan-2001
PCOH Marquis D19-Jan-2001
PCOH Marvel D19-Jul-2015
PCOH Meadow at Keepcott B19-Jul-2015
PCOH Medley B19-Jan-2001
PCOH Melody B10-Mar-1996
PCOH Mercury D19-Jul-2015
PCOH Mervin D19-Jul-2015
PCOH Metric D19-Jul-2015
PCOH Milton D10-Mar-1996 [photo]
PCOH Minuet B10-Mar-1996
PCOH Modest B24-Apr-1999
PCOH Monarch D24-Apr-1999
PCOH Moonshine B24-Apr-1999
PCOH Moss D19-Jul-2015
PCOH Mozart D10-Mar-1996
PCOH Music B10-Mar-1996
PCOH Myrddyn D19-Jul-2015
PCOH Nabob D2-Jan-2001
PCOH Nancy B12-Nov-2000
PCOH Nellie B25-Sep-2007
PCOH Nerissa B25-Sep-2007
PCOH Nesbitt D12-Nov-2000
PCOH Nettle B25-Sep-2007
PCOH Nightlight D12-Nov-2000
PCOH Nimble B12-Nov-2000
PCOH Norman D25-Sep-2007
PCOH Nutmeg B2-Apr-2000
PCOH Paleface B7-Jun-2011
PCOH Panther B7-Jun-2011
PCOH Parson D21-Aug-1995
PCOH Patti B7-Jun-2011
PCOH Percy D7-Jun-2011
PCOH Playboy D7-Jun-2011
PCOH Portion B7-Jun-2011
PCOH Quadri B2-Aug-2013
PCOH Quarter B2-Aug-2013
PCOH Quebec D2-Aug-2013
PCOH Quester D2-Aug-2013
PCOH Quickstep B2-Aug-2013
PCOH Quimper D2-Aug-2013
PCOH Quipeut B2-Aug-2013
PCOH Quorum D2-Aug-2013
PCOH Sadie B5-Sep-2007
PCOH Samphire B31-Mar-2017
PCOH Seiclon D31-Mar-2017
PCOH Seisyllt D31-Mar-2017
PCOH Selsig B31-Mar-2017
PCOH Sheba B9-May-1998
PCOH Sheilagh B31-Mar-2017
PCOH Siebe D31-Mar-2017
PCOH Silver D5-Sep-2007
PCOH Singer D3-Sep-1994
PCOH Siobhan B31-Mar-2017
PCOH Siocled B31-Mar-2017
PCOH Solfach B31-Mar-2017
PCOH Solomon D9-May-1998
PCOH Sospan B31-Mar-2017
PCOH Starlight B5-Sep-2007
PCOH Stickle B23-Aug-1990
PCOH Sturgeon D5-Sep-2007
PCOH Sunshine B5-Sep-2007
PCOH Syfynwy B30-Nov-1989
PCOH Sylvia B1890s
PCOH Talbot D18-May-1994
PCOH Tannhauser D4-Mar-2009
PCOH Taurus D18-May-1994
PCOH Tegan B18-May-1994
PCOH Telyn B18-May-1994
PCOH Tennyson D10-Jan-2007
PCOH Thackeray D10-Jan-2007
PCOH Tippin B18-May-1994
PCOH Topaz B10-Jan-2007
PCOH Tosca B4-Mar-2009
PCOH Towy B18-May-1994
PCOH Turquoise B10-Jan-2007
PCOH Ulysses D27-Nov-1996
PCOH Unison D27-Nov-1996
PCOH Unity B27-Nov-1996
PCOH Ursula B27-Nov-1996
PCOH Useful B27-Nov-1996
PCOH Vampire B2-Aug-2002
PCOH Varndell D2-Aug-2002
PCOH Velvet B2-Aug-2002
PCOH Violet B2-Aug-2002
PCOH Visien B2-Aug-2002
Pamburns Basil D1970s?
Pamela van de Kweb B1983
Panda D25-May-2000
Pandora van de Kweb B2013
Parmour's Dallen Lea B29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Emeline Emily B29-Nov-1974
Can. Ch. Parmour's Fryer Tuck Moose D29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Little John D29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Maid Marian B29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Much The Miller D29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Ramblin Rose B29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Saxon B29-Nov-1974
Pascal D25-May-2000
Patcha's Duchess Of Otterland B3-Jul-1989
Patchas Billikin's Isabelle B14-Oct-1991
Patchas Deer Run Rumpus Lido B25-Jan-1986
Ch. Patchas Earnest Intention Ernie D25-Dec-1988
Patchas Follyhoun Audacity Addy B13-Jan-1986
Patchas Hogan Duke Of Yule Bert D25-Dec-1988
Patchas Joyful Alpha Bert Bert D25-Dec-1988
Ch. Patchas Otis Of Lido Otis D13-Jan-1986
Patchas Otter Be Bonfire B16-May-1992
Patchas Otter Be Chimera B16-May-1992
Patchas Otter Be Foxfire B16-May-1992
Ch. Patchas Otter Be In Pictures Greta B3-Jul-1989
Patchas Otter Be Wildfire D16-May-1992
Ch. Patchas Otter Chaos Chaos D3-Jul-1989
Patchas Otter See Me Now Kirby D3-Jul-1989
Patchas Otterly Impossible Sible B3-Jul-1989
Patchas Sir Gallagher D3-Jul-1989
Patchas Trilium B13-Jan-1986
Patchas Waubascon Riley D25-Dec-1988
Patricia van de Kweb B1983
Paule Paule D25-May-2000
Pearly van de Kweb B7-Apr-1994
Pele D25-May-2000
Pembrey Vanity B15-Jan-1995
Pembroke Velotti B15-Jan-1995
Pennies From Heaven B6-Apr-1995
Penny Of Adriucha B1960s
Penny for Your Thoughts Dreamer B6-Apr-1995
Penny's Heaven Bound Brie B6-Apr-1995 [photo]
Peppermint van de Kweb B1983
Pepperoni D25-May-2000
Perle Perle B25-May-2000
Perry van de Kweb D7-Apr-1994
Perseus van de Kweb D2013
Pettit's Black Duncan D1930s
Phantom van de Kweb D7-Apr-1994
Philine Quinte van de Kweb Quinte B21-Nov-1982
Phillips Bellman D1870s
Phina Avisha van de Kweb B2013
Pilot van de Kweb D2013
Pina van de Kweb B2013
Ch. Pine Park Raffia B13-Sep-1973
Pipi B25-May-2000
Pixi B25-May-2000
Planter D1900s
Polk's Chico The Kid CD D1970s?
UK Ch. Pomfretian Dahlia B2-Jun-1982
Pomfretian Dalesa B2-Jun-1982
Pomfretian Damson B2-Jun-1982
Pomfretian Dancer B2-Jun-1982
Pomfretian Dante D2-Jun-1982
UK Ch. Pomfretian Derby D2-Jun-1982
Pomfretian Dike D2-Jun-1982
Pomfretian Dione B2-Jun-1982
Pomfretian Eclipse D28-Jan-1986
Pomfretian Exceller B28-Jan-1986
Pomfretian Exporter D28-Jan-1986
Pomfretian Rarity D10-Jun-1987
Pomfretian Riverman D10-Jun-1987
Pondus D25-May-2000
Pongo D25-May-2000
Ch. Poplar Hill's Beat The Devil CGC Bogart D6-Jul-2006 [photo]
Ch. Poplar Hill's Belle of L'ville CGC Belle B19-May-2005 [photo]
Ch. Poplar Hill's Bold Venture Bacall B6-Jul-2006
Ch. Poplar Hill's King Duncan Duncan D16-Apr-2001
Poplar Hill's L'ville Hot Brown Angus D19-May-2005
Poplar Hill's L'ville Rosebud CGC Rose B19-May-2005
Ch. Poplar Hill's Mint Julep Elle B19-May-2005 [photo]
Ch. Poplar Hill's Ophelia CDX CGC VO Ophelia B16-Apr-2001 [photo]
Poplar Hill's Rosencrantz Banzo D16-Apr-2001 [photo]
Poplar Hill's Taming The Shrew B16-Apr-2001
GCH Ch. Poplar Hill's Unbridled Spirit CGC Derby D19-May-2005 [photo]
Potter van de Kweb D7-Apr-1994
Precious Cathy van de Kweb B7-Apr-1994
Pretious van de Kweb Ronja B2013
Prince D25-May-2000
Prince van de Kweb D1983
Puppi D26-Apr-1997
Pyrus CGC Dane D25-May-2000 [photo]
Quail van de Kweb B11-Feb-1993
Quality van de Kweb D11-Feb-1993
Dan. Ch. Quark Quark D12-Nov-1992
Quatermain D12-Nov-1992
Quaver van de Kweb B11-Feb-1993
Queen B12-Nov-1992
Queen Fieby van de Kweb** Fieby B11-Sep-2016
Queller van de Kweb Queller D11-Feb-1993
Querryman van de Kweb D11-Feb-1993
Quest van de Kweb D11-Feb-1993
Quibus van de Kweb** Nozem D11-Sep-2016
Quick van de Kweb D11-Feb-1993
Quidy van de Kweb B11-Feb-1993
Quiet van de Kweb** Ninu D11-Sep-2016
Quinn van de Kweb** Quinn D11-Sep-2016
Quinte van de Kweb B11-Feb-1993
Quinzy D12-Nov-1992
Quip van de Kweb Quip D11-Feb-1993
Rachael B1920s
Radnor & W Hereford Violet B1870s
Rafter D1850s
Raggedy Ann Of Bay Ridge CD B5-Apr-1980
Rally B1800s
Rally 70s B1870s?
Ramses van de Kweb** D28-Feb-2017
Ramsgrove Glaamis D7-Apr-2003
Ch. Ramsgrove Hot Toddy Hot Toddy B7-Apr-2003 [photo]
Ramsgrove Nergal Lutrakai Nergal D7-Apr-2003 [photo]
Ramsgrove Norchy B7-Apr-2003
Ramsgrove Whisky Mac Mac D7-Apr-2003 [photo]
Ch. Ranter Of Dumfries '53 D19-Jan-1953 [photo]
Ch. Ranter's Lady Alibi B1960s
Rattle van de Kweb** Pip B28-Feb-2017
Rayne's Boatman D1901 [photo]
Reckless of Craigwell D1890s? [photo]
Reeva van de Kweb** B28-Feb-2017
Restive Of Adriucha Peaches B1962? [photo]
Rhapsody van de Kweb** B28-Feb-2017
Ria's 14-Karat Rose Gold Rosie B11-Aug-2015
Ria's Blaze of Golden Hope Hope B11-Aug-2015 [photo]
Ria's Captain Horatio Roooo Horatio D11-Aug-2015
GCH Ch. Ria's Conestoga Cuervo Gold Cecelia B11-Aug-2015 [photo]
Ria's Cooper Callahan Cooper D11-Aug-2015
Ch. Ria's Crystal Gael Crystal Gayle B11-Aug-2015 [photo]
Ria's Ehu Kai B6-Jun-2013
GCH Ch., Int. Ch. Ria's Eunice CGC Eunice B6-Jun-2013 [photo]
Ria's Field of Daisies Daisy B11-Aug-2015
Ria's Golden Blaze Upon a Linden Tree Lindee B11-Aug-2015
Ria's Laura Ellen Ellie B6-Jun-2013
Ria's Mopsy Chosen by 4 Loved by All Mopsy B11-Aug-2015
Ria's Ms. Harriet Winfield Winnie B11-Aug-2015
Ria's Roxy B6-Jun-2013
Ria's Tracker Mender of Hearts v Bos Tracker D6-Jun-2013
Ch. Rillside Jaques D17-Jul-1963
Rillside Vicky Of Adruicha B17-Jul-1963
Rillside William Of Adruicha D17-Jul-1963
Ch. Rinjan's Bellman D1960s
Rinjan's Canterbury Belle Betsy B14-May-1969
Ch. Rinjan's Charity B14-May-1969
Rinjan's Dame Dumfriesshire Tigger B28-Apr-1971
Ch. Rinjan's Dandelion Whine Boo D28-Apr-1971 [photo]
Rinjan's Dolly Dimples B28-Apr-1971
Ch. Rinjan's Emperor D13-Jun-1972
Ch. Rinjan's Enchantress B13-Jun-1972
Rinjan's Evadne Evy B13-Jun-1972
Rinjan's Ganymede D22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Goody Gum Drops Tarra B22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Gracious Lady B22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Green Mountain Boy D22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Grey Ghost D22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Guinevere Guinevere B22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Gung Ho D22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Happy B20-Aug-1976
Rinjan's Harmony B20-Aug-1976 [photo]
Rinjan's Heather B20-Aug-1976
Rinjan's Hera B20-Aug-1976
Ch. Rinjan's Holy Moses Moses D20-Aug-1976 [photo]
Rinjan's Illiad D11-Apr-1977
Rinjan's Iluvu D11-Apr-1977
Rinjan's Ingleside Lad D11-Apr-1977
Rinjan's Iris Of Skye Top B11-Apr-1977
Rinjan's Ivanhoe D11-Apr-1977 [photo]
Rinjan's Jelly Bean B1-Apr-1980
Can. Ch. Rinjan's Jovial Jean Can. CD Gina B1-Apr-1980 [photo]
Rinjan's Karoler D8-Jan-1989
Ch. Rinjan's Kasandra Casey B8-Jan-1989 [photo]
Rinjan's Keen Knows Thatcher D8-Jan-1989
Rinjan's Kincaid Be Harley Harley D8-Jan-1989
Rinjan's Kingston D8-Jan-1989
Ch. Rinjan's Knight de Mon Plaisir Winston D8-Jan-1989 [photo]
Rinjan's Kristy B8-Jan-1989
Rinjan's Krystal B8-Jan-1989
Rinjan's Lancer D5-Oct-1991
Rinjan's Lovely Lass Cordelia B5-Oct-1991
Rinjan's Lyric B5-Oct-1991
Rinjan's Sherry Of Fogbound B20-Aug-1976
Riverrun 5 O'Clock Somewhere CDX TD VO Lula B25-Jun-2008 [photo]
Riverrun A'gus TD CGC TDI Gus D25-Jul-1997 [photo]
Riverrun Absolute Optimist TD Chia B25-Jul-1997 [photo]
Riverrun Alvin TD CGC Alvin D25-Jul-1997 [photo]
Ch. Riverrun Angus McGuinness Jerry D25-Jul-1997 [photo]
Riverrun Annah Hannah B25-Jul-1997
Riverrun Anne Tempest Kaleva Penny B25-Jul-1997
Riverrun Aurora Mango Mango B25-Jul-1997
Ch. Riverrun Bearsden Molly McPhee Molly B20-Mar-2010
Riverrun D J Dempsey Dempsey D28-Mar-2014
Riverrun Darwin Chester D28-Mar-2014
Riverrun Dashing Through Heather Crosley B28-Mar-2014
Riverrun Deja Vu Hershey Kisses Hershey D28-Mar-2014
Riverrun Destiny Destiny B28-Mar-2014
Riverrun Dewi Dewi D28-Mar-2014
Riverrun Dunstan Mossy D28-Mar-2014
Riverrun Fabregas Gunner D25-Jun-2008
Riverrun Finally! Cyril Cyril D25-Jun-2008 [photo]
CT Ch. Riverrun Finnegan VO CGC NAP NAJP VOX Finnegan D25-Jun-2008 [photo]
Riverrun Freeway Duffy McGruff Duffy D25-Jun-2008
Riverrun Frivole Gandolf Gandolf D25-Jun-2008 [photo]
Riverrun Funny Girl Shally B25-Jun-2008 [photo]
Ch. Riverrun Magenta Morning Blaze Blaze D20-Mar-2010 [photo]
GCH Ch. Riverrun Magical Moment CGC Pumpkin B20-Mar-2010 [photo]
Riverrun Marquis De Winston Weston D20-Mar-2010
Ch. Riverrun McHugh TDX CGC VOI Hughie D20-Mar-2010 [photo]
Ch. Riverrun Meant To Be TD THD CGC VO Viola B20-Mar-2010 [photo]
Riverrun Monarch Of The Glen Basil D20-Mar-2010
Ch. Riverrun Mor Logaire Jester CGC THD Jester D20-Mar-2010 [photo]
Riverrun Mungo Oscar D20-Mar-2010
Riverrun My Duke Duke D20-Mar-2010
Riverrun Padawan Chewie Chewie D4-Jun-2013
Ch. Riverrun Perfect Pitch Kenzington RN Kenzie B4-Jun-2013 [photo]
Riverrun Phezziwig Marley's Ghost Marley D4-Jun-2013
Ch. Riverrun Phipps at Thurloe Phipps D4-Jun-2013 [photo]
Riverrun Pirate Bentley D4-Jun-2013
Riverrun Porter Fitzgerald Porter D4-Jun-2013
Riverrun Puddle Jumper Piper B4-Jun-2013
Ch. Riverrun Qcumber Power On BN PCD RA TD Sparky D4-Jun-2013 [photo]
Riverrun Ri Murdoch Murdoch D23-May-2016
Riverrun Seamus Seamus D9-Jan-2017
Riverrun Shall We Have a Braxton Braxton D9-Jan-2017
Riverrun Siobhan Luna B9-Jan-2017
Riverrun So Wright For OHeavens Sassafrass B9-Jan-2017
Ch. Riverrun Sonsies Comedy TDX CGC VO Gracie B12-Jun-2004 [photo]
Ch. Riverrun Sonsies Tempest TD CGC Shona B28-Feb-1993 [photo]
Riverrun Spirit Spirit B9-Jan-2017
Riverrun Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This Lewis D9-Jan-2017
GCH Riverspruce Yukon Jack Henley D7-Apr-2007 [photo]
Riverspruce's Danas Dewey Dewey D26-May-2009
Riverspruce's Magnus from Snowy River VCD1 BN RN RAT RATO NW1 Wall-E D26-May-2009
Riverspruce's Matsu Wigglebutt Mikey D7-Apr-2007
Can. Ch. Riverspruce's No Redoubt About It NAP OAJ CGC Howdy D26-May-2009 [photo]
Riverspruce's Plenty Of Sweet Kiska Noodles B26-May-2009
Riverspruce's Purple Hayes CGC Violet B26-May-2009
Riverspruce's Spurr Of The Moment Feeona B26-May-2009
Riverspruce's Stony Oliver Oliver D7-Apr-2007
Can. Ch. Riverspruce's Tolovana Breakup OA AXJ CGC Spring B7-Apr-2007
Robbie Dhu Schumacher D7-Mar-1997
Rollo van de Kweb** D28-Feb-2017
Rosdobhran Umpire D26-Nov-2015
Rosdobhran Ursus D26-Nov-2015
Rothe's Maggie B1960s
Rothe's Maggie II B1970s?
Rothe's Panther Chief D7-Sep-1971
Rothe's Shawnee D1960s
Rough Rally B1860s?
Ruby Ruby B28-Dec-1991
Rufford Partner D1890?
Rufus D1800s
Rufus van de Kweb** D28-Feb-2017
Ruler D1870s?
Ruthie van de Kweb B15-Feb-1993
Ruthless van de Kweb ** B28-Feb-2017
SHeDaisy SHeDaisy B2000? [photo]
Ch. Sadder But Wiser B16-Jun-1963
Safety B1800s
Safranin Saffron B23-Apr-1989
Sailor D1800s
Sandpiper Tussock D23-Apr-1989
Sandy St Michael D1947 [photo]
Sasi B23-Jan-1990
Saunter D1925
Saunter's Barney D1930s?
Savannah Dark Anton D22-Nov-1984
Savannah Dark Arlette D22-Nov-1984
Aus. Ch. Savannah Dark Astra D22-Nov-1984
Savannah Dark Bugler D5-Nov-1985
Savannah Dark Cherrie B5-Feb-1986
Aus. Ch. Savannah Dark Cissie Vanity B5-Feb-1986
Savannah Dark Daylo B1980s
Ch. Scentasia 'N Aberdeen's X-Man Amz Hugo D19-Dec-1997 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia Poplar Hill To Be Or Not To Be ToBe D16-Apr-2001 [photo]
CT VOCH Ch. Scentasia Qcumber Wall St Wizard CD RE CGC Barry D15-Nov-2000 [photo]
Scentasia's Ain't Misbehavin' Sam D21-Apr-1991
Scentasia's Annie Annie B21-Apr-1991
Scentasia's Aurora Borealis Wheatie B24-Jun-2000
Scentasia's Bad To The Bone Toby D6-Apr-2003 [photo]
Scentasia's Batman Indy D19-Dec-1997
Scentasia's Be Bop A Lula Baylee B6-Apr-2003 [photo]
GCH Ch. UKC Ch. Scentasia's Bedazzled In Diamonds CGC Dazzle B12-Mar-2007 [photo]
Col. Ch. Scentasia's Bingo Grumbler Willie D26-Aug-2004 [photo]
Scentasia's Blue Chip Barker Corbin D15-Nov-2000
Scentasia's Boston Minuteman Elvis D8-Jul-2002
Scentasia's Brigadoon D21-Apr-1991
Scentasia's Captain America Harry D19-Dec-1997
Scentasia's Cinderella Maddie B27-Sep-1989
Scentasia's Daughter Of Joy Chelsea B21-Jul-1998
Ch. Scentasia's Diamonds Are Forever Dia B12-Mar-2007
Ch. Scentasia's Doonesbury Quincy D27-Sep-1989 [photo]
Scentasia's Double Jeopardy Alex D2-Dec-2005
GCH Ch. Scentasia's Double Q Quest TD MXB MX AXJ OF CGC VOX Odyssey B2-Dec-2005 [photo]
GCH Ch. Scentasia's Double Trouble Emma B2-Dec-2005 [photo]
Scentasia's Emerald Isle Shandy B12-Mar-2007
Scentasia's Empty Wallet Wally D12-Apr-1996
GCH Scentasia's End Of An Era CGC Rufus D11-Sep-2009 [photo]
Scentasia's Fanta Frederick Fred D19-Jul-1992
Ch. Scentasia's Fantasia Bailey B27-Sep-1989 [photo]
Scentasia's Final Conquest Wynonah B11-Sep-2009
Scentasia's Final Curtain Call Nell B11-Sep-2009
Scentasia's Final Vision Quest Orenda B11-Sep-2009
Ch. Scentasia's Fire N Ice CGC Tasia B12-Mar-2007 [photo]
Scentasia's Flower Drum Song Olivia B21-Apr-1991
Scentasia's Forty Second St Scruffy D21-Apr-1991
Scentasia's Glimpse Of Glory Glory B8-Jul-2002 [photo]
Scentasia's Good Time Charlie Emmet D21-Jul-1998
Ch. Scentasia's Good Time Girl Kendall B21-Jul-1998 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Gotta Have My Tab UD UKC CDX Kirby D19-Jul-1992 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Grand Finale Amira B11-Sep-2009 [photo]
Am.,Can. Ch. Scentasia's Gypsy Impressions Gypsy B21-Apr-1991 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Halcyon Blondie Blondie B27-Sep-1989
Scentasia's Haleys Comet Reggie D24-Jun-2000
Ch. Scentasia's Hobbes Bardill Hobbes D27-Sep-1989
Ch. Scentasia's Hostile Takeover CGC TDI Morgan B15-Nov-2000 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Hot To Trot Gabby B21-Jul-1998 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Howlaway Prince Valiant Vinnie D19-Dec-1997 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Howlaway Semper Fi TD Louie D8-Jul-2002 [photo]
Scentasia's I'm Ready VCD1 CD TD RN OA OAJ MXP MJP OFP CGC VOX Muddy D6-Apr-2003 [photo]
Scentasia's I'm The Only One Ziva B16-Jan-2009
VOCH Ch. Scentasia's Iron Man VCD1 CD OA AXJ NAP OJP TDX RA CGC Tony D19-Dec-1997 [photo]
Scentasia's Jasper Sez Jasper D26-Aug-2004
Scentasia's Jewel In The Crown Abbey B12-Mar-2007
Scentasia's Johnny Be Good Duncan D6-Apr-2003
Scentasia's Joyful Ruby Maggie B12-Mar-2007
Scentasia's Jumping Rope With LuLu LuLu B26-Aug-2004
Ch. Scentasia's Just a Gigolo Ziggy D21-Jul-1998 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Kiss Me Kate Katie B21-Apr-1991 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Lady Liberty Libby B8-Jul-2002
Scentasia's Leader Of The Pack Fergus D6-Apr-2003 [photo]
Scentasia's Mega Bucks Buck D12-Apr-1996 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Million Dollar Baby Millie B12-Apr-1996 [photo]
Scentasia's Moxie Raggs B19-Jul-1992
Scentasia's My Fair Lady Zoey B21-Apr-1991
Scentasia's Oberon Obie D24-Jun-2000
Ch. Scentasia's Olive Oyl Olive B27-Sep-1989 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Oliver O'Bearsden MacGregor D21-Apr-1991 [photo]
Scentasia's One Classy Lassy Lassy B3-May-2000
Ch. Scentasia's Orange Crush Chip B19-Jul-1992
Scentasia's Otter Be Ashamed Einstein B21-Jul-1998
Scentasia's Pawl Revere Pawley D8-Jul-2002
Ch. Scentasia's Penelope Goodbody Penny B27-Sep-1989 [photo]
Scentasia's Peppermint Patty Bailey B27-Sep-1989
Ch. Scentasia's Phantom Of The Opera Dreyfus D21-Apr-1991
Scentasia's Planet Claire Claire B24-Jun-2000
Ch. Scentasia's Polly Purebred Watney B27-Sep-1989
Scentasia's Protector's Echo Baylee B10-Apr-1996
Scentasia's RC Cola And A Moon Pie Dugan D19-Jul-1992
Scentasia's Remembrance Reme B11-Sep-2009
Scentasia's Rhinestone Cowboy Isaac D21-Jul-1998
Ch. Scentasia's Sally Forth O'Blkn Sally B27-Sep-1989
Ch. Scentasia's Scattergories TD VO Rupert D26-Aug-2004 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Second To None Jackson D2-Dec-2005 [photo]
Scentasia's Shady Lady Jezebel B21-Jul-1998
Ch. Scentasia's Shake Rattle N Roll Baxter D6-Apr-2003 [photo]
Scentasia's Shenanigans Buckley D21-Jul-1998 [photo]
Scentasia's Shooting Star Hamish D24-Jun-2000
Scentasia's Sirius Mischief D24-Jun-2000
Ch. Scentasia's Sirius Star CGC Freddie D24-Jun-2000 [photo]
Scentasia's Skiing In Switzerland Lance D26-Aug-2004
Ch. Scentasia's Sleeping Beauty Beauty B27-Sep-1989
Scentasia's Solar Winds Windy B24-Jun-2000
Scentasia's Squirt Squirt D19-Jul-1992
Ch. Scentasia's Stonebridge Mtn Dew Woody D19-Jul-1992
Ch. Scentasia's Surf'N' Sea Ayre Ayree B26-Aug-2004 [photo]
Scentasia's Sweeney Todd Clancey D21-Apr-1991
Scentasia's Texas Hold 'Em Duncan D26-Aug-2004
Am.,Can. Ch. UKC Ch. Scentasia's The Price Is Right Barker D26-Aug-2004 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's The Real Thing Cokie B19-Jul-1992
Scentasia's Tourmaline Treasure Sparkle B12-Mar-2007
Ch. Scentasia's Truth Or Consequences Taddye B26-Aug-2004
Ch. Scentasia's Two Good Tobe True NAJ OAJ VO CGC Tucker D2-Dec-2005 [photo]
Scentasia's Wall St. Rally Rally D15-Nov-2000 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Warrior Princess CD CGC TDI Xena B19-Dec-1997 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Wheel Of Fortune Precious B26-Aug-2004 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's White River Titanium CGC Bubba D12-Mar-2007 [photo]
Ch. Scentasia's Yankee Doodle Dandy RN VO Keone D8-Jul-2002 [photo]
Scentasia's Yoo Hoo Maggie B19-Jul-1992
Ch. Scentasia's Yorktown Patriot CD VO Caffrey D8-Jul-2002 [photo]
Schmeigel D27-Jun-1992
Scott D25-May-2000
Ch. Seraphina Of Lonesome Lane Sera B21-Jul-1975 [photo]
Shaggy van de Kweb B1993
Shagrag A Daisy B1-Apr-1977
Shagrag Maxi Of Audubon CD B24-Jun-1968
Ch. Shagrag Meshag Homer D11-Mar-1967
Ch. Shagrag Tilgath Pileser D1960s
Shagrag Tobias Of Adriucha D26-Mar-1978
Sheehoguen Abadir D10-Apr-1990
Sheehoguen Accolon D10-Apr-1990
Sheehoguen Adina B10-Apr-1990
Sheehoguen Adonis D10-Apr-1990
Sheehoguen Alf D10-Apr-1990
Sheehoguen Apate B10-Apr-1990
Shelby CD D1970s?
Shreenwater Apollo D15-Aug-1996
Shreenwater Artemis B15-Aug-1996
Shreenwater Baccarat D1-Sep-1991
Shreenwater Bagatelle B1-Sep-1991
Shreenwater Barber D29-May-1990
Shreenwater Batchelor D4-Dec-1994
Shreenwater Bezeek B1-Sep-1991
Shreenwater Blackjack Clive D23-Apr-1994 [photo]
Shreenwater Blacksmith D1-Nov-1993
Shreenwater Boule D1-Sep-1991
Shreenwater Calamity at Teckelgarth B13-Jan-1995
Shreenwater Caper B28-Sep-1996
Shreenwater Caprice B13-Jan-1995
Shreenwater Captain D28-Sep-1996
Shreenwater Careful B13-Jan-1995
Shreenwater Caution B13-Jan-1995
Shreenwater Cautious B13-Jan-1995
Shreenwater Chancer D13-Jan-1995
Shreenwater Chaotic B13-Jan-1995
Shreenwater Chaser D28-Sep-1996
Shreenwater Cherish B28-Sep-1996
Shreenwater Chloe B28-Sep-1996
Shreenwater Coachman D1-Nov-1993
Shreenwater Craftsman D28-Sep-1996
Shreenwater Crocus B28-Sep-1996
Shreenwater Crofter D28-Sep-1996
Shreenwater Crumpet B28-Sep-1996
Shreenwater Dalliance B1-Oct-1996
Shreenwater Damask B1-Oct-1996
Shreenwater Damsel B1-Oct-1996
Shreenwater Dazzle B1-Oct-1996
Shreenwater Deacon D1-Oct-1996
Shreenwater Dealer D1-Sep-1991
Shreenwater Delilah B1-Oct-1996
Shreenwater Domino Gillie B23-Apr-1994
Shreenwater Doubtful B1-Oct-1996
Shreenwater Druid D1-Oct-1996
Shreenwater Dulcimer B1-Oct-1996
Shreenwater Eagle D1-Apr-1997
Shreenwater Erkie D1-Apr-1997
Shreenwater Ever Hopeful Lucy B5-Sep-1998
Shreenwater Faro D1-Sep-1991
Shreenwater Folly B1-Nov-1993
Shreenwater Galliard D18-Jul-1998
Shreenwater Gambit of Crosswinds D18-Jul-1998 [photo]
Shreenwater Gambler D15-Dec-1992
Shreenwater Gold B23-Apr-1994
Shreenwater Gold Dust B24-Apr-1996
Shreenwater Gospel D18-Jul-1998
Shreenwater Gossip B18-Jul-1998
Shreenwater Governess B29-May-1990
Shreenwater Gypsy B18-Jul-1998
Shreenwater Hustler D15-Dec-1992
Shreenwater Infidel D21-Nov-1998
Shreenwater Iris B21-Nov-1998
Shreenwater Jackpot D23-Apr-1994
Shreenwater Joiner D29-May-1990
Shreenwater Joker D23-Apr-1994
Shreenwater Juno B23-Apr-1994
Shreenwater Kalooki D1-Sep-1991
Shreenwater Miller D29-May-1990
Shreenwater Ostler D1-Nov-1993
Shreenwater Patience B4-Dec-1994
Shreenwater Pelham B1-Nov-1993
Shreenwater Piquet Ginger D1-Sep-1991
Shreenwater Primero Priscilla B4-Dec-1994 [photo]
Shreenwater Roulette B1-Sep-1991
Shreenwater Saddler D29-May-1990
Shreenwater Seamstress B29-May-1990
Shreenwater Solitaire B15-Dec-1992
Shreenwater Songstress B29-May-1990
Shreenwater Sword D23-Apr-1994
Shreenwater Tipster D4-Dec-1994
Shreenwater Trick B23-Apr-1994
Shreenwater Triomph D4-Dec-1994
Shreenwater Trumps D4-Dec-1994
Shreenwater Vingt-et-Un B1-Sep-1991
Shuflshuz Qcumber Happy Tails To You TD RA CGC VO Roy D25-May-2008 [photo]
Sipke van de Kweb B1993
Sir Lancelot D3-May-2000
Sir Opster Of Perkins Palace Opie D2-Feb-1985
Sir Otto D1970s
Can. Ch. Sir Rothe Of Lyonnesse D1970s?
Sirrell's Freedom B
Am.,Can. Ch. Skye Top's Cedric Vikingsson Cedric D5-May-1961 [photo]
Am.,Can. Ch. Skye Top's Digby Of Iroquois D5-May-1961 [photo]
Can. Ch. Skye Top's Pennicoach Ballade B1963?
Skyeotts Dandy Dee D8-Jan-1990
Skyeotts Dark Duchess B8-Jan-1990
Skyeotts Day Dreamer D8-Jan-1990
Skyeotts Diamond Digger D8-Jan-1990
Skyeotts Dirty Dancer B8-Jan-1990
Skyeotts Dream Demona B8-Jan-1990
Ch. Skyranch Clara Bell Patchas Clara B13-Jan-1986
Slipstream Bullrush D23-Apr-1989
Smiler D1890s?
Smuggler D1890s?
Snooperline Eddie Eddie D11-Jan-2015
Snooperline Ella Ella B11-Jan-2015
Snooperline Elvis Cooper D11-Jan-2015
Snooperline Emil Emil D11-Jan-2015
Snooperline Emma Emma B11-Jan-2015 [photo]
Snooperline Ernie D11-Jan-2015
Snooperline Fay Fay B19-Oct-2016
Snooperline Felicity Willie B19-Oct-2016
Snooperline Ferdinand Ferdinand D19-Oct-2016
Snooperline Fina Lilly B19-Oct-2016
Snooperline Finn Fernand D19-Oct-2016
Snooperline Fletcher Fletcher D19-Oct-2016
Snuggers Br Carefree Ragmuf CD B8-Aug-1989
Ch. Snuggers Carefree Freddy D31-May-1987
Snuggers Chocolate Kiss Pumpkin B3-Jan-1986
Snuggers Chutney Chutney D31-May-1987
Snuggers First Ed. At Tufskin Effie D1980s?
Snuggers Freestyle Larry D8-Aug-1989
Snuggers Licorice Twist Emily B3-Jan-1986
Snuggers Oh Henry Henry D3-Jan-1986
Snuggers Plum Tuckered out Wagner D1980s?
Snuggers Smudge TD Smudge B11-Jan-1979
Snuggers Tommy Tucker Tucker D19-Aug-1985 [photo]
Soffy B26-Apr-1997
Songstress B1882
Songstress Songbird B23-Apr-1989
Sonsie Clansman Buster D12-Jun-2004 [photo]
Sonsie Corduroy Corduroy D12-Jun-2004
VOCH Ch. Sonsie's Laird Moseley CDX UKC CDX TDX RA CGC Moseley D6-Mar-2003 [photo]
Sonsies Buffalo Stomp Stomper D26-Feb-1989
VOCH Ch. Sonsies Call Me Isabel VCD3 OM5 UDX5 AXP AJP TDX RA Izzy B12-Jun-2004 [photo]
Sonsies Calypso Life O Riley Riley D12-Jun-2004
Ch. Sonsies Cause For Alarm RA VO Max D12-Jun-2004 [photo]
Sonsies Chai Arthur The Dog Arthur D12-Jun-2004
Sonsies Cheery Sandy Noodles Sandy B12-Jun-2004 [photo]
Sonsies Lady Lucy Diamond Lucy B6-Mar-2003 [photo]
Sonsies Large Boy Oliver Ollie D6-Mar-2003 [photo]
Ch. Sonsies Lend Me An Ear Lucy TDX CGC VO Lucy B6-Mar-2003 [photo]
Ch. Sonsies Li'l Spitfire Lil B6-Mar-2003 [photo]
Sonsies Little Buddy Alphie TD CD CGC TDI VO Alphie D6-Mar-2003 [photo]
Ch. Sonsies Looney Tune Jazz B6-Mar-2003 [photo]
Ch. Sonsies Riverrun Amuck Sally TD VO Sally B25-Jul-1997 [photo]
Sonsies Spotted Buckshot D26-Feb-1989
Ch. Sonsies Such A Happy Camper TD CGC Camper B26-Feb-1989 [photo]
Sonsies Sweetbriar Scamp Bri B26-Feb-1989 [photo]
Sonsies Trail Blazer CD TD Zoey B28-Feb-1993 [photo]
Sonsies Tweed At Thurloe B28-Feb-1993 [photo]
Sorcerer D1900s?
Sothic Sailor D23-Apr-1989
Southridge Jaunty B23-Apr-1984
Southridge Jester D23-Apr-1984
Southridge Joker D23-Apr-1984
Southridge Jollity B23-Apr-1984
Southridge Jovial D23-Apr-1984
Spaindog's Acktinia B22-May-1992
Spaindog's Ariana B22-May-1992
Spaindog's Aruba D22-May-1992
Spaindog's Asunia D22-May-1992
Spaindog's Atalaya B22-May-1992
Spaindog's Atlanta B22-May-1992
Spaindog's Aymara B22-May-1992
Spectre's Adriucha Cinnabar CD B31-Mar-1972
Ch. Spectre's Agate Of Skye Top D31-Mar-1972
Ch. Spectre's Alabaster D31-Mar-1972
Spectre's Gypsum B31-Mar-1972
Ch. Spectre's Obsidian B31-Mar-1972
Ch. Spectre's Rudyard D31-Mar-1972
Spectre's Topaz Of Skye Top B31-Mar-1972
Spicaway A Pride Of Baltimore B22-Sep-1986
Spicaway Abbot D22-Sep-1986
Spicaway Achie D22-Sep-1986
Spicaway Adonis D22-Sep-1986
Spicaway Albany B22-Sep-1986
Spicaway Ambertol D22-Sep-1986
Dan. Ch. Spicaway Ami B22-Sep-1986
Dan. Ch. Spicaway Ascot D22-Sep-1986
Spicaway Avanti D22-Sep-1986
Spicaway Blowing In The Wind B1-Feb-1987
Dan.,Int. Ch. Spicaway Bonnie B1-Feb-1987
Spicaway Breezy B1-Feb-1987
Spicaway Brigand D1-Feb-1987
Spicaway Brunhild B1-Feb-1987
Spiteful B1924?
Spookies Bashful Lady B31-Aug-1994
Spookies Beautiful Bella B31-Aug-1994
Spookies Black Jack D31-Aug-1994
Spookies Blithe Bitch B31-Aug-1994
Spookies Bluffing Bang D31-Aug-1994
Ch. Stately Of Adriucha B1960s
Statesman of Craigwell D1-Jun-1900
Steepledene Chicago D31-Oct-2008
Steepledene Dallas by Kingstree D31-Oct-2008
Steepledene Dixieland by Kingstree B31-Oct-2008
Steepledene Louisiana B31-Oct-2008
Steepledene Rose of Texas B31-Oct-2008
Stockton Carlisle D
Stockton Duchess B
Stokoe Sunsetter D27-Apr-1990
Stonebridge Wind Walker D12-Sep-1996
Ch. Stonebridge Wishin' on a Star Brittney B12-Sep-1996
Stormer D1900s?
Surfside Affable B24-Feb-1980
Surfside Ambler D24-Feb-1980
Surfside Amused B24-Feb-1980
Surfside Analyst D24-Feb-1980
Surfside Aquaintance D24-Feb-1980
Surfside Arrogance D24-Feb-1980
Surfside Authorative D24-Feb-1980
Surfside Banner D17-Apr-1981
Surfside Berry of Otterbobs B17-Apr-1981
Swe. Ch. Surfside Bracken B17-Apr-1981
Surfside Briar B17-Apr-1981
Nordic,Int. Ch. Surfside Brigg D17-Apr-1981
Surfside Broome of Otterbobs B17-Apr-1981
Surfside Caspa D7-Mar-1983
Surfside Charity B7-Mar-1983
Surfside Charmer B7-Mar-1983
Surfside Chesta D7-Mar-1983
Surfside Climber B7-Mar-1983
Surfside Clover B7-Mar-1983
Surfside Der-Ipht-Err D10-Mar-1984
Surfside Eager B11-Oct-1986
Surfside Easy B11-Oct-1986
Surfside Ebony B11-Oct-1986
Surfside Echo D11-Oct-1986
Surviver D13-Aug-1994
Swillyvalley Afton B9-Feb-1983
Swillyvalley Aggro D9-Feb-1983
Swillyvalley Apollo D9-Feb-1983
Swillyvalley Arrow D9-Feb-1983
Swimmer D1870s?
Symbol B
Symphony B13-Aug-1994
Tamdhu Lella Lombardi Ceilidh B7-Mar-1997
Tamino D12-Jan-1989
Tanja B12-Jan-1989
Tanja (1) B26-Apr-1997
Tanja (2) B12-Jan-1989
Ch. Tar Beach Blythe Of Greyfield Rags B10-Aug-1979 [photo]
Tar Beach Broom Hilda B10-Aug-1979
Tar Beach Bullwinkle T Moose D10-Aug-1979
Can. Ch. Tar Beach Cap'n Perkins Perkins D30-Aug-1980 [photo]
Tar Beach Daffodyll B7-Dec-1981
Tar Beach Designer Jean B7-Dec-1981
Tar Beach Dolly Lama B7-Dec-1981
Tar Beach Doubting Thomas Higgins D7-Dec-1981 [photo]
Tar Beach Dufflebum Otto D7-Dec-1981
Tar Beach Greyfield Rufus D28-Jul-1982
Dan. Ch. Tarka at Otterbobs of Falconcrag B31-Jul-1982
Tarka van de Kweb Tarka D17-Jun-1994
Tarzan D26-Apr-1997
Teal B26-Apr-1997
Dan. Ch. Teal of Falconcrag B19-Jul-1984
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Calista B4-May-2008
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Cerys B4-May-2008
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Charity B4-May-2008 [photo]
Teckelgarth Chorister D4-May-2008
Teckelgarth Dainty Maid B11-Aug-2003
Teckelgarth Dairy Maid B11-Aug-2003 [photo]
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Damocles D18-Jan-2000
Teckelgarth Dance Master D11-Aug-2003
Teckelgarth Dancing Major D11-Aug-2003
Teckelgarth Danger Man D11-Aug-2003
Ger.,Int. Ch. Teckelgarth Danger Mouse Major D11-Aug-2003 [photo]
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Darius D18-Jan-2000 [photo]
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Degas Dizzy D18-Jan-2000 [photo]
Teckelgarth Demelza B18-Jan-2000
Teckelgarth Dickens D18-Jan-2000
Teckelgarth Dinah Might B11-Aug-2003
Teckelgarth Diomedes D1-Mar-2009
Teckelgarth Dionysus D1-Mar-2009
Teckelgarth Dipper D18-Jan-2000
Teckelgarth Dogwood D1-Mar-2009
Teckelgarth Dormouse B1-Mar-2009
Teckelgarth Douglas D1-Mar-2009
Teckelgarth Draco Malfoy Draco D11-Aug-2003
Teckelgarth Dragonfly Dragonfly B18-Jan-2000
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Dream Maker B11-Aug-2003
Teckelgarth Drusus D1-Mar-2009
Teckelgarth Dulcimer B1-Mar-2009
Teckelgarth Easter Egg D16-Apr-2009
Teckelgarth Erasmus D16-Apr-2009
Teckelgarth Eros D16-Apr-2009
Teckelgarth Fabius D24-Sep-2009
Teckelgarth Fable B24-Sep-2009
Teckelgarth Faith B24-Sep-2009
Teckelgarth Fanfair B18-Jan-1990
Teckelgarth Faust D24-Sep-2009
Teckelgarth Felton D18-Jan-1990
Teckelgarth Fencer D18-Jan-1990
Teckelgarth Ferelith B18-Jan-1990
Teckelgarth Feud D24-Sep-2009
Teckelgarth Finesse B24-Sep-2009
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Fingal at Trenson D18-Jan-1990
Teckelgarth Firefly at Rokibay B18-Jan-1990
Teckelgarth Flavius D24-Sep-2009
Teckelgarth Flute B24-Sep-2009 [photo]
Teckelgarth Foible B24-Sep-2009
Teckelgarth Fortune B18-Jan-1990
Teckelgarth Foster D18-Jan-1990
Teckelgarth Fraser D18-Jan-1990
Teckelgarth Heathcliff D11-Jan-2010
Teckelgarth Hebe B11-Jan-2010
Teckelgarth Hecate B8-Dec-2001
Teckelgarth Hellebore B11-Jan-2010
Teckelgarth Henrietta B8-Dec-2001
Teckelgarth Hera B8-Dec-2001
Teckelgarth Hercules D8-Dec-2001
Teckelgarth Hermes D8-Dec-2001
Teckelgarth Hermione B8-Dec-2001
Teckelgarth Hermit Hafflinn D11-Jan-2010
Teckelgarth Honeysuckle B8-Dec-2001
Teckelgarth Hope B11-Jan-2010
Teckelgarth Hortense B11-Jan-2010
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Horus D11-Jan-2010
Teckelgarth Hyacinth B11-Jan-2010
Teckelgarth Ice Maiden B27-May-2002
Teckelgarth Icon D27-May-2002
Teckelgarth Ignatius D6-Feb-2011
Teckelgarth Imelda B27-May-1992
Teckelgarth Imogen B27-May-1992
Teckelgarth India B12-May-1992
Teckelgarth Infanta B27-May-2002
Teckelgarth Infidel D27-May-2002
Teckelgarth Innocent D27-May-2002 [photo]
Am.,UK Ch. Teckelgarth Inquisitor Via Kingstree Houston D27-May-2002 [photo]
Teckelgarth Io B27-May-2002
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Iolanthe B6-Feb-2011
Teckelgarth Iona B6-Feb-2011
Teckelgarth Ipomaea B12-May-1992
Teckelgarth Isaac D12-May-1992
Teckelgarth Isabelle B6-Feb-2011
Teckelgarth Isadora B6-Feb-2011
Teckelgarth Ismtar B27-May-2002
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Isolde B27-May-2002
Teckelgarth Ivanhoe D12-May-1992 [photo]
Teckelgarth Jackdaw D23-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Jacob D6-Apr-1993
Teckelgarth Japonica B6-Apr-1993
Teckelgarth Jeannie Pea B6-Apr-1993
Teckelgarth Jester D23-Feb-2012
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Jollity B23-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Jonquil B6-Apr-1993
Teckelgarth Joplin B23-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Jouster D23-Feb-2012 [photo]
Teckelgarth Jubilee B23-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Jude D6-Apr-1993
Teckelgarth Juliette B23-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Julius D23-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Junket B23-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Juno B6-Apr-1993 [photo]
Teckelgarth Kaira B24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Kamdus D24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Kamikaze D24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Katerina B21-Feb-2003
Teckelgarth Keeler D24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Keepsake B21-Feb-2003
Teckelgarth Kerria B24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Kestrel B21-Feb-2003
Teckelgarth Kindle D24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth King's Spear D24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Kingcup B24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Kingsley Panda D21-Feb-2003 [photo]
Teckelgarth Kipling D21-Feb-2003
Teckelgarth Kismet B24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Kite D21-Feb-2003
Teckelgarth Kiwi D24-Feb-2012
Teckelgarth Klondike D21-Feb-2003
Teckelgarth Knight Errant D21-Feb-2003
Teckelgarth Kratus D21-Feb-2003
Teckelgarth Laertes D30-Dec-1993
Teckelgarth Lawyer D30-Dec-1993
Teckelgarth Lecher D30-Dec-1993
Teckelgarth Legend D30-Dec-1993
Teckelgarth Lily Langtree B30-Dec-1993
Teckelgarth Livia Drusilla from Bunnahabhain Livia B30-Dec-1993
Teckelgarth Locket B30-Dec-1993
Teckelgarth Lyric B30-Dec-1993
Teckelgarth Mabel B31-Mar-2013 [photo]
Teckelgarth Maeve B31-Mar-2013
Teckelgarth Magpie B31-Mar-2013
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Maximus D31-Mar-2013 [photo]
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Mercury D31-Mar-2013 [photo]
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Mimi B31-Mar-2013
Teckelgarth Minstrel D31-Mar-2013
Teckelgarth Myrtle B31-Mar-2013
Teckelgarth Naiad B26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Napoleon D26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Nectar B26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Nelson D26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Neptune D26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Nettle B26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Nimble over Ottaryx B26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Norseman D26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Nugget B26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Nymph B26-Aug-2013
Teckelgarth Peony B4-Apr-2014
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Persephone from Bunnahabhain Alice B23-Apr-1995 [photo]
Teckelgarth Perseus D23-Apr-1995
Teckelgarth Plutarch D23-Apr-1995
Teckelgarth Polyphony B4-Apr-2014
Teckelgarth Pontiff Penfold D4-Apr-2014
Teckelgarth Porthos D4-Apr-2014
Teckelgarth Portia B23-Apr-1995
Teckelgarth Primrose B4-Apr-2014
Teckelgarth Prometheus D4-Apr-2014
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Ptolemy Tolly D23-Apr-1995 [photo]
Teckelgarth Quadrille D2-Nov-2004
Teckelgarth Quaintly with Kingstree Rowan B2-Nov-2004
Teckelgarth Quaker D2-Nov-2004
Teckelgarth Quality Street Puzzle B2-Nov-2004 [photo]
Teckelgarth Quandary D2-Nov-2004
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Quartermaster D2-Nov-2004
Teckelgarth Quaver B2-Nov-2004
Teckelgarth Queequeg D2-Nov-2004
Teckelgarth Quest D2-Nov-2004
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Quintus D2-Nov-2004
Teckelgarth Quizzical B2-Nov-2004
Teckelgarth Roman D28-Nov-2014
Teckelgarth Sapphire B05-Oct-2015
Teckelgarth Scarlett B05-Oct-2015
Teckelgarth Schnapps D05-Oct-2015
Teckelgarth Schubert D8-Nov-2005
Teckelgarth Scimitar D8-Nov-2005
Teckelgarth Seneca D8-Nov-2005
Teckelgarth Sentinel D8-Nov-2005
Teckelgarth Serenade B8-Nov-2005
Teckelgarth Sextus D8-Nov-2005
Teckelgarth Smartie B05-Oct-2015
Teckelgarth Smidgen D05-Oct-2015
Teckelgarth Solo D05-Oct-2015
Teckelgarth Sonnet For Wandsfell B8-Nov-2005
Teckelgarth Sophocles D8-Nov-2005
Teckelgarth Sprite B8-Nov-2005
Teckelgarth Stanley D05-Oct-2015
Teckelgarth Starbar D05-Oct-2015
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Symphony For Wandsfell B8-Nov-2005 [photo]
Teckelgarth Udall D17-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Ullswater D5-Jan-2006
Teckelgarth Ultimate B5-Jan-2006
Teckelgarth Ulysses D17-Feb-1997 [photo]
Teckelgarth Umbel B5-Jan-2006
Teckelgarth Umber B5-Jan-2006
Teckelgarth Unicorn D5-Jan-2006 [photo]
Teckelgarth Union B5-Jan-2006
Teckelgarth Unison B17-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Universe D5-Jan-2006
Teckelgarth Urania B5-Jan-2006
Teckelgarth Uriah D17-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Urquhart D17-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Ursula B5-Jan-2006
Teckelgarth Uther D5-Jan-2006
Teckelgarth Utopia B17-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Valkiri with Kingstree B18-Feb-1997 [photo]
Teckelgarth Vanity B2-Jun-2016
Teckelgarth Venatio D18-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Venus B18-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Vesper B18-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Vipsania B18-Feb-1997 [photo]
Teckelgarth Virgil D18-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Virtue B2-Jun-2016
Teckelgarth Viscount D18-Feb-1997
Teckelgarth Volley D2-Jun-2016
UK Ch. Teckelgarth Warlord Warlock D9-Sep-2006
Teckelgarth Whisper with Rafthouse B9-Sep-2006
Teckelgarth William Yeats D4-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Wimple B9-Sep-2006
Teckelgarth Winston D9-Sep-2006
Teckelgarth Wishfull B9-Sep-2006
Teckelgarth Wordsworth D9-Sep-2006
Teckelgarth Xanthe B6-Dec-2006
Teckelgarth Xanthic D6-Dec-2006 [photo]
Teckelgarth Xavier D6-Dec-2006
Teckelgarth Xclusive B6-Dec-2006
Teckelgarth Xenocrates D6-Dec-2006
Teckelgarth Xochimilco D6-Dec-2006
Teckelgarth Yarkill D4-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Yasmin B4-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Yellowknife Mounty D4-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Yentle B4-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Ypsilanti Yorkist D4-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Yvette B4-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Zaius D16-Jun-2017
Teckelgarth Zander D16-Jun-2017
Teckelgarth Zeiti D23-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Zenith D23-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Zephyr D23-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Zeus D23-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Zhivago at Rosdobhran D16-Jun-2017
Teckelgarth Zibeline B23-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Zither Miss Molly B23-Oct-1998 [photo]
Teckelgarth Zodial D23-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Zoro D16-Jun-2017
Teckelgarth Zsa Zsa B16-Jun-2017
Teckelgarth Zulu Louie D23-Oct-1998
Teckelgarth Zumba D16-Jun-2017
Tessa van de Kweb B21-Nov-1982
Tester D1900s
Thorneyburn Bounder B27-Apr-1990
Thorneycroft's Dairymaid B
Thorneycroft's Galloper D
Thorneycroft's Racket '03 B1903
Thorneycroft's Racket '07 B1907
Thorneycroft's Seaman D
Thorneycroft's Tempest B1900s?
Thorneycroft's Thrifty B
Thorneycroft's Warrior D
Ticko D12-Jan-1989
Tinkle van de Kweb B17-Jun-1994
Ch. Toast Of Adriucha B12-Jan-1962
Tolsuns Bonnie Ann B5-May-1979
Tolsuns Boomer D1980s
Tolsuns Captain John D23-Nov-1981
Tolsuns Doodle B21-Nov-1983
Tolsuns Hugo D21-Nov-1983
Tolsuns Ladys Lass B5-May-1979
Tolsuns Little Oscar D25-Jan-1982
Tolsuns Smokie D9-Aug-1979
Tolsuns Tinkerbell B9-Aug-1979
Topchoice D13-Aug-1994
Topper Of Adriucha D1962?
Tracy B12-Jan-1989
Triple Creek Copper Glow D22-Oct-1997
Ch. Triple Creek Copper Penny Copper B6-Apr-1995
Ch. Triple Creek Janoras Bonnie Bonnie B22-Oct-1997 [photo]
Triple Creeks Copper Queen CD Maud B22-Oct-1997 [photo]
Ch. Triple Creeks Nickleodeon D20-Jul-1997
Ch. Triple Creeks Wooden Nickle B20-Jul-1997
Triumph B1800s
Trustfull van de Kweb B17-Jun-1994
Truthful B1800s
Ch. Tyburn Atlas D10-May-1965 [photo]
Tyburn Gogmagog Melody B1960s
Ch. Tyburn Julia Just Wiser B1960s
Tyburn Pognophile D1960s
Ch. Tyburn Talisman Bob D1960s
Ch. Tyburn Tarheel B29-Jun-1964
Ch. Tyburn Temptation D29-Jun-1964
Ch. Tyburn Tenacious B1960s
Ch. Tyburn Tender B29-Jun-1964
Ch. Tyburn Tradition D29-Jun-1964
Ch. Tyburn Trumpeter Judd D1960? [photo]
Tyburn a Wiser Tyranny B1960s
Ch. Tyburn the Wiser Princess B1960s
Tyrant D1900s?
Uisneach Absolute Joker Joker D19-Mar-2007 [photo]
Uisneach Adorable Farina Farina B19-Mar-2007
Uisneach Amazing Rooney Rooney D19-Mar-2007
Uisneach Beautiful Bliss Murphy D12-Oct-2007
Uisneach Beowulf's Fantasy Fanta B12-Oct-2007
Uisneach Bespoke Bordeaux Bordeaux D12-Oct-2007
Uisneach Beyond Belief Middleman D12-Oct-2007
Uisneach Bijou Bella D12-Oct-2007
Uisneach Blue Bayou Bayou D12-Oct-2007
Uisneach Bold Bravado Bravado D12-Oct-2007
Uisneach Brave Ballerina at Ottaryx Bally B12-Oct-2007
Uisneach Bubbly Butterfly Butterfly D12-Oct-2007
Uisneach Lilly At Ottaryx Lilly B19-Mar-2007
Ulla van de Kweb B1-Feb-1996
Ch. Ultra Of Adriucha B1960s
NZ Ch. Uneetoile Torbernite Bing D3-Sep-1992
Unky van de Kweb D1-Feb-1996
Ursa van de Kweb B1-Feb-1996
Ursula Of Adriucha B1960s
Uttrix Castor D22-Sep-1989
Uttrix Chapman D22-Sep-1989
Uttrix Chess D22-Sep-1989
Uttrix Cliff D22-Sep-1989
Uttrix Colt D22-Sep-1989
Uttrix Elvira B10-May-1991
Uttrix Emil D10-May-1991
Uttrix Emilie B10-May-1991
Uttrix Igor The Lonely D5-Jul-1990
Uttrix Ilona Light Lady B5-Jul-1990
Uttrix Iransy Black Dotted B5-Jul-1990
Uttrix Irina Black Beauty B5-Jul-1990
Uttrix Irmelie White Collar B5-Jul-1990
Uttrix Isabelle The Grizzle B5-Jul-1990
Uttrix Isadora Stripe B5-Jul-1990
Uttrix Izzy Dark Lady B5-Jul-1990
Swe. Ch. Uttrix Sabina B26-Sep-1990
Uttrix Simson D26-Sep-1990
Uttrix Sinclair D26-Sep-1990
Uttrix Sir Otto D26-Sep-1990
Uttrix Soraya B26-Sep-1990
GCH Am.,Int. Ch. UKC Ch. VSOP Canis Major Phoenix Rises CGC Barley D23-Sep-2007 [photo]
Valentyn van de Kweb D20-Jan-1996
Valley View Farm Folly Dawg D7-Dec-1972 [photo]
Valor van de Kweb D20-Jan-1996
Vansitart Magnum D23-Apr-1989
Varlet Whimsey B1982
Varlet Winrich D1982
Velin Coyningham D1990s
Venus Venusian B23-Apr-1989
Victor van de Kweb D20-Jan-1996
Viking Warrior D23-Apr-1989
Villeseekers Abraxas Abraxas D17-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Alf Max D17-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Alma Alma B17-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Antje Antje B17-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Anton Abraxas D17-Apr-2009 [photo]
Villeseekers April Sidney B17-Apr-2009 [photo]
Villeseekers Ashley Ashley B17-Apr-2009 [photo]
Villeseekers Asterix Asterix D17-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Atlas Thunees D17-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Bella Molly B19-Apr-2009 [photo]
Villeseekers Belmont Belmondo D19-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Beppo Beppo D19-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Bilbo Barney D19-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Bingo Patch D19-Apr-2009
Villeseekers Camillo Fritz D11-May-2010 [photo]
Villeseekers Carlson D11-May-2010
Villeseekers Casper D11-May-2010
Villeseekers Cassis Carlotta B11-May-2010
Villeseekers Chessman Chess D11-May-2010 [photo]
Villeseekers Crab D11-May-2010 [photo]
Villeseekers Cyrano D11-May-2010
Villeseekers Daisy B16-Nov-2011
Villeseekers Damian D16-Nov-2011 [photo]
Villeseekers Dana B16-Nov-2011
Villeseekers Darkness B16-Nov-2011 [photo]
Villeseekers Debbie B16-Nov-2011
Villeseekers Dexter D16-Nov-2011 [photo]
Villeseekers Dijana B16-Nov-2011
Villeseekers Diva B16-Nov-2011 [photo]
Villeseekers Domino B16-Nov-2011
Villeseekers Dreamy B16-Nov-2011
Vision Quest Acucena Acucena B13-Jun-2013
Vision Quest Akai Akai D13-Jun-2013
Vision Quest Amadahy Amadahy B13-Jun-2013
Vision Quest Amaru Amaru D13-Jun-2013
Vision Quest Anpaytoo Anpaytoo B13-Jun-2013
Vision Quest Aponi Aponi B13-Jun-2013
Vision Quest Aquinnah Aquinnah B13-Jun-2013
Vision Quest Aroha Aroha B13-Jun-2013
Vision Quest Blue Velvet Blue B26-Jul-2015
Vison Fallacy B19-Jun-1989
Vison Flagon D19-Jun-1989
Vison Hamlet D7-Feb-1993
Vison Hannah B7-Feb-1993
Vison Harlot B7-Feb-1993
Vison Harmony B7-Feb-1993
Vison Havoc D7-Feb-1993
Vison Hazzard D7-Feb-1993
Vison Hecate B7-Feb-1993
Vison Hero D7-Feb-1993
Ch. Vison Hornet Cricket B7-Feb-1993 [photo]
Vison Phalanx Druid D19-Jun-1989
Vison Phallacy B19-Jun-1989
Ch. Vison Pheasant Mindy B19-Jun-1989 [photo]
Vison Templar D12-Apr-1984
Vison Treasure B12-Apr-1984
Vison Trespass B12-Apr-1984
Vison Trifle B12-Apr-1984
Vison Trinket B12-Apr-1984
Vison Truffle B12-Apr-1984
Vison Vampire D23-May-1997
Vison Vandal D23-May-1997
Ch. Vison Vanguard Viking D23-May-1997 [photo]
Vison Varmint D23-May-1997
Vison Villain D23-May-1997
Vison Vixen B23-May-1997
Vison Volatile B23-May-1997 [photo]
Viva of Trevereux B8-Jan-1986
Vixen van de Kweb B20-Jan-1996
Vrodo van de Kweb D20-Jan-1996
WTOH Barrister D28-Jan-1911
WTOH Rattler D25-Jan-1911 [photo]
Wag'N Hollow's Abby Abby B30-Sep-1989
Wag'N Hollow's Ally Of Weylin Ally B26-Aug-1993
Wag'N Hollow's Brandy Snifter Brandy B26-Aug-1993
Ch. Wag'N Hollow's Colorado Homerun Duncan D7-Apr-1991 [photo]
Wag'N Hollow's Demon Rum Porter D26-Aug-1993
Can. OTCh UKC OTCh Ch. Wag'N Hollow's Eloise UDX TD SKC CD Eloise B30-Sep-1989 [photo]
Wag'N Hollow's Lone Star Tyler D26-Aug-1993 [photo]
Wag'N Hollow's Lucy Ray B30-Sep-1989
Wag'N Hollow's MacDuff On The Trail D7-Apr-1991
Wag'N Hollow's McDuke Of Camelot D7-Apr-1991
Wag'N Hollow's Mugsy Anne Hoefler Mugsy B26-Aug-1993
Wag'N Hollow's Mulligan Stewart Mulligan D7-Apr-1991
Wag'N Hollow's Shelby Sioux Shelby B30-Sep-1989
Wag'N Hollow's Singing Cowboy TDX CGC TDI Autry D26-Aug-1993 [photo]
Ch. Wag'N Hollow's Sweet Serenade Hannah B7-Apr-1991 [photo]
Ch. Wag'N Hollow's Tess Tess B30-Sep-1989
Ch. Wag'N Hollow's The Colorado Gambler Gambler D7-Apr-1991 [photo]
Ch. Wag'N Hollow's This Ones For You CGC Dr. Watson D7-Apr-1991 [photo]
Wag'N Hollow's Windswept Havana Vanna B26-Aug-1993 [photo]
Warner-Hill's Charon D1873
Warner-Hill's Garcia B1870s
Warner-Hill's Grizi B1870s
Warner-Hill's Rachel B1870s
Warner-Hill's Rebe B1870s
Warner-Hill's Scipio D1870s
Warner-Hill's Tomboy D1870s
Watersheen's Annie B28-Feb-1988
Watersheen's Baskerville D8-Apr-1991
Watersheen's Bayer D8-Apr-1991
Watersheen's Beachcomber D8-Apr-1991
Watersheen's Black Rose B8-Apr-1991
Watersheen's Blue Success B8-Apr-1991
Watersheen's Boogey Trap D8-Apr-1991
Watersheen's Breezeilla B8-Apr-1991
Watersheen's Bright Christel B8-Apr-1991
Watersheen's Busy Bee B8-Apr-1991
Weika's Balder D13-Feb-1988
Weika's Ballony D13-Feb-1988
Weika's Basko D13-Feb-1988
Dan. Ch. Weika's Bastian D13-Feb-1988
Weika's Bea B13-Feb-1988
Weika's Bell Ami D13-Feb-1988
Weika's Blazie B13-Feb-1988
Dan.,Int. Ch. Weika's Bufas D13-Feb-1988
Weika's Buffie D13-Feb-1988
Wellington D1865
West Cumberland Bashful B1870s
West Cumberland Beatrice '10 B1910
West Cumberland Coroner D1870s
West Cumberland Daisy '07 B1907
West Cumberland Doris '09 B1909
West Cumberland Panzi B1870s
West Cumberland Racket '07 B1907
West Cumberland Rarity '09 B1909
West Cumberland Rector D1870s
West Cumberland Ringlet B1870s
West Cumberland Sceptre B
West Cumberland Solway '10 D1910
West Cumberland Stella B1904
West Cumberland Stella '05 B1905
West Cumberland Tippler D1870s
Wharfedale Baffler '05 D18-Jun-1905
Wharfedale Baffler '07 D25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Bangle '06 B2-Mar-1906
Wharfedale Bangle '10 BJan-1910
Wharfedale Banker '07 D17-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Barmaid '07 B25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Barrister '07 D17-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Batchelor '06 D2-Mar-1906
Wharfedale Belman '06 D2-Mar-1906
Wharfedale Belman '08 D6-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Bluebell '07 B25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Boozer '07 D25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Boxer '07 D25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Brenda '07 B25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Brevity '07 B25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Bumper '06 D2-Mar-1906
Wharfedale Buxom '07 B17-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Captain '04 D25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Careful '04 B25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Careless '07 B3-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Carmelite '01 D1901
Wharfedale Carmen '04 B25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Carver '07 D3-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Castor '07 D3-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Chantress '04 B22-Oct-1904
Wharfedale Cheerful B
Wharfedale Cheerful '04 B22-Oct-1904
Wharfedale Chorister '04 D25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Comedy '01 B1901
Wharfedale Comely '04 B25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Countess '04 B22-Oct-1904
Wharfedale Crafty B
Wharfedale Cruel '04 D25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Cruiser '04 D25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Dagon '09 D1909
Wharfedale Dainty '08 B9-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Darling '08 B9-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Darter '09 D1909
Wharfedale Dauntless '07 B11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Delver '07 D11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Dewdrop '08 B9-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Dido '07 B11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Doubtful '08 B9-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Dowager '08 B1908
Wharfedale Driver '09 D1909
Wharfedale Drummer '07 D11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Duster '07 D11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Furious B
Wharfedale Gallant '10 DApr-1910
Wharfedale Galloper '10 DApr-1910
Wharfedale Gambol '09 B1909
Wharfedale Gambol '10 BApr-1910
Wharfedale Garland '10 BApr-1910
Wharfedale Gaudy '09 B1909
Wharfedale Gaylad '09 D1909
Wharfedale Gaylass '10 BApr-1910
Wharfedale Giddy '09 B1909
Wharfedale Gravity '09 B1909
Wharfedale Guider '09 D1909
Wharfedale Hebe B
Wharfedale Hermit '07 D16-Mar-1907
Wharfedale Herod '07 D16-Mar-1907
Wharfedale Huloff D
Wharfedale Madcap '09 B1909
Wharfedale Madrigal '09 D1909
Wharfedale Magic '09 B1909
Wharfedale Marker '09 D1909
Wharfedale Melody '09 B1909
Wharfedale Mermaid '09 B1909
Wharfedale Monarch '09 D1909
Wharfedale Music '09 D1909
Wharfedale Pilgrim '08 D20-May-1908
Wharfedale Pilot '08 D20-May-1908
Wharfedale Playful '08 B20-May-1908
Wharfedale Rachel '09 BNov-1909
Wharfedale Rakish '07 B29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Rally '08 D24-May-1908
Wharfedale Ransome '07 B29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Ranter '05 D9-Apr-1905
Wharfedale Remus '07 D11-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Ringlet '07 B29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Ringwood '05 D9-Apr-1905
Wharfedale Royal '05 D9-Apr-1905
Wharfedale Royal '07 D29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Ruby '05 B9-Apr-1905
Wharfedale Ruby '07 B29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Ruby '09 BNov-1909
Wharfedale Ruler '07 D29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Safety '07 D8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Safety '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Sailor '07 D8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Sailor '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Scornful '10 DJan-1910
Wharfedale Selfish '10 B16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Singwell '04 B12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Skilful '07 D8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Skilful '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Snowdrop '10 B16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Solomon '07 D8-Feb-1907
Wharfedale Songstress '04 B12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Songstress '07 B8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Songstress '09 B9-Jul-1909
Wharfedale Spanker '09 D9-Jul-1909
Wharfedale Spartan '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Spiteful '10 B16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Spooner '07 D8-Feb-1907
Wharfedale Stormer '04 D12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Struggler '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Sunbeam '09 B9-Jul-1909
Wharfedale Swimmer '07 D8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Swimmer '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Sylvia '04 B12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Symbol '04 B12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Syntax '10 DJan-1910
Wharfedale Tester '06 D27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Tipsy '06 B27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Truelass '06 B27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Truman '06 D27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Truthful '06 B27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Vagabond '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Vanquisher '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Venus '08 B17-May-1908
Wharfedale Viking '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Villager '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Vocal '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Vulcan '08 D17-May-1908
Whispering Trapper van de Kweb D21-Feb-1996
White Knight D3-May-2000
Ch. White River's Brookshire Kitchener Kitch D12-Aug-2009 [photo]
GCH Ch. White River's He's A Keeper! Keeper D12-Aug-2009 [photo]
GCH Ch. White River's News Flash Flash D12-Aug-2009
White River's Shining In Cody Cody D12-Aug-2009
Whitehill Palafox D1890s
Whitland Vocalist D15-Jan-1995
Ch. Who's Hoo Of Whitehall B8-Mar-1977 [photo]
Whoopi B4-Feb-1994
Wild Jasper Deanery D18-Jun-1990
Wild Meadow's Amanda Mandy B21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Andrew D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Arleigh D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Arlo D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Arthur Happy D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Ashley D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Austin D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Lady Alice Alice B21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Lady Ann Anna B21-Nov-1976
Wild West Angel In Disguise Angel B17-Jul-2003
Ch. Wild West Annie Get Your Otter Annie B9-Sep-2008
CT Ch. Wild West Batman Ott'R Find It Batman D9-Sep-2008
Ch. Wild West Belle Starr RN CGC VO Starr B17-Jul-2003 [photo]
Ch. Wild West Calamity Jane TD VO Jane B17-Jul-2003 [photo]
Wild West Cowboy Hero CGC Cowboy D18-Mar-2001
Ch. Wild West Cracker Jack Ott'R Track TDX CGC CJ D9-Oct-2007
Wild West Deputy Charlie Brown Brownie D26-Jun-2011
Wild West Dreamin' Out Loud Trace D26-Jun-2011
Ch. Wild West Gene Ottery TD VO Gene D17-Jul-2003 [photo]
Wild West Ginger Flower Ginger B26-Jun-2011
Wild West Marshall Dillon Dillon D26-Jun-2011
Ch. Wild West Miss Kitty TD Kitty B26-Jun-2011
Wild West Ridin The Rainbow Boo B26-Jun-2011
CT Ch. Wild West Sugar Britches CGC VO Sugar B17-Jul-2003 [photo]
GCH. Wild West Texas Two Step Shuffles B26-Jun-2011
Wild West Velvet Cowgirl Velvet B26-Jun-2011
Wild West Yo Yo Otter Rodeo CGC TD Yo Yo B9-Sep-2008
Wild West Yo-Semite Sam Sam D17-Jul-2003
Wildan Jeannie Cinders B9-Feb-2002
Wildan Jitterbug Jitterbug B7-May-2008 [photo]
Wildan's Jack Splash Boswell D7-May-2008
Wildan's Jester D9-Feb-2002
Wildan's Jigsaw B7-May-2008
Wildan's Jingle B7-May-2008
Wildan's Joker D9-Feb-2002
Wildan's Joyful At Ottaryx B7-May-2008
UK Ch. Wildan's Jubilant Hoover D9-Feb-2002
Wildan's Juggler D9-Feb-2002
Wildan's Jus Bruin Trubul D7-May-2008
Wildan's Jus Jazz D7-May-2008
Wildan's Jus Jokin B7-May-2008
Ch. Wildan's Jus' Cruizin CGC TDI Jenna B9-Feb-2002 [photo]
Wildan's Justin Thyme D7-May-2008
Wilkinson's Cobbler D
Wilkinson's Countess B
Wilkinson's Crafty B
Wilkinson's Gaudy B
Wilkinson's Gaylad D1870s?
Wilkinson's Hostess B
Wilkinson's Prudence B
Wilkinson's Rally B
Wilkinson's Rockwood D1870s?
Wilkinson's Sinbad D
Wilkinson's Swimmer D
William Thompson's Active '12 D12-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Actor '11 D3-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Actor '13 D6-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Artist '12 D12-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Auditor '11 D3-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Auditor '13 D6-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Bachelor '13 DApr-1913
William Thompson's Baffler D1910s?
William Thompson's Bandsman '14 D5-May-1914
William Thompson's Bangle '11 B28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Banker '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Barmaid '11 B28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Barrister '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Belman D1910s?
William Thompson's Belman '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Boaster '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Boaster '13 DApr-1913
William Thompson's Boatman '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Boozer '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Boozer '13 DApr-1913
William Thompson's Bounty B1910s?
William Thompson's Boxer '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Brenda B1910s?
William Thompson's Brevity '11 B28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Bugler '14 D5-May-1914
William Thompson's Bumper '13 DApr-1913
William Thompson's Buxom '13 BApr-1913
William Thompson's Captain '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Carmelite '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Carver '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Challenger '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Chanter '11 D31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Chanter '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Charity '11 B31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Charmer '11 D31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Charmer '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Cheerful '12 B22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Chorister '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Comedy '11 B31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Crafty B1910s?
William Thompson's Crowner '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Cruiser '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Damsel '12 B23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Damsel '13 B1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Danger '13 D1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Darling '11 B5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Darling '14 B31-May-1914
William Thompson's Dido '11 D5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Dido '12 B23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Dido '13 B1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Dido '14 B31-May-1914
William Thompson's Diligent '14 B31-May-1914
William Thompson's Doubtful '12 B23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Doxy '11 B5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Doxy '13 B1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Driver '12 D23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Driver '14 D31-May-1914
William Thompson's Drummer '11 D5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Drummer '13 D1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Duchess B1910s?
William Thompson's Duchess '13 B1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Duchess '14 B31-May-1914
William Thompson's Duster '11 D5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Duster '12 D23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Duster '13 D1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Duster '14 D31-May-1914
William Thompson's Factor '11 D30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Factor '12 D26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Factor '13 D25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Famous '12 B26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Farmer '11 D30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Fencer '12 D26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Ferryman '11 D30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Ferryman '13 D25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Flighty '11 B30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Flyer '12 D26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Flyer '13 D25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Forager '13 D25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Frantic '11 B30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Frolic '12 B26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Furious '12 B26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Furious '13 B25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Gaudy '14 B16-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Giddy '14 B16-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Hamlet '12 D29-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Hannibal '14 D23-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Hebe '14 B23-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Heedless '12 B29-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Hotspur '12 D29-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Jollity '14 B14-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Joyful '14 B14-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Madcap '14 B4-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Marker '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Marmion '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Maxim '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Medler '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Melody '13 B2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Melton '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Mermaid '14 B4-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Merriman '14 D4-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Monarch D1910s?
William Thompson's Monarch '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Monte '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Music '14 B4-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Painter '12 D30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Pilot '11 D31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Pilot '12 D30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Plato '13 D27-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Playful '12 B30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Primrose '12 B30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Primrose '13 B27-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Printer '13 D27-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Prudence '11 B31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Prudence '12 B30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Purity '11 B31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Purity '12 B30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Racket '12 B21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rakish '14 B28-May-1914
William Thompson's Rally '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rally '12 B21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rally '13 B7-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Rally '14 B28-May-1914
William Thompson's Ransom '14 B28-May-1914
William Thompson's Ranter '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rattler '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rector '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rector '12 D21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rector '13 D7-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Restless '11 B25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Ringlet B1910s?
William Thompson's Ringlet '11 B25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Ringlet '12 B21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rival B1910s?
William Thompson's Rival '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rival '12 D21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rival '13 D7-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Rocket '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rocket '13 D7-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Rouser '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rouser '12 D21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rouser '13 D7-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Ruby '11 B25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Ruby '19 B1919
William Thompson's Rummager '12 D21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rummager '14 D28-May-1914
William Thompson's Sailor '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Saladin '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Saracen '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Soldier '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Solway '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Spanker '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Sportsman '12 D1912
William Thompson's Stanley '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Stormer '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Stormer '12 D1912
William Thompson's Stormer '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Struggler '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Struggler '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Sunbeam '12 B1912
William Thompson's Sylvia '11 B31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Sylvia '12 B1912
William Thompson's Sylvia '13 B18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Symbol '11 B31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Symbol '12 B1912
William Thompson's Symbol '13 B18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Tempest '14 B25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Tester D1910s?
William Thompson's Tester '12 D17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Thunder '14 D25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Tidy '12 B17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Tipsy '12 B17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Tomboy '12 D17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Tomboy '14 D25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Trampler '12 D17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Trojan '12 D17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Trouncer '14 D25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Trulass '13 B3-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Trulass '14 B25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Truman '14 D25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Trumpeter '20 D1920
William Thompson's Truthful '12 B17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Vagabond '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vagabond '14 D27-May-1914
William Thompson's Vanish B1910s?
William Thompson's Vanity '14 B27-May-1914
William Thompson's Vaulter '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Venus '13 B8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Venus '14 B27-May-1914
William Thompson's Vexer '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vexer '13 D8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Viking '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Villager D1910s?
William Thompson's Villager '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vixen '13 B8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Vixen '14 B27-May-1914
William Thompson's Vocal B1910s?
William Thompson's Vocal '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vocal '13 B8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Vocal '14 B27-May-1914
William Thompson's Vulcan '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vulcan '13 D8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Wanton B1910s?
William Thompson's Woeful B1910s?
William van de Kweb D21-Feb-1996
Willie Brown Willie D1990?
Willowhound Sassy Sue Sassy B27-Aug-2000
Willowhound Titus van Rijn Titus D21-Oct-1998
Willowhound's Diva The Wiggles Diva B31-May-1999 [photo]
Willowhound's Finnigan Finnigan B27-Aug-2000
Willowhound's Gift Of The Magi B24-Dec-1999
Willowhound's Jaxson Jaxson D31-May-1999
Willowhound's Merlin Merlin D31-May-1999
Willowhound's Thistle Thistle B31-May-1999
Willowhound's Wild Iris Iris B31-May-1999 [photo]
Willowhound's Zeus D31-May-1999
Windgate Sonnet of Cilgwri B20-Sep-1993
Windsinger's Candy Coated B31-Dec-1979
Windsinger's Crispy Critter D31-Dec-1979
Windsinger's Digger O'Dell D28-Feb-1982
Windsinger's Eager B J B12-May-1983
Windsinger's Ebb Tide B12-May-1983
Windsinger's Ebony'n Ivory B12-May-1983
Windsinger's Echo D12-May-1983
Windsinger's Edinburgh D12-May-1983
Windsinger's Eestee Louder B12-May-1983
Windsinger's Elton James D12-May-1983
Windsinger's Enrica Caruso B12-May-1983
Windsinger's Explorer D12-May-1983
Ch. Windsong Miss Emily Sue B28-Dec-1991
Windsong's Emmet Of Bear Run D28-Dec-1991
Ch. Windsong's Hurricane Maggie Maggie B11-Sep-1989
Windsong's Tidal Wave D28-Dec-1991
Winnie van de Kweb B21-Feb-1996
Winston van de Kweb D21-Feb-1996
Wise of Nanhelen B15-Jan-1983
Wiser's Jerry D1960s
Ch. Wiser's Patty B1960s
Wiser's Shag B1960s
Wit's End Jeeze Louise VCD2 CDX AX OAJ TD Louise B1997? [photo]
Wonderful Caramel van de Kweb B21-Feb-1996
Xandra van de Kweb B21-Jun-1996
Xenia van de Kweb at Kingstree Xenia B21-Jun-1996
Xenos van de Kweb Sam D21-Jun-1996
Ch. Xtra Special Of Whitehall B25-May-1976
Ch. Yancy Of Adriucha D9-Mar-1963
Yates Chieftain D
Yates Countess B
Yates Crafty B
Yates Dexter D
Yates Dexterous D
Yates Driver D
Yates Ladylove B
Yates Lancer D
Yates Patience B
Yates President D
Yates Prudence B
Yates Ransome B
Yates Restless B
Yates Ruby B
Yates Ruler D
Yates Songstress B
Yates Sportsman D
Yates Statesman D
Yeti van de Kweb D25-Jan-1997
Yevette Of Adriucha B9-Mar-1963
Ylla Of Adriucha B9-Mar-1963
Ch. York Of Adriucha York D9-Mar-1963
Ysoeye van de Kweb B25-Jan-1997
Ytene Naiad B1980s
Ytene Naomi B1980s
Ytene Nectar B15-Jan-1979
Ytene Nelson D15-Jan-1979
Ytene Neptune D15-Jan-1979
Ytene Nero D15-Jan-1979
Ytene Nightshade B15-Jan-1979
Ytene Nutmeg '79 B15-Jan-1979
Ytene Priestess B1980s
Ytene Vanguard D23-May-1997 [photo]
Yum Yum van de Kweb D25-Jan-1997
Yuma Of Adriucha 1963?
Zealous Of Adriucha B3-May-1963
Zenith van de Kweb B25-Aug-1997
Ziska Of Adriucha B3-May-1963
Zoe van de Kweb B25-Aug-1997
Zog Of Adriucha D3-May-1963
Ch. Zola Of Adriucha CDX B3-May-1963
Zuzu Petals Zuzu B24-Dec-1999
Zymurgy's Dandelion Wine Phebe B23-Sep-2007
Ch. UKC Ch. Zymurgy's Kismet Victory Malt Kizzy B23-Sep-2007
Ch. Zymurgy's Lady Winnipeg Of Ashdown Forest CGC Winnie B23-Sep-2007 [photo]
Zymurgy's Monterey Silver Oak D23-Sep-2007
Zymurgy's Only Colorado Golden Ale B23-Sep-2007