Index to Otterhound Database by Birth Date

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Can. Ch. Adriucha Tamar Of Lyonnesse B1970s?
Buffington's Lady Emily CD B1970s
Eastern Counties Sultan D1970s?
Am.,Can. Ch. Galaxie Of Skye Top Poppy B1970s
Inspector MacAngus D1970s?
Ch. Melisande Of Grass Roots B1970s
Pamburns Basil D1970s?
Polk's Chico The Kid CD D1970s?
Rothe's Maggie II B1970s?
Shelby CD D1970s?
Sir Otto D1970s
Can. Ch. Sir Rothe Of Lyonnesse D1970s?
Dumfriesshire Paleface '70 B1970
Dumfriesshire Pilgrim '70 D1970
Dumfriesshire Proctor '70 D1970
Dumfriesshire Prudence '70 B1970
Dumfriesshire Puzzler '70 D1970
Hawkstone Heather '70 B1970
Hawkstone Hero '70 D1970
Mop D1970
Kendal Cobbler '70 D22-Apr-1970
Kendal Comfort '70 B22-Apr-1970
Kendal Convict '70 D22-Apr-1970
Kendal Corporal '70 D22-Apr-1970
Kendal Countess '70 B22-Apr-1970
Kendal Dahlia '70 Dahlia B5-Sep-1970 [photo]
Kendal Daisy '70 B5-Sep-1970
Kendal Danger '70 D5-Sep-1970
Kendal Decimal '70 B5-Sep-1970
Kendal Donovan '70 D5-Sep-1970
Kendal Druid '70 D5-Sep-1970
Can. Ch. HB Hanover Esquire D1-Oct-1970
Ch. HB Harrison Esquire D1-Oct-1970
Ch. Bardill's Fated To Be D12-Nov-1970
Ch. Bardill's Feck D12-Nov-1970
Ch. Bardill's Forgetive D12-Nov-1970
Dumfriesshire Melody '71 B1971
Dumfriesshire Mermaid '71 B1971
Dumfriesshire Messmate '71 D1971
Kendal Foreman '71 D1971
Ch. Andel Warlock D10-Feb-1971
Fanfare Of Skye Top B30-Mar-1971
Ch. Andel Little Big Man Blueman D31-Mar-1971 [photo]
Rinjan's Dame Dumfriesshire Tigger B28-Apr-1971
Ch. Rinjan's Dandelion Whine Boo D28-Apr-1971 [photo]
Rinjan's Dolly Dimples B28-Apr-1971
Rothe's Panther Chief D7-Sep-1971
Ch. Andel Ali D5-Dec-1971
Ch. Andel Ankh Ankh B5-Dec-1971 [photo]
Andel Berwick D5-Dec-1971
Ch. Andel Mary Stuart B5-Dec-1971
Ch. Andel T Oliver Cromwell D5-Dec-1971
Andel Tecumseh D5-Dec-1971
Ch. Andel Tiffin Nancy Stair B5-Dec-1971
Dumfriesshire Jupiter '72 D1972
H.B. Cherub Of Lonesome Lane Cherub B1972
Kendal Bachelor '72 D1972
Kendal Barrister '72 D1972
Kendal Bellman '72 D1972
Kendal Boatman '72 D1972
Kendal Image '72 B1972
Kendal Inman '72 D1972
Dumfriesshire Jezebel '72 Jezebel B14-Feb-1972 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Jorrocks '72 Jorrocks D14-Feb-1972 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Jupitor '72 D14-Feb-1972
Kendal Grammar '72 D24-Feb-1972
Kendal Gretna '72 B24-Feb-1972
Dumfriesshire Immigrant '72 D25-Feb-1972
Dumfriesshire Impetus '72 B25-Feb-1972
Dumfriesshire Impulse '72 B25-Feb-1972
Dumfriesshire Iris '72 B25-Feb-1972
Dumfriesshire Ivory '72 B25-Feb-1972
Ch. Je T'aime Annie Plungecreek Annie B24-Mar-1972 [photo]
Ch. Je T'aime Katie Bear Tooth B24-Mar-1972
Spectre's Adriucha Cinnabar CD B31-Mar-1972
Ch. Spectre's Agate Of Skye Top D31-Mar-1972
Ch. Spectre's Alabaster D31-Mar-1972
Spectre's Gypsum B31-Mar-1972
Ch. Spectre's Obsidian B31-Mar-1972
Ch. Spectre's Rudyard D31-Mar-1972
Spectre's Topaz Of Skye Top B31-Mar-1972
Ch. Rinjan's Emperor D13-Jun-1972
Ch. Rinjan's Enchantress B13-Jun-1972
Rinjan's Evadne Evy B13-Jun-1972
Andel Candy Man D3-Jul-1972
Ch. Andel Chief Joseph D3-Jul-1972 [photo]
Andel Grace Nordmark B3-Jul-1972
Andel McDroolick D3-Jul-1972
Andel Norman D3-Jul-1972
Ch. Abelard Of Grass Roots D20-Aug-1972 [photo]
Ch. Heloise Of Grass Roots B20-Aug-1972
Ch. Marquessa Of Grass Roots B20-Aug-1972
Kendal Hero '72 D25-Aug-1972
Kendal Homer '72 D25-Aug-1972
Kendal Honesty '72 B25-Aug-1972
Kendal True '72 D25-Aug-1972
Ch. Bardill's Galena B24-Nov-1972
Ch. Marshall Of Grass Roots Ottley D7-Dec-1972 [photo]
Valley View Farm Folly Dawg D7-Dec-1972 [photo]
Kendal Jailer '73 D30-Apr-1973
Kendal Janet '73 B30-Apr-1973
Kendal Jarvey '73 D30-Apr-1973
Kendal Jurist '73 D30-Apr-1973
Kendal Justice '73 D30-Apr-1973
Adriucha Rambler B23-May-1973
Ch. Adriucha Rob Roy CD Scuba D23-May-1973 [photo]
Adriucha Robe B23-May-1973
Adriucha Ruler D23-May-1973
Bardill's Feck's Tamora B2-Jun-1973
Bardill's Is So B2-Jun-1973
Bardill's May Be So D2-Jun-1973
Ch. Bardill's Tiddle Diddle B2-Jun-1973
Joshua D1-Sep-1973
Adriucha Off Again B3-Sep-1973
Ch. HB Twilight Trumpeter Rags D13-Sep-1973
Ch. Pine Park Raffia B13-Sep-1973
Adriucha Star D17-Nov-1973
Adriucha Super Of Lyonnesse B17-Nov-1973
Can. Ch. Adriucha Syren Of Lyonnesse B17-Nov-1973
Kendal Keeper '74 D1974
Kendal Kindness '74 B1974
Kendal Kingfisher '74 D1974
Kendal Lady '74 B1974
Kendal Landsman '74 D1974
Kendal Leader '74 D1974
Kendal Lively '74 B1974
Kendal Lotus '74 B1974
Dumfriesshire Wagtail '74 B23-Mar-1974
Dumfriesshire Watchman '74 D23-Mar-1974
Dumfriesshire Welcome '74 B23-Mar-1974
Dumfriesshire Whipcord '74 D23-Mar-1974
Dumfriesshire Witness '74 B23-Mar-1974
Dumfriesshire Worship '74 B23-Mar-1974
Andel Bogard D25-Mar-1974
Andel Cat Dancing B25-Mar-1974
Andel Dustin D25-Mar-1974
Andel Geordie D25-Mar-1974
Andel Jennie Jennie B25-Mar-1974
Andel Mr. Chips D25-Mar-1974
Kendal Masterpiece '74 D20-May-1974
Can. Ch. Adriucha Tops Of Lyonnesse D27-May-1974
Ch. Adriucha Truthful CD B27-May-1974
Adruicha Toast Of Lyonnesse B27-May-1974
Bay-Low's Charity B8-Jun-1974
Bay-Low's Faith B8-Jun-1974
Bay-Low's John Boy D8-Jun-1974
Bay-Low's Teddy Bear B8-Jun-1974
Kendal Magic '74 B17-Jun-1974
Kendal Magnet '74 D17-Jun-1974
Kendal Major '74 D17-Jun-1974
Kendal Marker '74 D17-Jun-1974
Kendal Marksman '74 D17-Jun-1974
Kendal Melody '74 B17-Jun-1974
Kendal Mermaid '74 B17-Jun-1974
Kendal Merriment '74 B17-Jun-1974
Kendal Mischief '74 B17-Jun-1974
Kendal Music '74 B17-Jun-1974
Ch. Andel Follyhoun Worthy Demon Demon B30-Jun-1974 [photo]
Ch. Andel Hawk Who Hunts Walking Hawk D30-Jun-1974 [photo]
Ch. Andel Miss Honey Brodie B30-Jun-1974
Andel Mother Nature's Son Dundee D30-Jun-1974
Can. Ch. Andel Stanley Steamer D30-Jun-1974
Andel Tiege B30-Jun-1974
Andel Tobi D30-Jun-1974
Rinjan's Ganymede D22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Goody Gum Drops Tarra B22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Gracious Lady B22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Green Mountain Boy D22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Grey Ghost D22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Guinevere Guinevere B22-Jul-1974
Rinjan's Gung Ho D22-Jul-1974
Parmour's Dallen Lea B29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Emeline Emily B29-Nov-1974
Can. Ch. Parmour's Fryer Tuck Moose D29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Little John D29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Maid Marian B29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Much The Miller D29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Ramblin Rose B29-Nov-1974
Parmour's Saxon B29-Nov-1974
Nordmark's Bailiff D2-Jan-1975
Nordmark's Bishop D2-Jan-1975
Nordmark's Brion D2-Jan-1975
Nordmark's Brom D2-Jan-1975
Ch. Inspiration Of Skye Top Whooper B10-Mar-1975 [photo]
Ch. Intrepid Of Skye Top B10-Mar-1975 [photo]
Invader Of Skye Top D10-Mar-1975
Kendal Nimble '75 B14-May-1975
Swe. Ch. Kendal Nimrod of Falconcrag D14-May-1975 [photo]
Kendal Nonsense of Falconcrag B14-May-1975
Kendal Novelist '75 D14-May-1975
Kendal Nuisance '75 B14-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Secret '75 B17-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Smuggler '75 D17-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Solway '75 D17-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Stranger '75 D17-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Whisper '75 B22-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Willow '75 B22-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Hadlomax '75 D29-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Hadrian '75 D29-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Haggard '75 D29-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Hannibal '75 D29-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Harem '75 B29-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Harmony '75 B29-May-1975
Dumfriesshire Hazel '75 B29-May-1975
Adriucha Vagabond D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Vagrant D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Valor D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Vaunter D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Viking D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Vincenta Vince B26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Viscount D26-Jun-1975
Ch. OH Godfrey Of Lonesome Lane D21-Jul-1975
OH Gracious Of Lonesome Lane B21-Jul-1975
Ch. Seraphina Of Lonesome Lane Sera B21-Jul-1975 [photo]
Ch. Bardill's Big John D10-Aug-1975
Ch. Bardill's Jill B10-Aug-1975
Bardill's Julie B10-Aug-1975
Bardill's June B10-Aug-1975
Ch. Andel Annan CD B12-Aug-1975 [photo]
Ch. Andel Hoddom D12-Aug-1975
Andel Lockerbie B12-Aug-1975
Am.,Can. Ch. Andel Milk Bank Rugby D12-Aug-1975 [photo]
Andel White Hill D12-Aug-1975
Bardill's Keno B24-Aug-1975
Bandersnatch Tigger's Bounce Bounce B29-Sep-1975
Can. Ch. Adelaide Of Lyonnesse Can. CD Livy B15-Oct-1975 [photo]
Can. Ch. Amanda Of Lyonnesse B15-Oct-1975
Ch. Cerberus Amber Patch Patches B18-Nov-1975 [photo]
Ch. Cerberus Ginger Bread Girl B18-Nov-1975
Ch. Cerberus Hexenkessel B18-Nov-1975
Cerberus Oliver D18-Nov-1975
Ch. Cerberus' Aragorn D18-Nov-1975
Andel Belladonna Tk.-Baggins B6-Dec-1975
Andel Bilbo Baggins D6-Dec-1975
Andel Frodo Baggins D6-Dec-1975
Andel Lobelia S.V.-Baggins B6-Dec-1975
Andel Merry-Pippin D6-Dec-1975
Ch. Andel Primula Brandy B-Baggins B6-Dec-1975
Andel Samwise Gamgee D6-Dec-1975
Ch. Aberdeen Of Tar Beach D26-Feb-1976
Ch. Aesop Of Tar Beach D26-Feb-1976
Ch. Jubilee Of Skye Top B3-Mar-1976
Ch. Andel Lady Ann B5-Mar-1976
Dumfriesshire Caramel '76 B5-Mar-1976
Dumfriesshire Careless '76 B5-Mar-1976
Dumfriesshire Cautious '76 B5-Mar-1976
Dumfriesshire Chieftain '76 D5-Mar-1976
Dumfriesshire Clansman '76 Clansman D5-Mar-1976 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Colonist '76 D5-Mar-1976
Dumfriesshire Crafty '76 B5-Mar-1976
Dumfriesshire Credit '76 B5-Mar-1976
Bardill's Laird D17-Mar-1976
Bardill's Lee D17-Mar-1976
Ch. Bardill's Lollapalooza B17-Mar-1976
Ch. Bardill's Lucid B17-Mar-1976
Ch. Xtra Special Of Whitehall B25-May-1976
Bardill's Mazard B1-Jul-1976
Bardill's Medea B1-Jul-1976
Bardill's Melanin B1-Jul-1976
Andel Benjamin Franklin D4-Jul-1976
Andel John Adams Murphy D4-Jul-1976 [photo]
Andel John Hancock D4-Jul-1976
Andel Liberty Bell B4-Jul-1976
Andel Star Spangled Banner B4-Jul-1976
Andel Thomas Jefferson D4-Jul-1976
Rinjan's Happy B20-Aug-1976
Rinjan's Harmony B20-Aug-1976 [photo]
Rinjan's Heather B20-Aug-1976
Rinjan's Hera B20-Aug-1976
Ch. Rinjan's Holy Moses Moses D20-Aug-1976 [photo]
Rinjan's Sherry Of Fogbound B20-Aug-1976
Dumfriesshire Lanyard '76 D4-Sep-1976
Dumfriesshire Limpid '76 B4-Sep-1976
Dumfriesshire Linguist '76 D4-Sep-1976 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Lucid '76 B4-Sep-1976
Wild Meadow's Amanda Mandy B21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Andrew D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Arleigh D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Arlo D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Arthur Happy D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Ashley D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Austin D21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Lady Alice Alice B21-Nov-1976
Wild Meadow's Lady Ann Anna B21-Nov-1976
Kendal Pastime '77 B7-Jan-1977
Kendal Penrith '77 D7-Jan-1977 [photo]
Kendal Playful '77 B7-Jan-1977
Kendal President '77 D7-Jan-1977
Kendal Regent '77 D14-Jan-1977
Swe.,Nor. Ch. Kendal Rhapsody '77 B14-Jan-1977
Kendal Ruler '77 D14-Jan-1977
Bellhound's Good Grief Critter B19-Feb-1977
Bellhound's Holy Moley Moley D19-Feb-1977
Bellhound's Leaping Lizards Watson D19-Feb-1977
Bellhound's Suffrin Succotash Monster D19-Feb-1977
Ch. Who's Hoo Of Whitehall B8-Mar-1977 [photo]
Cragmont Annie Laurie B15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lady Heather B15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lady Laurel B15-Mar-1977
Ch. Cragmont Laird Andel Sleuth D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lloyd George D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Loch Maben D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Loch Ness D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lochinvar D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lorna Doone B15-Mar-1977
Dumfriesshire Bailiff '77 D27-Mar-1977
Dumfriesshire Barclay D27-Mar-1977
Dumfriesshire Bargeman '77 D27-Mar-1977 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Baronet '77 D27-Mar-1977
Dumfriesshire Berkeley '77 D27-Mar-1977
Dumfriesshire Bosun '77 D27-Mar-1977
Dumfriesshire Bulrush '77 B27-Mar-1977
Shagrag A Daisy B1-Apr-1977
Rinjan's Illiad D11-Apr-1977
Rinjan's Iluvu D11-Apr-1977
Rinjan's Ingleside Lad D11-Apr-1977
Rinjan's Iris Of Skye Top B11-Apr-1977
Rinjan's Ivanhoe D11-Apr-1977 [photo]
Follyhoun Falconhawk D24-Apr-1977
Follyhoun Farrah Of Belalp B24-Apr-1977
Am.,Can. Ch. Follyhoun First In Line Sasquatch D24-Apr-1977 [photo]
Follyhoun Foolish Pleasure Macho D24-Apr-1977
Follyhoun Frisbee Frisbee D24-Apr-1977 [photo]
Follyhoun Fuzzbuster D24-Apr-1977
Ch. Fogbound's Almost Martha Martha B20-Jun-1977 [photo]
Ch. Fogbound's Axel's Edgar D20-Jun-1977
Fogbound's Dirty Sneaker B20-Jun-1977
Ch. Fogbound's Lady Clara Mama Boo B20-Jun-1977 [photo]
Andel Tioga D20-Sep-1977
Ch. Andel Tuolumne B20-Sep-1977
Andel Nicholas Stuart D25-Dec-1977
Shagrag Tobias Of Adriucha D26-Mar-1978
Dumfriesshire Taurus '78 Taurus D31-Mar-1978 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Thistle '78 D31-Mar-1978
Dumfriesshire Thruster '78 D31-Mar-1978
Dumfriesshire Traceable '78 B31-Mar-1978
Dumfriesshire Tracker '78 D31-Mar-1978
Dumfriesshire Travesty '78 B31-Mar-1978
Dumfriesshire Trawler '78 D31-Mar-1978
Dumfriesshire Trooper '78 D31-Mar-1978
Dumfriesshire Mallard '78 D4-Apr-1978
Dumfriesshire Merced '78 D4-Apr-1978
Ban Ealasaid Of Four Paws B17-Apr-1978
Greyfield's Willow B26-Jun-1978
Ch. Kendal Fingal Fingal D10-Jul-1978 [photo]
Kendal Sailor D10-Jul-1978
Kendal Sigh B10-Jul-1978
Kendal Spitfire of Glengaron B10-Jul-1978
Kendal Statesman D10-Jul-1978
Kendal Storm B10-Jul-1978
Kendal Tempest B24-Sep-1978
Kendal Testa B24-Sep-1978
Nordmark's Deacon D20-Oct-1978
Nordmark's Delilah B20-Oct-1978
Nordmark's Deliquent Danny D20-Oct-1978
Nordmark's Deragamuffin D20-Oct-1978
Nordmark's Diana B20-Oct-1978
Nordmark's Dogge D20-Oct-1978
Nordmark's Doris Of Tar Beach B20-Oct-1978
Nordmark's Drambuie B20-Oct-1978
Nordmark's Drummer D20-Oct-1978
Bardill's Pistol B13-Nov-1978
Dumfriesshire Abbot '78 D11-Dec-1978
Dumfriesshire Asset '78 B11-Dec-1978
Newforest Pirate '79 D1979
Falconcrag Narrator D9-Jan-1979
Falconcrag Nimble of Beebeemi B9-Jan-1979
Falconcrag Nimbus D9-Jan-1979
Falconcrag Noble D9-Jan-1979
Falconcrag Nocturn B9-Jan-1979
Falconcrag Nomad D9-Jan-1979
Falconcrag Nugget B9-Jan-1979
Falconcrag Nutmeg of Nanhelen Meg B9-Jan-1979 [photo]
Falconcrag Nymph of Nanhelen B9-Jan-1979
Can. Ch. Falconcrag Staffa Staffa B9-Jan-1979 [photo]
Snuggers Smudge TD Smudge B11-Jan-1979
Kendal Vagabond D14-Jan-1979
Kendal Venus B14-Jan-1979
Kendal Verity B14-Jan-1979
Kendal Vestal Falconcrag B14-Jan-1979
Kendal Vixen B14-Jan-1979
Ytene Nectar B15-Jan-1979
Ytene Nelson D15-Jan-1979
Ytene Neptune D15-Jan-1979
Ytene Nero D15-Jan-1979
Ytene Nightshade B15-Jan-1979
Ytene Nutmeg '79 B15-Jan-1979
Can. Ch. Barney Of Lyonnesse D26-Jan-1979
Tolsuns Bonnie Ann B5-May-1979
Tolsuns Ladys Lass B5-May-1979
Birch-Dell Bunch B15-May-1979
Ch. Birchdell's Ragmop Of Sunwood Grizz B15-May-1979 [photo]
Birchrun Dell Puffin Stuff B15-May-1979
Birchrun-Dell Geraldine B15-May-1979
Birchrun-Dell King John King John D15-May-1979
Birchrundell's Brown Sugar Otter B15-May-1979
Birchruns Dellaire Of Rinjan D15-May-1979
Hoddoms Barn Stormer D20-May-1979
Hoddoms Chief Challenger D20-May-1979
Hoddoms First Impulse B20-May-1979
Hoddoms Magical Melody B20-May-1979
Hoddoms Real Charmer B20-May-1979
Hoddoms Rebel Rouser D20-May-1979
Hoddoms Sweet Iris B20-May-1979
Hunter's Angel Angel B22-Jun-1979 [photo]
Hunter's Pretty Lady Lady B22-Jun-1979 [photo]
Kendal Chaucer D22-Jul-1979
Kendal Hotspur D22-Jul-1979
Kendal Rufus D22-Jul-1979
Kendal Wanton '79 B22-Jul-1979
Kendal Wanton (2) B22-Jul-1979
Kendal Wishful B22-Jul-1979
Kendal Wrestler D22-Jul-1979
Tolsuns Smokie D9-Aug-1979
Tolsuns Tinkerbell B9-Aug-1979
Ch. Tar Beach Blythe Of Greyfield Rags B10-Aug-1979 [photo]
Tar Beach Broom Hilda B10-Aug-1979
Tar Beach Bullwinkle T Moose D10-Aug-1979
Int., Dutch Ch. Kendal Harlequin at Surfside D22-Nov-1979
Kendal Harlot B22-Nov-1979
Kendal Havoc D22-Nov-1979
Bardill's Honcho D30-Nov-1979
Bardill's Quinela B30-Nov-1979
Windsinger's Candy Coated B31-Dec-1979
Windsinger's Crispy Critter D31-Dec-1979

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