Index to Otterhound Database by Birth Date

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Adriucha's Cinnabar B1960s
Adriucha's Cinnamon D1960s
Ch. Astronauts Ace In The Hold D1960s
Chien de Chasse Heather B1960s
Dolly Of Falconridge B1960s
Duchess Of Valdon B1960s
Fernbank Lalage B1960s
Ch. Hollerhound Amiable B1960s
Kris Of Africak B1960s
Lady Jane Of Willow Wed B1960s
Ch. Muffin B1960s
Ch. Nabob Of Adriucha Nabob D1960s
Penny Of Adriucha B1960s
Ch. Ranter's Lady Alibi B1960s
Ch. Rinjan's Bellman D1960s
Rothe's Maggie B1960s
Rothe's Shawnee D1960s
Ch. Shagrag Tilgath Pileser D1960s
Ch. Stately Of Adriucha B1960s
Tyburn Gogmagog Melody B1960s
Ch. Tyburn Julia Just Wiser B1960s
Tyburn Pognophile D1960s
Ch. Tyburn Talisman Bob D1960s
Ch. Tyburn Tenacious B1960s
Tyburn a Wiser Tyranny B1960s
Ch. Tyburn the Wiser Princess B1960s
Ch. Ultra Of Adriucha B1960s
Ursula Of Adriucha B1960s
Wiser's Jerry D1960s
Ch. Wiser's Patty B1960s
Wiser's Shag B1960s
Dumfriesshire Gorgeous '60 B1960
Dumfriesshire Pagan '60 D1960
Dumfriesshire Panther '60 D1960
Dumfriesshire Patience '60 B1960
Dumfriesshire Pilgrim '60 D1960
Dumfriesshire Pilot '60 D1960
Dumfriesshire Playful '60 B1960
Dumfriesshire Sailor '60 D1960
Dumfriesshire Saracen '60 D1960
Dumfriesshire Songstress '60 B1960
Dumfriesshire Spinster '60 B1960
Dumfriesshire Sultan '60 D1960
Kendal Beauty '60 B1960
Kendal Springtime '60 D1960
Kendal Stranger '60 D1960
Kendal Sunbeam '60 D1960
Kendal Sunset '60 D1960
Kendal Susan '60 B1960
Ch. Tyburn Trumpeter Judd D1960? [photo]
Ch. Abel Of Saida D1-Jul-1960
Border Counties Coachman '61 D1961
Border Counties Convict '61 D1961
Dumfriesshire Faithful '61 B1961
Dumfriesshire Famous '61 D1961
Dumfriesshire Fearless '61 B1961
Dumfriesshire Frolic '61 B1961
Dumfriesshire Ladylike '61 B1961
Dumfriesshire Landsman '61 D1961
Dumfriesshire Lapwing '61 B1961
Dumfriesshire Laudable '61 B1961
Dumfriesshire Leader '61 D1961
Dumfriesshire Loader '61 D1961
Dumfriesshire Warrior '61 D1961
Dumfriesshire Watchman '61 D1961
Dumfriesshire Welcome '61 B1961
Dumfriesshire Willing '61 B1961
Dumfriesshire Winner '61 D1961
Dumfriesshire Workman '61 D1961
Kendal Greta '61 B1961
Kendal Guilty '61 B1961
Kendal Gunner '61 D1961
Kendal Gypsy '61 B1961
Dumfriesshire Meddler '61 DJan-1961
Dumfriesshire Melody '61 BJan-1961
Dumfriesshire Mermaid '61 BJan-1961
Dumfriesshire Minstrel '61 BJan-1961
Dumfriesshire Mountain '61 DJan-1961
Dumfriesshire Muffler '61 DJan-1961
Aggie Of Iroquois Aggie B5-May-1961 [photo]
Iroquois Dervish Of Adriucha B5-May-1961
Am.,Can. Ch. Skye Top's Cedric Vikingsson Cedric D5-May-1961 [photo]
Am.,Can. Ch. Skye Top's Digby Of Iroquois D5-May-1961 [photo]
Border Counties Convict '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Adam '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Agent '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Angler '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Anguish '62 B1962
Dumfriesshire Gallant '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Gambler '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Gaylad '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Glider '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Glory '62 B1962
Dumfriesshire Goblin '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Harlequin '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Highlander '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Honesty '62 B1962
Dumfriesshire Hopeful '62 B1962
Dumfriesshire Hunter '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Nancy '62 B1962
Dumfriesshire Nation '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Nicety '62 B1962
Dumfriesshire Number '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Saladin '62 D1962
Dumfriesshire Snowdrop '62 B1962
Kendal Talisman '62 D1962
Kendal Tarnish '62 B1962
Restive Of Adriucha Peaches B1962? [photo]
Topper Of Adriucha D1962?
Ch. Toast Of Adriucha B12-Jan-1962
Border Counties Colombine '63 B1963
Dumfriesshire Comedy '63 B1963
Dumfriesshire Crafty '63 B1963
Dumfriesshire Cromwell '63 D1963
Dumfriesshire Cruiser '63 D1963
Dumfriesshire Dewdrop '63 B1963
Dumfriesshire Dexter '63 D1963
Dumfriesshire Domino '63 D1963
Dumfriesshire Dorcas '63 B1963
Dumfriesshire Dorcus '63 B1963
Dumfriesshire Dreadnought '63 D1963
Dumfriesshire Druid '63 D1963
Dumfriesshire Duchess '63 B1963
Kendal Negress '63 B1963
Kendal Pagan '63 D1963
Kendal Painter '63 D1963
Kendal Pearly '63 B1963
Kendal Peeler '63 D1963
Kendal Pickle '63 B1963
Kendal Playful '63 B1963
Kendal Plunder '63 D1963
Kendal Porter '63 D1963
Kendal Posy '63 B1963
Can. Ch. Skye Top's Pennicoach Ballade B1963?
Yuma Of Adriucha 1963?
Ch. Yancy Of Adriucha D9-Mar-1963
Yevette Of Adriucha B9-Mar-1963
Ylla Of Adriucha B9-Mar-1963
Ch. York Of Adriucha York D9-Mar-1963
Zealous Of Adriucha B3-May-1963
Ziska Of Adriucha B3-May-1963
Zog Of Adriucha D3-May-1963
Ch. Zola Of Adriucha CDX B3-May-1963
Ch. Sadder But Wiser B16-Jun-1963
Ch. Rillside Jaques D17-Jul-1963
Rillside Vicky Of Adruicha B17-Jul-1963
Rillside William Of Adruicha D17-Jul-1963
Dumfriesshire Janitor '64 D1964
Dumfriesshire Javelin '64 D1964
Dumfriesshire Jealousy '64 B1964
Dumfriesshire Jeopardy '64 B1964
Dumfriesshire Lapwing '64 B1964
Dumfriesshire Liberty '64 B1964
Dumfriesshire Limpet '64 B1964
Eastern Counties Columbine '64 B1964
Kendal Spangle '64 B1964
Kendal Spanker '64 D1964
Kendal Speaker '64 D1964
Kendal Spitfire '64 B1964
Kendal Tattler '64 B1964
Kendal Trudi '64 B1964
Ch. Agrippa Of Adriucha D12-May-1964 [photo]
Ch. Alexa Of Adriucha B12-May-1964
Arras Of Adriucha D12-May-1964
Ch. Astra Of Adriucha CD B12-May-1964
Ch. Tyburn Tarheel B29-Jun-1964
Ch. Tyburn Temptation D29-Jun-1964
Ch. Tyburn Tender B29-Jun-1964
Ch. Tyburn Tradition D29-Jun-1964
Hollerhound Bailiff D12-Jul-1964
Ch. Hollerhound Bluebell B12-Jul-1964
Bess Of Adriucha B1965?
Dumfriesshire Safety '65 B1965
Dumfriesshire Saracen '65 D1965
Dumfriesshire Solomon '65 D1965
Dumfriesshire Solway '65 D1965
Dumfriesshire Songstress '65 B1965
Dumfriesshire Spinster '65 B1965
Dumfriesshire Spiteful '65 B1965
Dumfriesshire Tackler '65 D1965
Dumfriesshire Tempest '65 D1965
Dumfriesshire Tracer '65 D1965
Dumfriesshire Trueman '65 D1965
Dumfriesshire Tyrant '65 D1965
Kendal Champion '65 D1965
Kendal Chanter '65 D1965
Kendal Chaplain '65 D1965
Kendal Charity '65 B1965
Kendal Cherish '65 B1965
Kendal Chorus '65 B1965
Kendal Magic '65 B1965
Kendal Mantle '65 D1965
Kendal Manton '65 D1965
Kendal Marion '65 B1965
Kendal Matchless '65 B1965
Ch. Tyburn Atlas D10-May-1965 [photo]
Ch. H B Bentley Esquire D2-Jul-1965
Ch. Abbesgal Of Skye Top B18-Jul-1965 [photo]
Ch. Hylbillie's Ain't He Something D2-Aug-1965
Hylbillie's Philis Diller B2-Aug-1965
Am.,Can. Ch. Belsprite Of Skye Top B24-Oct-1965 [photo]
Am.,Can. Ch. Beretta Of Skye Top B24-Oct-1965
Dumfriesshire Keepsake '66 B1966
Dumfriesshire Kelpie '66 B1966
Dumfriesshire Keynote '66 B1966
Dumfriesshire Kindle '66 B1966
Dumfriesshire Kipling '66 D1966
Dumfriesshire Kitchener '66 D1966
Kendal Picture '66 B1966
Kendal Pilgrim '66 D1966
Kendal Pilot '66 D1966
Kendal Pintail '66 B1966
Kendal Pirate '66 D1966
Adriucha's Faith Honey B30-May-1966
Ch. Adriucha's Fawn B30-May-1966
Adriucha's Foreman D30-May-1966
Adriucha's Ginger Ginger B7-Jun-1966
Ch. Adriucha's Glow B7-Jun-1966
Bridie Murphy B18-Dec-1966
Adriucha Justops Brandy 1967
Arundel Of Rinjan D1967?
Dumfriesshire Hackle '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Harbour '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Hawker '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Heathen '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Heretic '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Heron '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Lavender '67 B1967
Dumfriesshire Lavish '67 B1967
Dumfriesshire Lifebuoy '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Lockerbie '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Loophole '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Loyal '67 B1967
Dumfriesshire Oarsman '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Oatmeal '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Officer '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Orbit '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Orchid '67 B1967
Dumfriesshire Ornament '67 B1967
Dumfriesshire Osprey '67 B1967
Dumfriesshire Outlaw '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Quadrant '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Quarryman '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Question '67 B1967
Dumfriesshire Vagabond '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Vandal '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Visible '67 B1967
Dumfriesshire Vulture '67 D1967
Kendal Solitude '67 B1967
Kendal Solomon '67 D1967
Kendal Solon '67 D1967
Kendal Solvent '67 D1967
Kendal Solver '67 D1967
Kendal Songster '67 D1967
Dumfriesshire Icicle '67 B1-Jan-1967
Dumfriesshire Igloo '67 D1-Jan-1967
Dumfriesshire Image '67 B1-Jan-1967
Dumfriesshire Inquest '67 Inquest D1-Jan-1967 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Irksome '67 B1-Jan-1967
Dumfriesshire Ivory '67 B1-Jan-1967
Calliope Of Skye Top Cally B4-Jan-1967
Ch. Capitaine Of Skye Top D4-Jan-1967
Carillion Of Skye Top Corry B4-Jan-1967
Ch. Cassandra Of Skye Top B4-Jan-1967
Am.,Can.,Mex. Ch. Charmer Of Skye Top Charmer B4-Jan-1967 [photo]
Chauntress Of Skye Top B4-Jan-1967
Am.,Can. Ch. Chorister Of Skye Top Clyde D4-Jan-1967
Ch. Fernbank Artorius D5-Jan-1967
Ch. Fernbank Brys D5-Jan-1967
Ch. Fernbank Flavian D5-Jan-1967
Ch. Shagrag Meshag Homer D11-Mar-1967
Ch. Bardill's Black Mojo D15-Apr-1967
Bardill's Cindy CD B24-May-1967
Ch. Adriucha Intuitive B4-Jul-1967
Ch. Adriucha Katrine Kelpie Katie B8-Sep-1967
Ch. Adriucha Kings Knight D8-Sep-1967
Adriucha Lady Luck Lucky B1968
Buckingham Wagtail '65 B1968
Dumfriesshire Jacobite '68 D1968
Dumfriesshire Jangle '68 B1968
Dumfriesshire Jasmine '68 B1968
Dumfriesshire Jaunty '68 B1968
Dumfriesshire Joyful '68 B1968
Kendal Ajax '68 D1968
Kendal Comely '68 B1968
Kendal Comrade '68 D1968
Kendal Countess '68 B1968
Kendal Melton '68 D1968
Kendal Memory '68 B1968
Kendal Merriment '68 B1968
Kendal Poetry '68 B1968
Kendal Positive '68 B1968
Kendal Wanderer '68 D1968
Kendal Warlock '68 D1968
Kendal Watchful '68 D1968
Ch. Bardill's Delilah B4-May-1968
Adriucha Master Marker D15-Jun-1968
Ch. Adriucha Mohawk Menace Eeyore D15-Jun-1968
Ch. Defender Of Skye Top D21-Jun-1968
Ch. Destiny Of Skye Top Rascal B21-Jun-1968
Ch. Dulciana Of Skye Top Dulcie B21-Jun-1968
Ch. Duncan Of Skye Top D21-Jun-1968
Shagrag Maxi Of Audubon CD B24-Jun-1968
Fernbank Clamorous D7-Nov-1968
Am.,Can.,Mex.,Int. Ch. Fernbank Madrigal Maddie B7-Nov-1968
Ch. Bardill's Eleanor's Star Lady B17-Nov-1968
Buckingham Warrior '69 D1969
Buckingham Wenlock '69 D1969
Kendal Bellman '69 D1969
Kendal Dalesman '69 D1969
Kendal Damsel '69 B1969
Dumfriesshire Talisman '69 D14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Tangle '69 B14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Taurus '69 D14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Tester '69 D14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Thistle '69 B14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Thruster '69 D14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Tomboy '69 D14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Traceable '69 B14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Tracker '69 D14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Travesty '69 B14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Trawler '69 D14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Trooper '69 D14-Mar-1969
Dumfriesshire Tuneful '69 B14-Mar-1969
Am.,Can. Ch. Nirvana's Chaunter O' Skye Top D26-Apr-1969
Am.,Can. Ch. Beltane's Count Tareyton D14-May-1969
Rinjan's Canterbury Belle Betsy B14-May-1969
Ch. Rinjan's Charity B14-May-1969
Enid Of Skye Top B22-May-1969
Escort Of Skye Top D22-May-1969
Ch. Esperance Of Skye Top B22-May-1969
Ch. Eureka Of Skye Top B22-May-1969
Adriucha Zola's Pirate D9-Oct-1969
Adriucha Zola's Priza UD B9-Oct-1969 [photo]
Bellhound's Blitzen Sigor D19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Comet B19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Cupid Toony B19-Dec-1969
Can. Ch. Bellhound's Dancer Dancer D19-Dec-1969 [photo]
Bellhound's Dasher B19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Prancer D19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Rudolph Rudy D19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Vixen Baldy B19-Dec-1969
Ch. Andel Camelot D26-Dec-1969
Ch. Andel George Scot Stuart D26-Dec-1969 [photo]
Andel Hope B26-Dec-1969
Andel Judd Webfoot D26-Dec-1969
Ch. Andel Patience B26-Dec-1969

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