Clipped Otterhounds

Otterhounds "Exposed" - What's under all that hair?

Some of the Otterhounds pictured here are rescues, some have been clipped
because they have skin problems or soft coats that matt easily. Most are pets,
but a couple are retired show dogs. If you're trying to identify a shelter dog,
NOTE that though most of these dogs are not show dogs, these are still big
dogs, with big heads, a lot of muzzle, long ears, large boned legs and big feet!

Small male, clipped short all over due to allergies

[Photo] [Photo]
Not clipped as short, but note the length and set of ear
On right, same dog before being clipped

Young bitch, but still not a small animal - clipped medium short

Body clipped short - note that there is still a substantial body

OH head with a "Schnauzer" clip, with hair on ears clipped very short -
note the ear length and how low set they are!

Young bitch, check out those ears - and that's with the hair removed...

Older (and overweight) bitch - note size of head and length of muzzle