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    The Hall of Fame of the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, Inc., honors Flat-Coated Retrievers that have achieved extraordinary success in their chosen fields, and at the same time have proven that they reflect the dual purpose nature of the breed. Inherent in the requirements for admission to the Hall of Fame is the intention to foster the historical concept of the Flat-Coated Retriever as a dual purpose dog and to see this exhibited in each individual dog.

FCRSA Hall of Fame Dogs


  • Am/Can CH Amani's Hunter Eclipse UD JH NA WCX
  • CH Artic Sun's Northern Exposure UDX TD OA WC
  • CH Fancy's Spice Of Life UD TDX OA NAJ WC Can CD
  • CH Grousemoor Slam Dunk UD JH AX WC
  • Hillbrook Madam Winsorley UD SH MX AXJ WCX CGC
  • CH Hy-Tymes Virginia Reel CDX SH AX WCX
  • CH Katoc Black Walnut Argus CDX MH OA WCX
  • CH Mshinda Wa Amani CD MH AX OAJ WCX
  • Am/Mex/Int'l CH Patero's Prime Folly UD JH WCX WR TT CGC
  • CH Renaissance Mystic Music CDX JH MX WCX Can CD JH
  • BIS CH Rockyhill's Ropin' The Wynd WC
  • CH Twin Oaks Springin In The Rain CDX MX AJX WC
  • CH Windfall's Expensive Gamble CDX MH WCX**
  • HR Woodsong's Emperor CDX TDX SH NA NAJ WCX


  • CH Amani's Windfall Magic, CD MH WCX ***
  • U-CD Am./Can. CH Beaverun's Triple Crown, JH OA WCX Am. /Can. UDT Can. WC
  • CH Bolingbroke Rookie of the Yr, UD SH NA WCX
  • CH OTCH Destiny's Good Luck Charm, UDX NA WC
  • CH Flyway Air Tracker, UDX JH WCX
  • Am./Can. BIS Can. BISS Am./Can. CH Foxvue's Barque Drifter Bear, Am./Can. CDX WC CGC
  • CH Grousemoor Wish Upon A Star, OA, JH, WC
  • CH Hy-Tymes Victory Peter Pan, CDX MH OA WCX
  • CH Katoc Black Walnut Boreas, CDX MH NA WCX
  • CH Savvy's Cosmic Castaway, CD JH MX WCX
  • CH U-CD, HRCH Wingmaster Bertschire Phoenix, UD TD SH WCX CGC


  • Ch. Athercroft Mojo Man, CDX SH CGC WCX
  • Ch. Fancy's Hope For The Future, UDTX NA WCX Can. UDT
  • Ch. Grousemoor Putin On The Ritz, UD JH AX WC
  • Harmony's Black Sox Scandal, UDX SH WCX
  • Ch. Hy-Tymes Even Keel, UD TD JH OA WCX
  • Am/Can Ch Can OTCH Onyx Dark Secret UD JH OA WC CGC
  • Ch. SR U-AG1 Whisper Winds Always Harmony, UD TD SH NA WCX CGC TDI Can. CD WCI


  • CH Bedivere Knight of LaDeJa, CDX, TDX, WCX
  • Ch. Bertschire s Full Spectrum, UDX TD JH WC CGC
  • AM/CAN CH Fancy's Trademark, UD TDX JH WCX CAN UDT
  • CH Grousemoor Blue Skies, CDX, TD, MH WCX
  • CH U-UD Grousemoor Crown Jewel, UDTX JH NA WC CAN/S-UD TT TDI CGC
  • AM/CAN CH Grousemoor Daly Double, UD TDX JH WCX
  • AM/CAN CH Just A Little Bitta Fancy, AM/CAN UDTX, AM WC
  • AM/CAN CH Petersfield Tjs' Hunter, JH, WC
  • CH Windfall's Cag Capt Maverick, UDX, SH, WCX
  • CH Windfall's Charisma, CDX, MH, WCX***
  • CH Windfall's Morning Star, CDX, MH, WCX


  • CH Bolingbroke Darth Vader, UD, TD, MH, WCX, CAN CD
  • CH Quillquest Express, CDX, SH, WCX, CGC, CAN WC
  • Windfall's UFO, UD, SH, WCX
  • AM/CAN CH Wingmaster's Wingover Coot, CD, MH


  • BIS AM/MEX/INTL CH Folly of Hunter's Tor, WC
  • CH Harmony Jade of Tealsnest, UD, SH, WCX, CGC
  • CH Harmony Obsidian Of Bandusia, CDX, MH, WCX
  • CH Hy-Tymes Ulysses S. Grant, UD, MH, WCX
  • CH OTCH Tealsnest Nite N'Gale, TD, JH, WCX, CAN CDX
  • BISS CH Twin Oaks Tsar Nicholas, CD, MH


  • AM/CAN CH Grousemoor Talisman, UDTX, JH, WC, CAN UD
  • CH Marquin's Hodi, UD, MH, WCX, CAN CDX, WC
  • CH Spring Valley Moonstone, UD, MH, WCX


  • AM/CAN CH Bertschire's Jesse James, CD, JH, WCX, SHR
  • BISS CH Grousemoor Northern Song, CDX, TDX, SH, WCX
  • AM/CAN CH U-UD Grousemoor Periwinkle, UD, TDX, OA, SH, WCX, CAN UDT WCX
  • AM/CAN CH OTCH U-CD Grousemoor Some Like it Hot,TD, WC
  • CH SpringValley Skyflier, UD, MH, WCX


  • CH Quillquest Orpheus, UDTX, JH, WCX
  • AM/BAH CH Wingmaster Angelic Destiny, CD, SH, WCX
  • AM/BAH/CAN CH Destiny One Gun Salute, CDX, WCX,CAN/BAH CD, VB, AD


  • CH Bertschire's Cotswold Chaos, CD, TD, JH, WCX
  • CH Hardscrabble Wingover Zip, CDX, MH, WCX
  • CH OTCH Hob-B's Knite Ryder, MH , WCX
  • CH Windfall's Profit, UD , MH, WCX***


  • AM/CAN CH Raven Maniac O'Ebonwylde, CDX, JH, WCX
  • AM/MEX CH Tealsnest Topsail Trover, UD, JH, WCX,MEX PCE
  • AM/CAN CH Torwood Peerless, AM/CAN CDX, JH, WCX


    No Inductees


  • BIS CH Athercroft Blac Is Beautiful
  • AM/CAN CH Athercroft's Blac Jack
  • BISS CH Curlee Hill Jackie O Foxvue, UD , WCX
  • AFC CH Jon-Lee's Spring Valley Atari
  • CH Midnight Star Julius, CD, WC
  • CH OTCH Twin Oaks Double Exposure, WC


  • OTCH AM/MEX CH Berncroft Branta, UD, WC, MEX. PC
  • CH CFC CAFC Curlee Hill Blac Pacinco, CD WCX**
  • BIS AM/BAH/CAN CH Destiny Alias Corrigan, CDX, TD, WCX,CAN CD, VB, AD
  • AM/BDA/CAN CH Mantayo Bo James Bolingbroke,AM/CAN CDX, BDA CD, WC
  • BISS CH Spring Valley Riparian, CDX, WC
  • CH Wingmaster's Bella Beauvoir, UD, MH , WCX***

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