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Table of ContentsFlat-Coated Retriever Health Manual


Dr. Thomas J. Burke, Professor of Small Animal Medicine, University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine. For review of manual. Co-author of clinical pathology section.

FCRSA Sharon Myers Health Committee:

Doris Ehret, Chairperson
David Bunde
Colleen DeVore
Mary Jo Gallagher
Kim Holmes
Cheryl Kistner
Tanya Roche
Trustees: Mary Young, Ph.D., Linda Randall, D.V. M.

The family of Sharon Myers

Dr. Guillermo Couto, Ohio State University. For cancer article.

Dr. Clyde Dunphey

Mrs. Kathy Dunphey
Dr. Larry Glickman, Purdue University. For Bloat Notes.
Dr. Ann Johnson
Dr. Barbara Kitchell
Dr. Raymond Nachreiner, Michigan State University. For advice on hypothyroidism.
Dr. George Padgett, Michigan State University. For permission to reprint articles.
Karen Peterson, FCRSA member. For editorial assistance.
Claire Redditt, Cairn Terrier Club of America. For inspiration and encouragement.
Cairn Terrier Club of America. For genetic terms glossary.
Dr. Jane Schumann
Dr. Margaret Slater, Texas A & M University. For work on 1997 FCRSA Health Survey.
Dr. C. W. Smith
Dr. Phil Solter
Dr. Craig Stevenson, Sandwich Veterinary Hospital, Sandwich, IL. For use of veterinary textbooks and educational materials.
John Tomocheck, Texas A & M University. For work on 1997 FCRSA Health Survey. Jennie Willis. For permission to reprint article.
Dr. James Winsor, Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital, Inver Grove Heights, MN. For review of ear infection article.
Dr. Jerome Zeleny, Laraway Animal Hospital, Frankfort, IL. For use of veterinary textbooks and advice.

Ann Priddy and Doris Ehret for cover design and artwork

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