Veterinary Articles

Nocardia Infections in Bird Dogs
By Dr. Pat McInteer & Dr. Jim Mills & others

Actinomycosis/Nocardiosis Infections & Treatment
By Dr. Pat McInteer & Dr. Jim Mills
(from The Flushing Whip)

Actinomyces & Nocardia
by Fran Savage, DVM

Nocardia & Actinomyces
by Paul Dean, DVM & Roger Sifferman, DVM

The Grass Awn Project
to protect our dogs

by Marilynne & Clem Little

Canine Brucellosis
by Cornell Research Laboratory

Demodectic Mange
by Dan Nichols

Mycoplasma and Infertility
by Dennis Jordan, DVM

Penn Hip vs OFA
by Gordon Theilen, DVM

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Other Articles

Animal CPR

How To Release Your Dog From A Conibear Trap

Marvin D. Nelson, Jr. Memorial Fund
for Studies of Brittany Health & Genetic Research

Brittany DNA Sample Collection
by Gordon Theilen, DVM

International Genetics Conference
by Gordon Theilen, DVM

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