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Nominating a dog for the ABC Futurity
by Judy Robin
The American Brittany Club Futurities are Field Stakes and Shows established to showcase the breeding programs of Brittany breeders throughout the Country.

Brittany Breeders, who must be members of the ABC, nominate their litters with the Futurity Nomination Secretary within 30 days of whelping. The nomination application is available in the American Brittany Magazine, and can also be downloaded on the ABC website. Puppies from a nominated litter are then eligible to compete in the Field, and Show Futurities held in the year that they turn 2 years old, provided a final forfeit fee has been paid by the owner.

Example: A puppy born in 2006, it would be eligible to run/show in 2008.

The Final Forfeit/Running Secretary will supply Breeders with the paperwork and instructions for the new puppy owners so that they can pay the Final Forfeit. It is the breeder’s responsibility to insure that owners receive this paperwork before the October 1st deadline of the Final Forfeit.

Owners will have the option of competing in 1, 2, or all 3 Regional Futurities (East, Central & West). Once the final forfeit(s) have been paid, the Final Forfeit/Running Secretary will mail an entry form for the appropriate Regional Futurity Field/Show events.
The ABC Futurity
by Ella Conable
The American Brittany Club Futurity - a breeders stake - was started as a field event in the late 1940's. Those who were breeding bitches and wished to participate in the first trial, paid a forfeit on bitches bred after October 30, 1946. An additional forfeit was due when the puppies were whelped in 1947. The following summer (August 1948) an individual nomination was due on any pups the owners deemed were of a quality to compete in the stake. A final fee was due on those same pups just before the stake was run. After expenses were deducted, the monies were divided among the four placing dogs with 2/3 of the purse going to the owners of the winners and 1/3 going to the breeders. The first stake was held near Detroit and run in September, before the trial season began. Peg B of Loufel, owned, bred and handled by Lucien Ufford was the winner. The next couple of years the Futurity was held at Crab Orchard, IL, in conjunction with the Illinois Brittany Club's fall trial. In 1951 it was again at Crab Orchard, but this time as part of the Nationals, where it remained (except for the 1967 Futurity) until 1974. The Futurity was strictly a field event until 1963 when Ann White inaugurated the Bench Futurity. In this event, the dogs are separated by sex into three age brackets; senior, intermediate and junior. The three class winners compete for first place; a reserve winner (second money) and a second reserve (third money) are chose in each sex. First place dog and bitch compete for the two top money spots; Best in Futurity and Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Futurity. The forfeits for the bench futurity are paid in the same manner as the field forfeits. Doc's Shotgun Popper, owned by Dr. John Schuckert, won Best in Futurity at the inaugural event. Best of Opposite Sex went to Holley Haven Marty Star. The show was judged by Jerome Halle who had also judged the first ABC Specialty Show. With the addition of a bench futurity, a Dual Award was also offered in 1963.  It was to be given to the dog who placed in the field and either placed in the show against competition or was a champion at the time of the show. The first Dual Award went to Pinoak Sue owned by Dave and Mable Olund in 1963.

When the Bench Futurity began, breeders had the option of nominating their litter for either field, bench or both. In 1967 the Futurity rules were changed so that a litter nomination covered both field and bench and the choice was made by the owner at the time of the final forfeit. At about this same time, the ABC was being pressured by the AKC to make the Futurities AKC Sanctioned events. This would have had little impact on the Bench Futurity other than requiring that Futurity entries also be entered in a regular class in the Specialty Show. The Field Futurity presented a bigger problem in that it allowed the running of bitches in season, unheard of in AKC trials at that time. When it became apparent that conditions at Crab Orchard were making the running of the Nationals increasingly difficult, and with little hope of improvement, the Lake Murray Grounds at Ardmore were offered as one alternative. As a way of "checking them out" the Board of Directors voted to hold the 1967 Futurity in the Spring of 1968. At the Board Meeting held at Ardmore in February, 1968 the problems of AKC sanctioning were discussed and the Board voted to limit all participation in the Futurities to ABC members and their immediate families.

With a few simple rules and only the couple of changes mentioned earlier, the futurity prospered. The number of litters nominated, the individual forfeits paid and the number of starters increased during the 50's and 60's. Four of the five years from 1968 through 1972 saw entries between 102 and 129. In 1973, the first major change was made effective with the 1974 running; the futurity would be split off from the Nationals and run as three sectional events. The Eastern would encompass the East Coast and East Central Regions; the Central would be held within the Central and Midwest Regions and the Western in the West coast Region. Dogs from eligible litters could be enrolled in any or all of the Sectional Futurities at the time the final forfeit was paid. Initially the sectional futurities were kept as Fall trials, but over the years they have moved to the Spring of the year following. During the early years of the split, entries in the 50-60 range were common and the Central very often drew 70-80 dogs. In the recent past, an entry of 40 is on the high end of the scale.

In the last few years, the ABC Board has made other major changes to the Futurity program, including a National Futurity Run-off (both field and show) for Sectional winners and additional qualifying participants; adopting a "Standard of Performance"; accepting full year nominations (breeding dates October 30 through October 29; whelping dates the full calendar year following, i.e., January 1 through December 31); the addition of an individual forfeit "late penalty" and the elimination of Champions from the Dual Award point schedule.

In 1996 the Futurity Committee was asked to outline recommendations for the addition of a Gun Dog Futurity to accompany the All Age Futurity. The committee report was submitted to the ABC Board at the 1997 meeting. They approved the Gun Dog Futurity under these rules; to be run in conjunction with the All Age futurity and Bench Futurity. Judged on Gun Dog Standards and to be foot handled. It can be run consecutively or concurrently, at the host club's discretion. The July forfeit could be paid for either All Age or Gun Dog or both. At the time of running, those that paid both field forfeits had to make the choice between All Age or Gun Dog as no dog could participate in both events at the same sectional futurity. The Gun Dog Futurity would have its run-off in conjunction with the Gun Dog Nationals. The first class of Gun Dog Futurities ran in the spring of 2000 with the run-off held at the May ABC Gun Dog Nationals. 

ABC Regional Futurity Winners

Field Winners
1990 Central Ginger’s Blazing Bandit b: S Hoven o: W/J Barker
Eastern Tomar’s Johnny Reb b: T/M Cullen o: T/M Cullen
Western Microdot b: J Brooks o: W Oliver
1991 Central Kolicko’s King Kay Cee b: P S D’Arcy o: S?Kolicko
Eastern Vanpo’s CC b: D/D Lincoln o: R Lisius
Western Grandview’s Rowdy b: o:
1992 Central Louis Britt D’Orr b: o: B Clymer
Eastern Linvel’s Apple Jack b: F Srawson o: L/L Starner
Western Greydawn’s Little Girl b: B/L Lanham o: S Grey
1993 Central Renegade’s Red Jester b: o: D/K Healey
Eastern Rusty Rat b: B Tate o: M Greenlee
Western M.C. Kelsey O’Dee b: C/M Sherer o: C/M Sherer
1994 Central Gamblers Ace In The Hole b: W/K Schreiber o: E/D Janulis
Eastern Gamblers Ace In The Hole b: W/K Schreiber o: E/D Janulis
Western Summer Son b: R Shipley o: E Dixon
1995 Central Hill’s Just Judd b: E/L York o: J Pratt
Eastern Linvel’s Frisco de Britt b: o: K Vagt
Western I M A Runnin’ Bandit b: J/M Jessen o: C Lewis
1996 Central Poki-Dot b: D/D Lincoln o: J/M Floyd
Eastern Windagail’s Last Trade b: J Clark o: R Harling
Western Cross Circle ‘Nuff Said b: F Kewell III o: A Gripshover
1997 Central Locar’s Double Or Nothing b: P/L Carney o: R Handy
Eastern Breeze County Clyde b: S Rollyson o: A Dahl
Western Hanging Jaze Howlalewya b: N Fulton o: J/J Schroder
1998 Central Bar None’s Traveler b: P Pratt o: J/P Pratt
Eastern Buck’s Amigo Red b: F/C Boccanfuso o: F/C Boccanfuso
Western Julry’s Platinum Plus b: J Baumann o: L/J Johnson
1999 Central Tee-Bone b: D/D Lincoln o: D Lincoln
Eastern Triple Creek Blazin Hot Jilly b: G Sackett o: T Oakley
Western Sam’s Blaze’n Turbo b: o: S/C Wright

All Age Winners
2000 Western Tequila Joker’s Jose Cuervo b: M/C Little o: J Brockbank
Central J.W.’s Diz Is It b: J/H Wilbanks o: J/H Wilbanks
Eastern Bet’n She’ll Fly b: R Gulembo o: C Orange
2001 Central Breton’s Blazin Tough Co-Dee b: G Theilen o: S Ralph
Eastern Ortho Acres Booker T b: M/C Little o: J Kozlowski
Western Shay-Dee Jake b: P/P Doiron o: D/P Ball
2002 Central Tequila Dynamite b: M/V Rittner o: M/V Rittner
Eastern Clyde’s Micro Breeze b: A Dahl o: G Mayhew
Western Shady’s Tia Maria b: C/M Little o: C/M Little
2003 Central Country Road’s Rough Rider b: K Stout o: K Stout
Eastern Holliewood Bruiser b: B Szymanek o: B Szymanek
Western Lundy’s Dakota b: J Barber o: D Lundy
2004 Central Dixieland Magic b: J/M Floyd o: A/M Regelbrugge & R Pierce
Eastern DeLane R American Fly Girl b: D/W Hempfield o: D/W Hempfield
Western Rocking RM Hanging J's Big Gun b: S/R Kolicko o: E/L Dixon
2005 Central Rocklan’s Whizzle Stop b: J/M Sauer b: J/M Sauer
Eastern Celebration's Two of Hearts b: P Baird o: P/P Katzel
Western Mega Chip b: T White & M Horstmeyer o: T White & M Horstmeyer
2006 Central Denlor's Gladiator Tipper b: D McClary o: D/L McClary
Eastern Sargent's Tennessee Traveler b: S Sargent o: S Sargent & S Tubach
Western Mega Smoke Limited Edition b: T White & M Horstmeyer o: T White & M Horstmeyer
2007 Central Rocklan Misty's Allie-T-Bear b: J/M Sauer b: M Lager
Eastern Rocklan Misty's Allie-T-Bear b: J/M Sauer b: M Lager
Western Breton's Heart of Gold b: G/C Theilen o: J Bevier
2008 Central Gladiator's Tuck-N-Roll b: D McClary o: D/L McClary
Eastern Diamond Hill Dangerous Man b: R/C Krohn o: P/L Pollock
Western MVP's Redline's High Octain b: K Nelsen o: K Nelsen
2009 Central Cast-A-Britt Micro Sammie b: J Hoskins o: K/J Windom
Eastern Sigbrit's Lost Gem b: B Sigmund o: B Sigmund
Western Rocklan's Smart Alex Kid b: M/J Sauer o: C/R Miller
2010 Central Blueridge Hunter Gonna Fly b: D Downing & L Wilder o: S Frost
Eastern Georgia's Texas Two Step b: J/L Berkowitz o: T/C Tangen
Western Midas Smoke's A Blazin' b: D Shores o: M Ambre
2011 Central Wimberley Rowdy Bo-Dandy b: K/L Stonehouse o: J/G Gay
Eastern High Hope's Big Gamble b: A/C Cropeck o: D/A Riedl
Western Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid b: S Cosgrave o: J Gower
2012 Central JJ's Alibaster Angel b: C Crum o: J Williams & J Ro
Eastern Diamond Hill Work Hard Play Harder b: P/L Pollock o: P/L Pollock
Western Ory's Doc Holiday b: A Henessey o: J/J Ory
2013 Central Sniksoh Little Diamond b: B Cockrum o: T/J Wonderling
Eastern Kinwashkly Midnight Rambler b: J Miller o: J Miller
Western Zip's Count Me In b: P Van De Coevering o: P Van De Coevering
2014 Central

Gun Dog Winners
2000 Central Shady’s Whizan Pete b: C/M Little o: W Buske
Eastern Misty Morning Allthatcounts b: B/J Orr o: F Poniatowski
Western Redlines Tequila Smoker b: L Faimon o: B/C Leffingwell
2001 Central Bantam’s Never Say Never b: D Hedstrom o: D Hedstrom
Eastern Ammo’s Uzi b: G/S Leavens o: G/S Leavens
Western Shiloh’s Blazin Mad About You b: P/P Doiron o: P Peterson
2002 Central Sam Hill’s Flyaway Jack Jr. b: S/R Thompson o: S/R Thompson
Eastern Keili’s Star Sapphire b: S Drazek o: S Drazek
Western Rustyridge Bookers Lst Fling b: C/J Kilpatrick o: C/J Kilpatrick
2003 Central Eleets Colorado Blue b: D/D Lincoln o: J Steele
Eastern Lane’s End Nick of Time b: T/J Robin o: T/J Robin
Western Chalcedony’s Jasper b: R Barranger o: R Barranger
2004 Central Clyde's Eleets Sassy Kate b: K/S Remmers o: Jeff Steele
Eastern Delane-Rowdee's Ultimate Reign b: D/W Hempfield o: D/W Hempfield
Western Kelly Canyon Cruiser b: P/P Doiron o: P/P Doiron
2005 Central Rusty Ridge WhooRey b: C/J Kilpatrick o: C/J Kilpatrick
Eastern Lane's End Frozen Asset b: T/J Robin o: T/J Robin
Western Wolram's Chukartown Ike b: S Marlow o: G Drake & S Marlow
2006 Central Sigbrit's Catch Me Now b: B/M Sigmund o: B Sigmund
Western Spring Hill Poncho Del Prado b: S Lehosky o: S/M Lauterbach
Western MVP Shiloh Tough Act To Follow b: K Nelsen o: K Nelsen
2007 Central Ammo's Bugle Boy b: S/G Leavens o: P/J McCarthy & S Leavens
Eastern Sniksoh Sally b: J Hoskins o: P/L Corlew
Western Wholly Smoke b: W/C Leffingwell o: C/J Cape
2008 Central Chip's Tailgate Rendezvous b: E/C Gust o: M Poehler
Eastern Marjos Irish Ledgend b: T Quinn o: T Quinn
Western Here We Go Again b: J Schmoldt o: W Hale
2009 Central Rico's Hi Proof Bootlegger b: P Rosevear o: C/M Schaefer
Eastern Ammo's Some Like It Hot b: S/G Leavens o: S/G Leavens
Western NNV Rebel's Blazn Lil' Miss Fire b: A/M Ashton o: N/Y Shanto
2010 Central Shadows In A Twist b: J Carlson o: J Carlson
Eastern Rosie The Terror b: P/L Corlew o: M Maiale
Western Mikey's Spice Girl b: H Horstmeyer & T White o: J/C Cape
2011 Central High Hope's Big Gamble b: A/C Cropeck o: D/A Riedl
Eastern Finn MacCuhal b: Fred Strawson o: William Gorman
Western Firestorm's Mega Chip of Smoke b: M/K Nunez & M Millette o: M/K Nunez
2012 Central Popeye La Belle b: G Kucsma b: G Kucsma
Eastern Sigbrit's Rattle My Cage b: B Sigmund o: B Sigmund
Western Megasmoke Moon Chip b: L Langford o: L Langford
2013 Central Wrigley's Bodemeister b: J/G Hopper o: B/P Steinmetz
Eastern Sigbrit's She's A Lady b: B Sigmund o: B Sigmund
Western Hideaway Red's Grace Under Fire b: R/D Borine o: C Staley
2014 Central

Show Winners
1990 Central Auten’s Tres Belle Tammy b: R/C Auten o: B/J Mathews
Eastern Restless Wings Tiki Wise Guy b: C De Maria o: D Saunders
Western Jordean’s Night On The Town b: L Sorenson o: L Sorenson
1991 Central Jordean All Kiddin’ Aside b: D/A Jordan o: D/A Jordan
Eastern Jordean All Kiddin’ Aside b: D/A Jordan o: D/A Jordan
Western Jordean All Kiddin’ Aside b: D/A Jordan o: D/A Jordan
1992 Central Rolyart’s Smart Remarque b: Traylor & Ford o: Traylor & Ford
Eastern Jaci’s Center Attraction b: Leonard & Bjork o: P John
Western Sunnyvale Point of Interest b: J Henderson o: T Christensen
1993 Central Requet’s Riverglen Cricket b: D Requet o: M L Smith
Eastern Upland Acres Prairie Smoke b: T Burroughs o: T Burroughs
Western Richway’s Coco Brown Fantasia b: R/R Richway o: Richway & Brown
1994 Central Jordean New Kid In Town b: Sorenson & Jordan o: S/M Kahan
Eastern Ridona-Kobrae Bushwhacker b: Rigas & Anderson o: E/J Anderson
Western Knollbrook’s Peg O My Hart b: Stewart & Newcombe o: B Van Gorder
1995 Central Aimee With Her Best Shot b: C Anderson o: T/M Selnes
Eastern Hill’s Shadow Dancer b: o:
Western LC’s High Flying Peter Pan b: L/C Washburn o: L/C Washburn
1996 Central Jordean Aces High b: A/D Jordan o: Archuletta & Jordan
Eastern J&R’s Tazmanian Devil b: J A Godin o: J/G Godin
Western Rodeo’s Lucky Lady b: R Wagner Jr. o: Skibyak/Wagner
1997 Central Rolyart’s Marque My Words b: Traylor & Ford o: Traylor/Ford
Eastern J-Dor’s Bright Horizons b: J/D Rendleman o: J/D Rendleman
Western Kobrae American Rose b: J Anderson-Webber o: J Anderson-Webber
1998 Central Godabe Dakota Blaze b: Renius & Gonzales o: D/B Gonzales
Eastern Loki’s Mischief In The Night b: Schmeider & Togneri o: G/N Schmeider
Eastern Mt’s View High Chaparral b: Breininger & Schaeffer o: Breininger & Schaeffer
1998 Western Knollbrook’s Tom Sawyer b: R Stewart o: Boone & Stewart
Central Traillour’s Brass Monkey b: Traylor & Ford & Sexton o: S Traylor
Western Splashes Country Debut b: Archuletta-Cressler o: Archuletta-Cressler
2000 Central Ridona-Kobrae High Lilly b: Rigas & Anderson o: J Anderson-Webber
Eastern Jacque’s Little Debbie b: T Jagielski o: W Clarke
Western Wyngold’s Kissin’ Kate b: G Coats o: G Coats
2001 Central Sanbar’s Curtain Call b: P West o: P West
Eastern Mt View’s Hollywood Hit b: P Schlater o: Ortelli & Breininger
Western Castle On A Cloud b: IJ/BJ Castillo o: Rosen & Castillo
2002 Central Mt View’s Halftime Attraction b: Breininger & Saranchek & Gulycz o: M/L/J Walker
Eastern Mt View’s Halftime Attraction b: Breininger & Saranchek & Gulycz o: M/L/J Walker
Western Loki’s Storm In The Night b: N/G Schmieder o: Avedissian & Schmeider
2003 Central Country Road’s Rough Rider b: K Stout o: K Stout
Eastern Sanbar Call Her Unforgetable b: P West o: P West
Western Sovereign’s Architect’s Code b: D/J Droel o: J Carlson & D Droel
2004 Central RJ's Talk Of The Town b: R/J Wire o: L/T Hilliard
Eastern RJ's Talk Of The Town b: R/J Wire o: L/T Hilliard
Western Lone Oak's Sovereign Delta b: D/J Droel o: B/R Bemis
2005 Central Rao’s At Liberty b: B Rao o: B Rao
Eastern Tonan - Hope's Rockin The Boat b: N Morabito & V Hamilton o: D Tighe & N Morabito & V Hamilton
Western Almaden's River Of Shadows b: F/S Larsen o: F/S Larsen & J Carlson
2006 Central LR's Little Devil b: L/T Hilliard o: B/T Hilliard
Eastern Scirocco Del Prado b: S/J Sargent O: L/D Casselberry & S Sargent
Western Sanbar's Mustang Evening Attire b: L/B Blanton o: P/R West
2007 Central Rao's Mr. Bo Jangles b: B Rao & A Lane b: B Rao & A Lane & J/K Berg
Eastern Hope's Dream Weaver b: o: K Pillion & D Tighe
Western Sanbar Castle Built On Legends b: o: B West
2008 Central VEM Call Me Sassie Sue V/N Manifold & K Stout o: G/V/N Manifold
Eastern Diamond Hill Dangerous Man b: R/C Krohn o: P/L Pollock
Western RJ's Kiss Me Kate b: J/R Wire o: J/R Wire
2009 Central Shelttany Against All Odds b: C/S Luxton & E Doucette o: R Tomasi & B Dayton
Eastern Ginjac Illusion Of Brookewood b: C Miller & H Huber o: G/J Currier
Western Shelttany Against All Odds b: C/S Luxton & E Doucette o: R Tomasi & B Dayton
2010 Central Copley Ain’t Love Grand b: R Tomasi & A Finley & B Dayton o: S Grummit
Eastern May-Jay's Point My Way b: D Rudert o: D Rudert
Western Serendipity's Northern Sky b: A Findlay o: A Findlay
2011 Central Castle Star Spangled Banner b: I/B Castillo o: R/C Perez
Eastern Shamrock's Rival's Easy Rider b: B/B/M/O Rosener & V Dombrowski o: E/S Riester & B/M Rosener
Western Millette's Wonder Woman b: B/M Millette & C Dugan o: B/M Millette
2012 Central Hybrittin's After Midnight b: A/J Cohen o: A/J Cohen
Eastern Wild Mtn's When You Are Hot You're Hot b: H Riggle o: H Riggle & S Stahle
Western Powder Rivers Lights Of Paris b: K Tye & C Krajcar o: K Tye & C Krajcar
2013 Central Libertie-Copley More Mimosa? b: R Tomasi, B Dayton, A Findlay & E Fuzette o: E Fuzette, R Tomasi, B Dayton & K Hanson
Eastern Hill's-Flashfire's Sparklin Gem b: D/L Boyatzi & J Bjork o: E Davidson & D Hill
Western Libertie-Copley More Mimosa? b: R Tomasi, B Dayton, A Findlay & E Fuzette o: E Fuzette, R Tomasi, B Dayton & K Hanson
2014 Central

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