2016 ABC Show Dog of the Year
Rankings based on dogs defeated in breed competition at AKC dog shows.
Points tabulated through April 30, 2016

- GCHG CH Dream Hi's Don'T Hate The Player Hate The Game T Rickard/L Rickard 319
1 GCHG CH Brigadier's Lightning Strikes Twice M Lee/J Lee 243
2 GCHB CH Hope's Exceeding The Speed Limit UD N Hewitt/D Tighe 213
- GCHP CH Rainbow Splash's Ruggedly Handsome C Douglas/J Andras/A Andras/K Hogan/A Co 126
3 GCHS CH Big Oaks Mamma Mia's Star Sophia B Brannan 115
4 GCHB CH Big Oaks Delta Sunkist By Credit L Brown/P Booth/A Booth 94
5 GCHB CH Get A Bird All In One Miracle JH M O'Donnell/L O'Donnell 92
- GCHB CH Sunquest Star Vue's Special Edition L Hartnek/M Barwick/K Barwick 92
- GCHG CH Carrollton's Majestic Emerald G Stern/L Martin/J Huang/G Hartman 73
6 GCHB CH Star Flight Frankly My Dear RN CGC J Ceres 59
- GCHB CH Tonan-Magicbrit In The Leather S Malloy/S Harris 58
7 GCHB CH Wild Mtn's When You Are Hot You'Re Hot! H Riggle/S Stahle 57
8 GCHG CH MACH2 Brookewood's Just Too Hot UD RE MXG MJG MX E Drazek/C Miller 41
9 GCH CH Big Oaks Give Em The Tour E Alsabrook/L Brown 37
10 GCH CH Rocklan's Sequins 'N Lace G Daily/C Daily 37
11 GCHB CH Sanbar's Standing Ovation R West/P West/C West 36
- GCH CH Trimphant At Ridgeview Farm L Thomas/W Thomas 35
- GCH CH Marsport Winston Churchill S Timm/K Williams 34
12 CH Tequila's Red Corvette JH J Carlson/D Droel 32
13 GCHB CH Windfalls I Put U Under My Luv Spell J Campbell/C Cavaco 31

Dogs listed meet current requirements for DOY program. If you feel this is incorrect, plese check with the ABC membership data chairman to verify all the owners of the dog are current members of the ABC in accordance with ABC DOY rules.All owners of a dog must be current members (full or associates) of the American Brittany Club. (Please note: the associate membership is only available to individuals who reside in the same household as a current full member. Also, Associate Memberships do not include voting privileges in club matters.)

*based on AKC Top Dogs By Breed report based on breed competition. In the case of a tie, a dog with the most Best in Specialty wins at ABC Regional Club Specialties will be awarded DOY.

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