2016 ABC MACH Agility Dog of the Year
through December 9, 2016

RankBrittanyOwnersTotal PointsTotal Dbl QsScore
1 GCH CH MACH11 Rustins Jeweler's Apprentice JH MXB4 MJS4 MXF T2B3 A Schilling/C Driscoll 2,814 60 3,414
2 GCH CH MACH5 Credit Kaze's Capital Gains RN MXG2 MJG2 XF T2B T Santelli/A Schilling 2,559 53 3,079
3 MACH3 Credit Kaze With A Perfect Diamond MXC MJS2 MFS TQX T2B3 V MacVicar/R Howell/J Schulz 1,893 32 2,213
- MACH2 Stonewalls Devine Fudge MXG MJG XF K McNeal 1,372 37 1,742
4 CH MACH10 Chilcote's Great Idea Of Mariad MXC3 MJC3 MXF TQX T2B M Jackson/J Jackson 1,234 32 1,554
5 CH MACH2 Big Oaks Some Patience Required Of Mariad MXG MJG MFB T2B M Jackson/J Jackson 1,142 18 1,322
- MACH12 Shiloh Of Agoura MXB4 MJS4 MXP MJP L Wilk 1,009 24 1,249
6 MACH3 Cooper MXC MJG2 OF T2B A Mcgavin 984 23 1,214
7 CH MACH Rustins Treasure Of The Sierras RN MXS MJS2 MXF T2B A Schilling/C Driscoll 909 14 1,049
- Galejade De Acres Venteuses CD MX MXB MXJ L Van Vleet 787 15 937
8 CH MACH4 Chilcote Kaze Jewel On Fire MXS2 MJC2 MXP MJP MFB TQX T2B2 V MacVicar/R Howell 820 10 920
- MACH Fast Eddie MXS MJC T2B M Turner 708 15 858
9 GCHG CH MACH2 Brookewood's Just Too Hot UD RE MXC MJC MXF T2B2 E Drazek/C Miller 667 18 857
- MACH Credit Kaze Southern Crown Jewel MXB MJB N Cosgriff/P Cosgriff 705 15 855
- Etendard Des Grands Lacs BN RE SH MX MXB MXJ MJB D Ackerbauer 554 12 674
10 Frankie Bacalaito Coqui MX MXB MXJ MJS MXF T2B2 CGC N Taulai/R Martinez 539 13 669
- MACH Mallard Creek Dead Ringer MXB MJS OF T2B K Gill/J Gill 520 13 650
11 CH Top Shelf's Joyful Lee JH MX MXJ XF A Lee 595 3 625
- MACH Cimmaron Sasparilla Sara MXS MJG T2B2 F Barnhart 529 8 609
12 CH Power's Amazin Zoe MX MXJ XF R Power 503 5 553
13 CH MACH Cimmaron Made You Look Jack MXB2 MJG MFB T2B C Baron 443 10 543
14 MACH Mariad's Covey Rise MXG MJG MXF T2B M Jackson/J Jackson 431 9 521
- GCH CH MACH Jambi's Miss Tootaloo MXB MJB MXP MJP H Bednarz/R Bednarz 405 8 485
15 MACH Hurricane Thats The Ticket JH MXS MJB T2B CA L Spear 333 10 433
- Chantelle MX MXB MXJ MJB D Geving 280 15 430

Dogs listed meet current requirements for DOY program. If you feel this is incorrect, plese check with the ABC membership data chairman to verify all the owners of the dog are current members of the ABC in accordance with ABC DOY rules.All owners of a dog must be current members (full or associates) of the American Brittany Club. (Please note: the associate membership is only available to individuals who reside in the same household as a current full member. Also, Associate Memberships do not include voting privileges in club matters.)

*top MACH dog in AKC MACH agility year end rankings based on Based on Score (2Qs x 10) + Points.

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