2016 ABC Juvenile Dog of the Year

Rankings for AKC Puppy & Derby Stakes (Open & Amateur)
Points tabulated through May 01, 2016

1 Jakes Maximus P Rodriquez 98
2 Jr's Cool Hand Luke M Harris 91
3 Sovereign's Legendary Ride D Droel/J Droel/J Carlson 90
4 Copley-Shelttany Echo Of Angels J Rodriguez 87
5 Skf Miss Cheap Bourbon Whiskey S Foster 77
- A Trace Of Bourbon With Diamonds L Graham/J Buckner 75
6 Anj's Ohio Hellion M Poehler 62
7 North Umpqua's Golden T' Quila K Barrows 59
- Hy Steppin Annie Oakley A Sennott 58
- Autens Woodland Sage R Auten/L Auten 57
8 A Little Bit Of Ammo S Wessels 57
9 Ruffwood Algonquin Cedar G Harrison/S Harrison 55
10 Jac's Ray Of Sunshine II E Graves/J Graves 53
11 Wichita Wild Woman C Roberds 48
12 Turning Points Shenanigans J Nelson 47
13 Sigbrit's Contessa Del Prado L Casselberry/D Casselberry 45
14 Jagoub's Spell Caster D Jagielski/T Jagielski 44
15 North Umpqua's How Bout Them Cowgirls S Saul 42
16 Mtb Louree's Bonfire M Horstmeyer/T White 40
17 Ajax A. I. Guy J Marinelli 40
18 Sniksoh Therapist J Hoskins 40
19 Sonny's Hot Summer Breeze M Ellis 38
20 Mud On The Tires J Carlson 37
21 Knine Finale's Way To Go L McDonald 36
- Tj's Greatest Joy J Cummings/S Kohler 36
22 Chiefs Cross Plains Copper Breeze C Rucker 36
- Copper Caliah's Dream Hi River Lilly S Systma/K Rickard 35
23 Mtb Louree's V-0-2 Max M Horstmeyer/T White 34
24 Shadow's Peppermint Twist J Carlson 34
25 Copley Caliah's Up A Crick R Sytsma/M Brown 33
- Pc Seven E Rev'N Ice Cold Slurpee L Peterso 32
26 Mtb Louree's Let's Have A Fee-Esta M Horstmeyer/T White 32
27 Copley's Warrior Princess Of Camelot J Conklin/R Tomasi 31
28 High Velocity Copper Magnum V Anderson 30
- Center Ridge's Barrel Of Monkeys P Darga 30
- Sweetwater Bud's A Lone Star L Bates/S Bates 29
29 Brandy's Spanish Captain J Murphy 29
30 Cj's Spring Creek Roxie W Johnson 29
31 Mcpeak's Bb Gun Dog J McPeak 29
32 Firestarter's Double Crossed A Christensen 28
33 Leona Valley's Sonny Red Side Up G Benoit 28
34 Mcchesneys All Down The Line J Chejne 28
35 Rising Sun's Double Trouble T Emery 28
36 Barrett Mountains Come Find Me Mielikki N Beauregard 28
37 Ayerie's Paladin Of Auten R McVeigh/K McVeigh 27

Dogs listed meet current requirements for DOY program. If you feel this is incorrect, plese check with the ABC membership data chairman to verify all the owners of the dog are current members of the ABC in accordance with ABC DOY rules.All owners of a dog must be current members (full or associates) of the American Brittany Club. (Please note: the associate membership is only available to individuals who reside in the same household as a current full member. Also, Associate Memberships do not include voting privileges in club matters.)

*based on dogs defeated in Puppy & Derby stakes at any AKC Field Trial. Dogs defeated points from AKC trials hosted by clubs other than regional Brittany Clubs must be sent into the DOY committee with an attached copy of AKC win record report. In the case of a tie, the dog with the most 1st place wins will be awarded DOY. If a tie still exists then multiple awards will be presented.

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