2016 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award

FC AFC Glade Run Irish
owned by David Webb & handled by Tom Tracy Jr

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

By Robert A. Rankin, MD

This year’s Purina Award winner is seven-year-old Glade Run Irish out of FC Ortho Acres Booker T x Flying Feather Coco Bean. Irish is owned by David Webb and handled by Tom Tracy Jr.

This year’s Purina Award, which is presented to the top All Age Brittany in the country, was based on 36 hour All Age stakes of which Irish won the Southern Open Brittany Championship, Region 5 Prarie State Amateur All Age Championship, International Open All Age Championship, Gr. St. Louis Open All Age hour, and placed in the ABC National Championship, US Open Championship, Mid-South Brittany Championship, and International Amateur All Age Championship.

The Award ceremony is held at the Blue Mountain Wildlife Area clubhouse on Saturday night between the ABC National Amateur Championship and ABC National Championship. The clubhouse was packed with people who came to celebrate the accomplishments of this year’s winner and the unveiling of last year’s winner portrait.

Thank you to Purina for sponsoring this Award and to artist Ross Young for painting the beautiful portrait of last year’s winner.

[ click here for Purina Award trial summary ]
Points   Dog   Owner   Handler
1620   Glade Run Irish   Webb   Tracy/Thomas
1600   Ru-Jem's "Last" Penny   McGee   McGee/Tracy/Thomas
1296   Jj's Levi The Lionheart   Williams   Williams
1164   Kinwashkly Fat Bastard   Ackerman&Andreas   Ackerman/Tracy
814   Uncle Kracker   Ackerman   Tracy/Alexander
682   Georgia's Texas Two Step   Tangen   Tracy
602   Spanish Corral's Sonny Patch   Gower   Gower/Doiron
496   Sniksoh Little Diamon   Wonderling   J. Johnson
472   Roustabout's Flat Out   McGee   Tracy/Thomas
464   Tequila Scorcher   Crain   Tillson/Carlson
462   The Ace Of Spade   Capstick&Self   Capstick/Self
416   Mtb Scipio's Hot Shot Of Whizki   White&Horstmeyer   White
408   Black Creek Deacon   Harling   Holman
390   Sparky's Prairie Wind Gypsy   Koepke&Fujikawa   John/Ralph
324   Firestarter's Crossed The Line   Christensen&Rankin   Tillson/Carlson
288   Jj's Alabaster Angel   Williams   Williams
284   Cedar Valley Spider   Webb   Tracy
282   Jagoub's Buzz'N Bayou   Jagielski   Tracy
272   Driving Miss Daisy II   Wice   Tracy
258   Lapat's Rocky   McDonald   J. Johnson
254   Kinwashkly Tempo   Miley&Andreas   Tillson
244   Crescent City Girl   Steinmetz   Steinmetz/Tillson
240   Whiskey's Little Tip   Jowett   J. Johnson
208   Jj's Tasmanian Devil   Williams   Williams
200   Chancey's Frozen Asset   Alexander   Alexander
196   Hal-Js Smarteyes-Jokers Ez Ace   Revoir   John
194   Mvp Redline's High Octane   Nelson   Doiron
192   Remchester's Premium White Lightning   Stonehouse   Stonehouse
188   Castaway Wilson   Huglen   Tracy
182   McChesneys I Got My Mogo Working   Chejne&McCaffrey   John
160   Sniksoh Windtuck Willy   Schaeffer   Burcett
146   Piney Run Hank   Donahue   Lorenson/Patterson
130   Power River's Nobody But Me   Dowing&Krajcar   Downing
128   Piney Run Jake   Patterson   Patterson
122   Wimberley Rowdy Bo-Dandy   Gay   S. Johnson
112   Sniksoh Spank's Hank   Hoskins   Hoskins
104   SS Rig's Colorado Gun Runner   Milam   Milam
102   Hap's Spice Rum Beckham   Harrison   J. Johnson
96   Dakota's Gun Runner Buckshot   Berkowitz   Tracy
96   Remmi   McGuirk&Quinn   J. Johnson
84   Lost Creek Shot Of Bourbon   McCann   Tracy
84   Mk'S My Lil Ammo   Blasi   Blasi
80   Tnt's Blazing Shoshoni Shake'N Bake   Thomas   Thomas
78   TLM Pete Nocona   Milam   Milam
78   Tlm Frequent Flyer   Gerardy&Milam   Gerardy
78   Brendi Brooks Cowboy Up   Trimble   Tracy
76   Black Creek Blaze   Harling   Holman
68   Roustabout's White Knight   Rosevear   Tracy
60   Campbell's Razz-Ma-Tazz   Campbell   Campbell
60   Mtb Cabo Rita De Scipio   White&Horstmeyer   White
56   Kwk Windswept Guinevere Of Camelot   Conklin   Doiron
48   Romance's Texas Two Step   Romance   J. Johnson
44   TNt's Sirius Renegade Buddy Boy   Thomas   Thomas
42   MK's Magnificent Bandito   Oliver   S. Johnson
40   Marjo's Leftover   Perry   Perry
32   Kinwashkly Midnight Rambler   Miller   Patterson
30   Maxwell's Heavy Hitter   Rogers   Rogers
30   Carpe Diem   Lincoln   Lincoln
28   Mtb Zipnson Veni Vidi Vici   Glick&Rountree   Doiron
26   Rusty Ridge Where U Been   Kilpatrick   Gower

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