2014 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award

FC Uncle Kracker
owned by Bo & Renae Ackerman, handled by Tom Tracy & Bo Ackerman By Robert A. Rankin, MD

This year’s Purina Award winner is seven-year-old Uncle Kracker out of FC Ortho Acres Booker T x FC Material Girl. Kracker is owned by Bo & Renae Ackerman and handled by Tom Tracy Jr. & Bo Ackerman.

The Purina Award, which is presented to the top All Age Brittany in the country, was based this year on 32 hour stakes of which Kracker won the International Open All-age Championship, Mid-America Championship, Kansas Open Limited All-Age, took runner-up in the ABC National Championship and placed in the Southern Open Brittany Championship.

  The Award ceremony was held at the Blue Mountain Wildlife Area clubhouse on Sunday night between the ABC National Amateur Championship and ABC National Championship. Well over 100 people were in attendance to help celebrate the award. Roy Pelton represented Purina and was well received for his countless years of support. Ross Young was also able to make it to the award ceremony and present his painting to last year's award winner.

Thank you to Purina for sponsoring this Award and thank you to artist Ross Young for painting the beautiful portrait of the winner.

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Points   Dog   Owner   Handler
1290   Uncle Kracker   Ackerman   Tracy/Ackerman
1088   Black Creek Deacon   Harling Jr & Harling Sr   Holman/Harling Jr
996   Georgia's Texas Two Step   Tangen   Tracy/Tangen
994   Blueridge Hunter Gonna Fly   Frost   Johnson
604   Sparky's Prairie Wind Gypsy   Koepke&Fujikawa   John
580   Ocaje   Gowin   Johnson/Gowin
542   Kinwashkly Fat Bastard   Ackerman&Andreas   Tracy/Ackerman/Thomas/Self
540   Ru-Jem's "Last" Penny   McGee   McGee
540   The Ace Of Spade   Capstick&Self   Capstick/Self
512   Chancey's Frozen Asset   Alexander   Tracy/Alexander
508   Jagoub's Buzz'n Bayou   Jagielski&Wilson   Tracy
448   Wimberly Rowdy Bo-Dandy   Gay   Lincoln/Gerardy
448   Shadow's Tequila Tryst   Carlson   Tillson
444   Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid   Gower   Doiron/Gower
416   Shadow Attack   Dangerfield   Tillson
376   TLM Frequent Flyer   Gerardy&Milam   Milam
370   Shady's Desert Knight   Conner   Johnson
364   Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper   Brunen   Johnson
354   Sniksoh Windtuck Willy   Schaefer   Burchett
354   Wayside's Blueridge Runner   Longfellow   Johnson/Longfellow
354   MTB Scipio's Hot Shot Of Whizki   White&Horstmeyer   White
350   Glade Run Irish   Webb   Tracy
304   Spanish Corral's Sonny Patch   Gower   Doiron/Gower
280   Cedar Valley Bandit   Webb   Tracy
260   TNT's Blazing Shoshoni Shake N Bake   Thomas   Thomas
222   Cedar Valley Flyby   Lindsey   Tracy
208   Piney Run Hank   Donahue   Lorenson
200   MTB Cabo Rita De Scipio   White&Horstmeyer   White
198   Checote   Mantler   Carrignton/Nakamura
188   Jo-Lockapex Dark Roux Gumbo   Lincoln   Lincoln
188   McCheneys I Got My Mojo Working   Chejne&McCaffrey   John
180   Joker's Jackpot   Ralph   John/Ralph
176   Shady Way's Red Tail Hawk   Lindback   John
176   Mikey's Spice Girl   Cape   Doiron
172   JJ's Tasmanian Devil   Williams&Ro   Williams
148   Jac's Over Aces   Graves   Holman
144   Crescent City Girl   Steinmetz   Burchett
130   Kiger Hills Louee   Dixon   Doiron
128   One Off Mojito Mike   Hunt   Patterson
120   Rusty Ridge Lucky Strike   Kilpatrick   Kilpatrick
114   MTB Zipnson Veni Vidi Vici   White&Horstmeyer   White/Gower
104   Blockade Runner   Ventura   Lorenson
104   Megasmoke Grand Finale   Ellis   Gower
96   Hi-Point's Bet'N He'll Rock   Gulembo   Gulembo
96   Red Sky Riley   Kirk   Kirk
90   Warbonnet's Orion Big Sky   Ewards & Breitenfeldt   Tillson
90   Maximum Overdrive II   Hoverter   Hoverter
88   Odyssey's Ace Of Hearts   Janulis   Holman
84   JJ's Alabaster Angel   Williams&Ro   Williams
78   TLM Copilot   Gerardy   Gerardy
78   Maxwell's Quick Silver   Rogers   Rogers
70   Fire Starter's Crossed The Line   Christensen   Tillson
68   Ru-Jem's Touch Of Bourbon   McGee   McGee
64   Primetime Outlaw Johnny   Rea   Rea
64   Emma Tayshon   Carter   Carter
60   Diamond Hill Deuces Gone Wild   Pollock   Pollock
60   TLM Pete Nocona   Milam   Milam
56   Black Creek Blaze   Harling Sr   Holman
52   Flatrock Five Alarm Charlie   Pirtle   Hall
48   MB's Make Mine A Double   Miller   Doiron
42   Dakota Sun   Mantler   Carrignton
40   Tramps Frckled Fancy   Rogers   Rogers
40   Sandy Pines Chase The Wind   Rowell   Holman
32   MK's Magnificent Bandito   Oliver   Lincoln
30   Marjo's Leftover   Perry   Perry
26   Highpoint Blazin' Lamont   Kuykendall   Baer
16   Bony Bud   Lincoln   Lincoln

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