2013 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award

FC The Ace Of Spade
owned & handled by Dave Capstick & Tim Self

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

By Robert A. Rankin, MD

This year’s Purina Award winner is seven-year-old The Ace Of Spade out of NFC/AFC Farther Out Ace x Gizmo’s Child Gone Wild. Spade is owned and handled by Dave Capstick & Tim Self.

This year’s Purina Award, which is presented to the top All Age Brittany in the country, was based on 32 hour stakes of which Spade won the Illinois Brittany Amateur All-Age Championship, Prairie State Open Championship, and placed in the ABC Chicken Classic, ABC Pheasant Classic, Illinois Brittany Open All-Age Championship, Mid-South Brittany Championship and Greater St. Louis Open All-Age hour stake.

The Award ceremony was held at the Blue Mountain Wildlife Area clubhouse on Friday night between the ABC National Amateur Championship and ABC National Championship. Well over 100 people were in attendance to help celebrate the award. Roy Pelton represented Purina and was well received for his countless years of support. Ross Young was also able to make it to the award ceremony and present his painting to last year's award winner.

Thank you to Purina for sponsoring this Award and thank you to artist Ross Young for painting the beautiful portrait.

[ click here for Purina Award trial summary ]
Points   Dog   Owner   Handler
1040   The Ace Of Spade   Capstick&Self   Capstick/Self
862   Uncle Kracker   Ackerman   Tracy/Thomas
854   MTB Cabo Rita De Scipio   Horstmeyer&White   White
822   Jagoub's Buzz'N Bayou   Jagielski   Tracy/Jagielski
804   Black Creek Deacon   Harling   Holman
784   Savannah's Hot Shot   Hudson   Lorenson
676   Ocaje   Gowin   Gowin
640   Sparky's Prairie Wind Gypsy   Koepke&Fujikawa   John
608   The Crash Scene   Rosevear   Tracy
522   Early Times   Ackerman   Tracy/Ackerman
504   Kinwashkly Fat Bastard   Ackerman   Tracy
464   Spanish Corral's Sonny Patch   Gower   Gower/White
416   Grand Junction Jake   Pulliam   Holman
402   Crescent City Girl   Steinmetz   Burchett
400   KD's Slip And Slide   Jagielski   Tillson
384   Mcchesneys Tequila River   Chejne&McCaffrey   John
360   Georgia's Texas Two Step   Tangen   Tracy/Tangen
348   MB's Make Mine A Double   Miller   Doiron
334   Sniksoh Sally   Corlew   Burchett
330   Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper   Brunen   Johnson
304   Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon   McGee   McGee
304   Megasmoke Moon Chip   Langford   White
288   Rusty's Royal Run   Filer   John
286   Red Sky Riley   Kirk   Kirk
284   Megasmoke Grand Finale   Ellis   Doiron/White
258   Joker's Jackpot   Ralph   John/Ralph
252   Blockade Runner   Ventura   Lorenson
244   Wimberley Jimdandy   Gay   Johnson
240   Piney Run Art   Greenlee   Patterson
224   Shady's Desert Knight   Connor   Johnson
216   Sniksoh Windtuck Willy   Schaefer   Burchett
216   Rosies Refry   Ahl   Berneathy
204   One Off Mojito Mike   Hunt   Merrill
192   Shadow's Tequila Tryst   Carlson   Tillson
188   Shady Way Red Tail Hawk   Lindback   John/Lindback/Ralph
180   KJ's Irish Whizky   Windom   Burchett
174   Shadow Attack   Dangerfield   Tillson
174   Gran Torino   Rider   Lorenson
168   Jo-Lockapex Dark Roux Gumbo   Lincoln   Lincoln
160   Oz II   Cotton   Lincoln
160   Powder River's Nobody But Me   Krajcar   Downing
160   Cedar Creek Surgeon   Waitman   Waitman
144   Odyssey's Ace Of Hearts   Janulis   Holman
144   Hi-Point's Bet'N He'll Rock   Gulembo   Holman
138   Diamond Hill She's Gone   Pollock   Pollock
132   MVP Redline's High Octane   Nelsen   Doiron
128   TLM Frequent Flyer   Gerardy   Gerardy
120   Desert Rose IV   Ahl   Berneathy
120   Highpoint Blazin' Lamont   Kuykendall/Brown   Kuykendall
116   Brisco's Mr Stub   Trimble   Trimble
108   K Nine Tucalota Chance   Mayhew   Mayhew
104   J&M Jax Sugar Babe   Crawford   Crawford
96   Hal-JS Smarteyes-Jokers EZ Ace   Revoir   John
92   Peter Gunn   Carter   Carter
84   Alar's Tango Bar   Thompson   Gerardy
80   Kiger Hills Louee   Dixon   Dixon
80   Carolina Sea Biscuit   Oliver/Strawson   Johnson
72   Terras Cabo Wabo   Horstmeyer&White   White
72   Mini's Midnight Smoke   Dixon   Dixon
68   Centerville Buck   Conigyham   Lorenson
66   Spanky's Little Pill Bandit   Hancock   Hancock
64   Black Creek Tim   Harling   Harling
58   Cedar Valley Bandit   Webb   Tracy
52   TLM Bartenders Buddy   Milam   Murphy
48   Tonk Valley Runaway Red   White   Carrington
46   Maxwell's Gunsmoke   Patterson   Patterson
40   Mickey's Spice Girl   Cape   Doiron
40   Rocklan's Whizzle Stop   Sauer   Burchett
36   HVK's High Flying Kyte   Doiron   Doiron
36   MTB Can Am Formula Fun   Horstmeyer&White   White
32   Spice Rum Beckham   Harrison   Merryman
32   Trucker's Wild Ride   Trimble   Trimble

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