2011 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award

NFC/DC/AFC Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

By Robert A. Rankin, MD

  For the third consecutive year NFC/DC/AFC Ru-Jemís A Touch Of Bourbon has won this prestigious award. Handled by Jerry McGee, "Chug" started the year by taking runner-up in the National Amateur Championship and winning the National Championship. He placed in 9 more one hour stakes to easily out distance his competitors. He has shown consistency throughout his career and has continued to make his owners proud.
  The Purina Award Banquet was again held at the Blue Mountain Clubhouse following the National Amateur Championship. Roy Pelton was present to represent Purina and present the Award to Jerry, Ruth and Chug. Well over 100 people were present to congratulate Chug for another great year.
  Following are the point totals of all the dogs who garnered points in the 35 one hour stakes.

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Points   Dog   Owner   Handler
2118   Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon   McGee   McGee
1470   Grand Junction Jake   Pulliam   Holman/Pulliam
1160   Tsunami   Floyd   Johnson/Clasen
960   TJ's Prairie Blizzard   V.Rankin   Tillson/R.Rankin
826   Maxwell's Blew By You II   Maxwell   John/Maxwell
784   Ru-Jem's Fist Full Of Dollars   McGee   McGee
648   Kinwashkly Dakota Molester   Seivert   John/Seivert
534   Uncle Kracker   Ackerman   Tracy/Ackerman
464   Joker's Jackpot   Ralph   John
450   Georgia's Texas Two Step   Tangen   Tracy
436   Piney Run Hank   Donahue   Lorenson
432   Jack's Tequila Jake   Rodriguez   John
370   Trademark's Iceman   Janulis   Holman/Janulis
360   Jay Hawk's Georgia Girl   Rosevear   Tracy
360   Brisco's Mr. Stub   Trimble   Trimble
350   Rocklan's Whizzle Stop   Sauer   Burchett
346   Black Creek Deacon   Harling   Holman
336   Windy Hill Lady's Man   Merryman   Merryman
328   Cedar Valley Bandit   Webb   Tracy
322   KD's Slip And Slide   Jagielski&Connell   Tillson
320   Two Rivers Skyhawk   Ralph   John
320   Megasmoke Grand Finale   Ellis   Doiron
318   MTB Cabo Rita De Scipio   Horstmeyer&White   White
308   TJ's Thunder   Rankin   John
300   TJ's Single Shot Of Scipio   Horstmeyer&White   White
288   Cedar Creek Surgeon   Waitman   Waitman
256   Maxwell's Gun Smoke   Patterson   Patterson
256   Shamrock's Sirius   Haines   Holman/Haines
246   UGH Stumblin' From The Shadows   Blasi   Tillson
240   Primetime Outlaw Johnny   Rea   Kalina
228   Augustus Of Tiger   Ackerman   Ackerman
222   Wolf River's Winning Ticket   Blackman&Dye   Gorrow
208   MB's Make Mine A Double   Miller   Doiron
204   Trademark's ATM   Chase   Holman
198   Wimberley Jimdandy   Gay   Johnson
182   Odyssey's Ace Of Hearts   Janulis   Holman
180   Diamond Hill Shes Gone   Pollock   Pollock
168   Roustabout's Sniksoh Sadie   Rosevear   Tracy
160   Broadway Joe VI   Haynes   Tracy/Haynes
160   Cast-A-Britt Micro Sammie   Windom   Burchett
160   Early Times   Ackerman   Tracy
152   Hybrittin's B J Betty   Cohen   Merril
150   Megasmoke Limited Edition   Horstmeyer&White   White
144   Highpoint Blazin' Lamont   Brown   Kuykendall
136   Hi Point's Bet'n He'll Rock   Gulembo   Holman
132   Carolina Sea Biscuit   Oliver   Johnson
124   Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper   Brunen   Johnson
120   Savannah's Hot Shot   Hudson   Lorenson
108   American Idol   Kuykendall   Kuykendall
90   Hal-Js Smarteyes-Jokers EZ Ace   Revoir   John
84   Terra's Cabo Wabo   Horstmeyer&White   White
80   Piney Run Art   Greenlee   Lorenson
80   Celebrations Two Of Hearts   Katzel   Katzel
80   Eleets Colorado Blue   Steele   Stonehouse
80   Starlight's Blazing Sirius   Thomas   Thomas
72   Southern Breeze   Kuykendall   Kuykendall
66   Blueridge Hunter Gonna Fly   Frost   Downing
60   Diamond Hill Reckless Endeavor   Pollock   Pollock
52   Countyline Aces High   Lindsey   Lindsey
52   Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid   Gower   Gower
42   Ocaje   Gowin   Gowin
40   J & J Brandy Girl   Jung   McGee
40   Diamond Hill Deuces Gone Wild   Pollock   Pollock
36   Cheyenne Wind Dancer   Cross   Cross
26   Ace's Patchwork   Graves   Graves

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