2009 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award

DC/AFC Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

By Robert A. Rankin, MD

  The 2009 Purina Award Winner was DC Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon owned by Ruth & Jerry McGee and handled by Jerry McGee. "Chug" had an impressive year with 15 one hour placements, including winning the Quail Championship, Deep South Free-For-All Championship, and the Prairie State Open & Amateur Championship. He amassed a total of 2642 points and was the third amateur trained and handled dog to win this award. Congratulations to Jerry, Ruth and Chug for a great year.
  The 2009 Award was presented at the Blue Mountain Club House on Saturday night after Thanksgiving. Well over 120 people were in attendance to help celebrate the award. Roy Pelton represented Purina and was well received for his countless years of support. Ross Young was also able to make it to the award ceremony and present his painting to last year's award winner. A good time was had by all. Jerry and Chug are already making plans for next year. The following is the list of all the point earners.

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Points   Dog   Owner   Handler
2642   Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon   McGee   McGee
1368   Jayhawker Tequila With A Twist   Carlson   Tillson/Carlson
1086   Trademark's Iceman   Janulis   Holman
998   Kinwashkly Dakota Molester   Seivert   John/Seivert
878   Shadow Attack   Dangerfield   Tillson
836   The Farside's Kid Amee   Wice   Gorrow/Wice
834   Rebel Jac's Hammering Dandy   Harling   Holman
804   TJ's Prairie Blizzard   Tillson   Tillson
790   Grand Junction Jake   Pulliam   Holman/Pulliam
692   Dakota Alley Cat   Ackerman   Tracy/Ackerman
624   TJ's Single Shot Of Scipio   White&Horstmeyer   Doiron/White
528   Maxwell's Blew By You   Maxwell   Maxwell
510   Jo-Lockapex Dark Roux Gumbo   Lincoln   Lincoln
500   Hanging Jaze Howlalewya Amen   Schroder   Tillson
486   Lane's End We-Be Clean   Robin   Holman
482   TM's Tennessee Twister   Caviness&Pollock   Tracy/Pollock
470   Shamrock's Sirius   Haines   Holman/Haines
420   Country Road's Rough Rider   Stout   Burchett
420   Trucker's Wild Ride   Trimble   Gorrow/Trimble
394   Clyde's Micro Breeze   Pollock   Tracy/Pollock
374   Early Times   Ackerman   Tracy/Ackerman
364   TJ's Thunder   Rankin   John
360   Starlight's Blazing Sirius   Thomas   Burchett/Thomas
320   Piney Run Art   Greenlee   Lorenson/Greenlee
316   TLM Comanche Chief   Milam   Milam
304   Tsunami   Floyd   Johnson
288   Primetime Outlaw Johnny   Kalina   Kalina
282   Oak Hills Time To Burn   Lewandowski   Holman
276   Chief's Gunner   Arnold   Jones
276   Maxwell's Gun Smoke   Patterson   Patterson
236   The Rock II   Pollock   Pollock
232   Terra's Cabo Wabo   White&Horstmeyer   White
216   Wolf River's Winning Ticket   Blackman   Blackman
212   Linvel's Ace Of Diamonds   Pollock   Tracy/Pollock
208   Celebration's Of Two Hearts   Katzel   Katzel
204   Wimberly Jim Dandy   Gay   Johnson
200   Royal Reverend   Phillips   Lorenson
184   Hi-Proof Whizki   Dye   Gorrow
184   Maxwell's White Spirit   Patterson   Lorenson
184   Shady's Tia Maria   Little   Little
176   Savannah's Hot Shot   Hudson   Lorenson
160   Justas Well Be The Gunner   Truksa   Truksa
160   MTB Emme's Cabo De Scipio   White&Horstmeyer   White
158   Brisco's Mr. Stub   Trimble   Gorrow/Trimble
152   Boudreax's Poki JJ Johnson   Dow   Johnson
144   Spanky's Little Pill Bandit   Hancock   Hancock
138   Adios Shaq Attack   Ackerman   Tracy
138   White Mountain Smoke   Pool   Pool
120   Black Creek Deacon   Harling   Holman
120   Ru-Jem's Stop "N" Watch   McGee   McGee
104   Orion's Texoma Super Sport   Smith   Smith
92   KB's Shadow Dancer   Rea   Rea
84   Odyssey's Tequila Azul   Mace   Mace
80   Piney Wood Hank   Donahue   Lorenson
80   T'Kalis Feel The Wind   Wilder   Wilder
76   Bouncin' Betty   Burton   Gorrow
72   Havapal's Renegade Billy Boy   Thomas   Thomas
68   Diamond Hill Deuces Gone Wild   Pollock   Pollock
62   Marjo's Red Rum   Luisi   Luisi
56   Quail Rock Tough Enough   Weinfurtner   Doiron
52   Broadway Joe IV   Haynes   Haynes
52   Covey Rise Rambo JR   Schaefer   Schaefer
52   Windtuck Rocket's Red Glare   Milam   Milam
46   Eleets Colorado Blue   Steele   Tracy
40   Ajax Diamond Dyna-Mite   Marinelli   Marinelli
40   Belle's Beau Max   Nelson   Nelson
40   Cheyenne Wind Dancer   Cross   Cross
40   Countess Conac   D'Arcy   D'Arcy
40   MTB Cabo Rita De Scipio   White&Horstmeyer   White
40   Uncle Kracker   Ackerman   Tracy
34   Maxwell's Southern Hospitality   Greenlee   Greenlee
28   Cedar Creek Surgeon   Waitman   Waitman

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