2008 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award

NFC/FC/AFC Lane's End We-Be Clean

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

By Robert A. Rankin, MD

  This year's winner of the Purina Award was NFC/FC/AFC Lane's End We-Be Clean, owned by Tom & Judy Robin and handled by Chad Holman and Tom. This was We'Be's Second win of this prestigous award, having won it tow years before. We-Be won or placed in 12 hour stakes starting off the season by winning the National Open Championship and then 7 more hour wins, including 2 Amateur Championships. I know Tom, Judy and Chad are proud of their dog and well they should be.
  This year's presentation was again held at the Blue Mountain headquarters between the Amateur and Open Championships. Over 100 participants were available to enjoy the presentation and party for this years's winner. Roy Pelton presented Purina in his usual friendly straight forward manner.
  Thanks to everyone for a great year. The new year has started. Good luck from me and Purina for this next year. May everyone be a winner.
  Following is the list of all the dogs with hour points.

[ click here for Purina Award trial summary ]
Points   Dog   Owner   Handler
2478   Lane's End We-Be Clean   Robin   Holman/Robin
2126   Jayhawker Tequila With A Twist   Carlson   Tillson/Carlson
1646   Early Times   Ackerman   Tracy/Ackerman
1164   Maxwell's White Spirit   Patterson   Lorenson/Patterson
1120   Dakota Alley Cat   Ackerman   Tracy/Ackerman
1060   Just Call Me Roy   Ettinger   Lorenson/Patterson/Ettinger
946   The Rock II   Pollock   Tracy/Pollock
896   Shady's Tia Maria   Little   Berneathy
852   Grand Junction Jake   Pulliam   Holman
846   Clyde's Micro-Breeze   Pollock   Tracy/Pollock
688   The Far Side's Kid Amee   Wice   Gorrow
646   Maxwell's Blew By You   Maxwell   Maxwell
640   Hi Proof Whizki   Dye   Gorrow
596   Kinwashkly Dakota Molester   Seivert   John/Seivert
566   Cooper's Ozark Traveler   Doherty   Doherty
498   KB's Shadow Dancer   Rea   John
458   Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon   McGee   McGee
452   Ru-Jem's Stop "N" Watch   McGee   McGee
442   Jake Acres In Disquish   Crites   Gorrow
440   KT's Artic Gladiator   McClary   Holman
366   Ru-Jem's Diamond Jim   McGee   McGee
352   Tequila's Joker Jose Quervo   Little&Brockbank   Berneathy/Little
340   Trademark's Iceman   Janulis   Holman
328   Linvel's Ace Of Diamonds   Pollock   Tracy/Pollock
328   TJ's Apache   Wallace   Tillson
320   Brisco's Mr. Stub   Trimble   Trimble
314   Trace Of Time   Thomson   Thomson/Merryman
282   Country Road's Rough Rider   Stout   Burchett
280   Boudreaux's Poki JJ Johnson   Dow   Johnson
280   Tee-Bone   Lincoln   Lincoln
256   Smarteyes-Joker   Ralph   John/McGee/Ralph
228   White Mountain Smoke   Pool   Pool
216   TJ's Thunder   Rankin   John
212   Orion's Flojo   Smith   Smith
210   Breton's Gold Run Ruffian   Theilen&Carlson   Tillson
208   TC's Match Boks Racer   Wilder   Wilder
200   Trucker's Wild Ride   Trimble   Trimble
192   Maxwell's Gunsmoke   Patterson   Lorenson
188   Havapal's Renegade Billy Boy   Thomas   Burchett/Thomas
180   Redline's Tequila Smoker   Leffingwell   Doiron
176   Terra's Cabo Wabo   White&Horstmeyer   White
168   Bouncin Betty   Burton   Burton
168   Mustang Sally VIII   Borgmann   Tracy
162   Perfect Timing   Vescoso   Holman
160   T&W's Diamond Jim   Peace   Wild
150   Megabuck's Hell On Wheels   Cross   Cross
150   Rocklan's Whizzle Stop   Sauer   Burchett
142   Wimberly Jim Dandy   Gay   Johnson
140   Gunrunner's Lady's Man   Ahl   Berneathy
136   Quail Rock Tough Enough   Weinfurtner   Doiron
124   Count Sirocco   D'Arcy   D'Arcy
120   Dakota Luke   Mantler   Wild
120   Hanging Jaze Howlalewya Amen   Schroder   Carlson
116   Trademark's ATM   Chase   Holman
104   MTB CaboRita De Scipio   White&Horstmeyer   Doiron
104   TLM Comanche Chief   Milam   Milam
88   Blueridge Major Adventure   Wilder   Downing
88   Mo-Dan's "Believer"   Cross   Cross
86   MTB Emme's Cabo De Scipio   White&Horstmeyer   Doiron
82   TJ's Prairie Blizzard   Tillson   Tillson
80   Ortho Acres Booker T   Webb   Tracy
80   Pancha's Prince Edward   Cabaza   Wild
72   Piney Run Dot   Greenlee   Greenlee
70   Shamrock's Sirius   Haines   Holman
68   Bass Mountain Reebok   Melton   Melton
68   Megasmoke Grand Finale   Ellis   Doiron
64   Harlin County Cowboy   Medford   Lorenson
64   Windy Hill Fly By   Merryman   Merryman
60   Starlight's Blazing Sirius   Thomas   Thomas
48   Royal Reverend   Phillips   Lorenson
44   Chyenne Wind Dancer   Cross   Cross
40   Blueridge Blazen Gem   Kilpatrick   Kilpatrick
40   Rebel Jac's Hammering Dandy   Harling   Holman
26   Tucalota's Running Reva   Mayhew   Mayhew

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