2007 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award

NFC/DC/AFC Shady's Tia Maria

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

By Robert A. Rankin, MD

  This year's winner of the Purina Award was NFC/DC/AFC Shady's Tia Maria, owned by Clem & Marilynne Little and handled by Jim Berneathy. In what was a hotly contested race this year. Tia bested a strong field bolstered by wins in the National Open, Midwest Championship, the Chukar Classic, the Western All Age Championship and other placements.
  Over 120 people were on hand as Roy Pelton and I made the presentation at the Blue Mountain Clubhouse the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Ross Young could not attend this year but his painting of last year's winner Lane's End We-Be Clean made it and was presented to the Robins.
  Then Tia took front and center with the Littles and Jim and Janet Berneathy. Tia had already had a good hour in the Amateur with Marilynne but cleaned up nicely for the presentation and pictures. All expressed their heartfelt thanks! to Purina for their continued support.
  Well, "next year" has already started but here's a list of last years dogs.

[ click here for Purina Award trial summary ]
Points   Dog   Owner / Handler
1306   Shady's Tia Maria   Little/Berneathy
1220   Smarteyes-Joker   Ralph/John
1204   Tequila Joker's Jose Cuervo   Little&Brockbank/Berneathy
1014   Clyde's Micro-Breeze   Pollock/Tracy
978   Lane's End We-Be Clean   Robin/Holman
930   Chancey Jackpot Lotto   Williams&Roberts/Tracy
866   Just Call Me Roy   Ettinger/Lorenson
828   Gunrunner's Lady's Man   Ahl/Berneathy
750   Cooper's Ozark Traveler   Doherty/Doherty
672   Marjo's Red Rum   Luisi/Luisi
658   Jenny Two Shoes Marjos   Quinn&Luisi/Tracy
646   Ortho Acres Booker T   Webb/Tracy
600   TJ's Thunder   Tillson/John
592   Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon   McGee/McGee
544   Kinwashkly Dakota Molester   Seivert/Seivert
528   Perfect Timing   Vescoso/Holman
482   TJ's Single Shot Of Scipio   White&Horstmeyer/White
470   Maxwell's White Spirit   Patterson/Lorenson
464   Shambo's Dark Shadow   Crain/John
456   Jayhawkers Tequila With A Twist   Carlson/Tillson
456   The Rock II   Pollock/Tracy
448   KB's Shadow Dancer   Rhea/John
430   Annitime Soon   Chase/Holman
402   TJ's Prairie Blizzard   Tillson/Tillson
390   Tequila Jack II   Rankin&Tillson/John
370   Grand Junction Jake   Pulliam/Holman
362   Terra's Cabo Wabo   White&Horstmeyer/White
342   Billy's Random Task   Hall/Holman
342   KT's Artic Gladiator   McClary/Holman
320   Harling's Breton Smith   Smith/Holman
312   Keystone's Double Shot   Cherry/Lorenson
296   Belle's Beau Max   Nelson/Carrington
294   Shady's The Price Is Right   Dennis&Fabree/Doiron
272   Hill Country Runaway Sarge   Mantler/Wild
268   Bluewater Guns A Blazen   Jacobs/Down
266   Brisco's Mr. Stub   Trimble/Trimble
266   Make My Day Dude   Tillson/Tillson
266   Ru-Jem's Diamond Jim   McGee/McGee
264   Early Times   Ackerman/Tracy
254   Bouncin Betty   Burton/Gorrow
232   TLM Comanche Chief   Milam/Milam
228   Gambler's Good Deal   Chase/Holman
228   Starlight's Blazing Sirius   Thomas/Burchett
222   Trace Of Time   Thomson/Merryman
212   Mo-Dan's Believer   Cross/Cross
202   Linvel's Ace Of Diamonds   Pollock/Pollock
200   Ru-Jem's Stop "N" Watch   McGee/McGee
192   Dakota Luke   Mantler/Mantler
184   Royal Reverend   Zook/Lorenson
176   Blueridge Major Adventure   Wilder/Wilder
168   Holliewood Angel Girl   Szymanek/Szymanek
168   KD's Slip And Slide   Jagielski&Connell/Tillson
168   Rebel Jac's Hamering Dandy   Harling/Homan
160   Sniksoh Little Rascal   Hoskins/Hoskins
156   Trademarks Iceman   Janulis/Holman
150   Gambler's Jazz-N It Up   Janulis/Janulis
132   Megasmoke Limited Edition   White&Horstmeyer/White
128   Jake Acres In Disguish   Crites/Gorrow
124   Breton's Gold Run Ruffian   Theilen&Carlson/Tillson
120   Ramblin Man   Baird/Gorrow
120   RC's Ruff Ranger   Richter/Richter
120   Tequila Dynamite   Grahm/Burchett
116   Jaybird's I.M. Buckwheat   Cleeland/Cleeland
112   Celebration Two Of Hearts   Katzel/Katzel
108   Redline's Tequila Smoker   Leffingwell/Doiron
102   The Far Side's Kid Amee   Wice/Gorrow
102   White Mountain Smoke   Pool/Pool
100   Breton's Castle Rocket   Koepke/John
100   Hi Proof Whiski   Dye/Gorrow
100   Windy Hill Sky Rocket   Merryman/Merryman
88   Maxwell's Charasmatic   Maxwell/Maxwell
86   Countess Conac   D'Arcy/D'Arcy
84   Bourbon XIII   Jung/Gorrow
84   Holliewood Magic Man   Szymanek/Szymanek
84   TJ's Apache   Wallace/Tillson
80   Maxwell's Gunsmoke   Patterson/Patterson
80   Pancha's Prince Edward   Cabaza/Wild
68   Bass Mountain Reebok   Melton/Melton
68   Orion's Flo Jo   Smith/Smith
58   Choc Talks Diamond   Tate/Winnen
58   Jo-Lockapex Dark Roux Gumbo   Lincoln/Lincoln
56   Shady's Beanstalk   Little/Berneathy
48   Dakota Shakedown   Ackerman/Tracy
36   Oxbow's Bounty Hunter   Waite/Waite

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