2005 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award


Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

By Robert A. Rankin, MD

  The 2005 winner of the Purina All Age Award was DC/AFC Bourbon XIII. He is an eight and a half year old white and orange male out of FC/AFC Candy's Lucky Penny and DC/AFC Masked Shoshoni Warchief. He is owned by Joe Jung and handled by Al Gorrow.
  Bourbon had a stellar year, highlighted by his second straight win in the Chicken Championship. He was also Runner-Up Champion in the National Open and won the Greater St. Louis Open Limited All Age and The Prairie State Amateur All Age.
  This was our first year with Purina as our sponsor and we look forward to many more. The award banquet was held at the Blue Mountain club house. Roy Pelton from Purina was on hand to help with the presentation.

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1764   Bourbon XIII   Jung/Gorrow
1610   Smarteyes-Joker   Ralph/John
1578   Shambo's Dark Shadow   Crain/John
1264   Diamond Hill Dan   Pollock/Kline
1212   Gunrunner's Lady's Man   Ahl/Berneathy
1000   Go Man   Katzel/Katzel
990   Kid's Kid Lone River Moose   Corlew/Burchett
964   Just Call Me Roy   Ettinger/Cherry
904   Tequila Joker's Jose Cuervo   Little & Brockbank/Berneathy
664   Bouncin Betty   Burton/Gorrow
588   Chancey Jackpot Lotto   Williams & Roberts/Tracy
560   Billy's Random Task   Hall/Holman
504   Shady's Tia Maria   Little/Little
488   Lane's End Bow Tie Annie   Robin/Holman
460   Ajax Diamond Dyna-Mite   Marinelli/Holman
450   Tejas Iron Mike   Graves/Carrington
438   Tequila Jack II   Rankin/John
416   TJ's Apache   Tillson/Tillson
412   Make My Day Dude   Tillson/Tillson
412   RC's Rone Ranger   Richter/Richter
396   Smokey's Magic   Haines/Holman
384   TJ's Thunder   Tillson/John
288   Ru-Jem's Field Of Feathers   McGee/McGee
272   Keystone's White Label   Cherry/Lorenson
248   TJ's Single Shot of Scipio   White & Horstmeyer/Doiron
238   Fade To Black II   Harling/Holman
228   J&M Clark's Trademark   Crawford/Crawford
226   Dakota Alley Cat   Ackerman/Tracy
224   Rowdy Mt. Rio Blanco   Voshell/Burchett
222   Ortho Acres Booker T   Webb/Tracy
222   Ru-Jem's Stop-N-Watch   McGee/McGee
220   Hi Point's Disappearing Act   Gulembo/Janulis
214   Harling's Breton Smith   Smith/Holman
210   Clyde's Micro Breeze   Mayhue/Pollock
208   Tee Bone   Lincoln/Johnson
200   Saint Joseph Ori   Ori/Ori
192   Harlan County Cowboy   Medford/Medford
192   Sunrise Dot Com   Haile/Tracy
186   Ramblin Man   Baird/Gorrow
176   Brisco Buddy Boy   Trimble/Trimble
176   Ortho Acres Phantom Of TJ   McCallister/Medford
176   TLM Missouri Red   Milam/Milam
168   Cheyenne Joker's Star-Buck   Cross/Cross
168   White Mountain Smoke   Pool/Pool
162   Lane's End We Be Clean   Robin/Holman
160   Mo Dan's Believer   Cross/Cross
156   Blueridge Major Avenue   Downing/Downing
156   Sadie Fair Lady   Oliver/Johnson
152   Jayhawker's Tequila With A Twist   Carlson & Tillson/Tillson
150   Special Attraction   Pool/Berneathy
144   Holliewood Magic Man   Szymanek/Szymanek
144   J&M Pete's Turnin' Trix   Crawford/Crawford
132   Hi Proof Wizki   Doherty/Doherty
132   Jalo's Running Josephine   House/House
126   Mr McGilacutty   Pool/Pool
124   Traveler's Reign Of Terra   White & Horstmeyer/White
122   Kolicko's Cuervo Joker   Munson/Christiansen
122   The Prairie Tornado   Tillson/Tillson
120   Chikamin's Tub O'Gold   Thielen/Thielen
116   Dixie Kid Ultimate ATV   Williams & Roberts/Tracy
108   Ajax Or Better   Marinelli/Holman
104   Breton's Castle Rocket   Koepke/John
104   Kinwashkly Dakota Molester   Seivert/Seivert
104   Linvel's Ace Of Diamonds   Luisi/Luisi
104   Royal Reverend   Zook/Lorenson
100   Choc Talks Diamond   Tate/Winnen
88   Birchwoods In The Nick Of Time   Mikolajszyk/Burchett
88   Early Times   Ackerman/Ackerman
84   Gambler's Wild Card   Janulis/Holman
80   Redline's Tequila Smoker   Leffingwell/Doiron
80   Terra's Cabo Wabo   White & Horstmeyer/Doiron
72   Holliewood Bruiser   Szymanek/Szymanek
62   Le Grande Tank Du Fayette   Blackman/Gorrow
56   Havapal's Renegade Billy Boy   Kossel/Burchett
52   Lobo's Legend   Oliver/Johnson
48   Maxwell's Charismatic   Maxwell/Maxwell
40   Lane's End Jess N Time   Crum/Down
42   Rebel Jac's Hammering Dandy   Harling/Holman

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