2002 IAMS/Eukanuba All Age Brittany of the Year Award

NFC/FC/AFC Shambo's Dark Shadow

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

  This year's winner of the IAMS Eukanuba Brittany All Age Award was Shambo's Dark Shadow, 5 year old liver and white male handled by Jim John. He was raised and owned through last year's National Championship by Phil Dangerfield and was taken over by Bernie Crain early last year.
  Shadow had a great year garnering 2606 points while winning or placing in multiple stakes. Wins included the National Championship, Missouri Championship, the US Open Championship, the Free-For-All Championship, Kansas All-Age Championship, the Midwest OLAA and the Ringneck AAA. This was a great year for a great dog and don't forget -- he's still a young dog.
  Roy Pelton was on hand for the presentation held at the Blue Mountain Field Trial Headquarters. Ross Young came to present the painting of last year's winner and to get ready to paint Shadow. Both these fine gentlemen are well respected in the world of dogs and field trialing. I've been lucky to be associated with them since the start of this award.
  There were a number of firsts this year - Shadow had teh highest point total ever and won the most trials ever in garnering the award. We also had the most 1 hour stakes ever (43) including 10 Amateur Stakes (most ever). A total of 76 dogs shared 150 placements in these stakes. Overall, it was a very good year.

2606 Shambo's Dark Shadow
1578 Leas Running Jay Hawk
1138 The Time Machine
1068 Windagail's Last Trade
1032 Poki Dot
  904 Buddy's Trucker Express
  776 Diamond Hill Dan
  712 Walker's Gunner
  632 True Blue LTD
  582 Smoke Hill Peg
  568 Buddy Jac
  564 Lane's End Bowtie Annie
  552 Gamblers Ace In The Hole
  510 Ajax VII
  492 Locar's Double or Nothing
  470 Hillside Sweet Ol Bob
  450 Ru-Jem's Field of Feathers
  442 Mo-Kan Bimbo
  408 Pride & Joy's Bunch of Annie
  404 Mo-Kan Razzle Dazzle

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