1999 IAMS/Eukanuba All Age Brittany of the Year Award

Gambler's Ace In The Hole

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

  This year's winner of the IAMS Award was Gamblers Ace In The Hole owned by Ed and Donna Janulis and handled by Chad Holman. He's a 7 year old white and orange mail eout of FC B-Bar-K's Jamie Lyn of Auten by NFC Rimarda's Gambler and was bred by Bill and Karen Schreiber. He has a long and glorious trial history starting with 31 juvenile placements. He won both the Eastern and Central Futrities and the Dual Award for both. All his juvenile and Amateur placements are under the whistle of Donna. At the time of winning this award he had garnered 20 one-hour placemtns, just a couple behind his record setting grandfather Rimarda's Trademark (one of my all time favorite dogs).
  To amass 2534 points this past year he won the National Championship, the International and Michigan Championships, the Illinois (Jim Holman Classic) OLAA, and the Quail Classic. He was Runner-Up in the International Amateur and the Prairie State and placed in the Chicken Classic, the Lee Holman Clssic and the So. Illinois OLAA. Most dogs won't accomplish this in a lifetime of competition - he did it in just one year.
  My thanks go to Roy Pelton, who braved a broken truck and a speeding ticket to present the award at the Blue Mountain Club House. Ross Young was again on hand to present the Tillson's with a painting of last year's winner, Tequila's Joker. A special thanks from me to Ella Conable without whose help I could never keep track of all the figures.
  This year there were 36 one hour trials, Open and Amateur, that added points for the IAMS award. This is certainly the most we've ever run and it's increasing almost every year. When all this started in 1986 there were 16 one hour stakes and three of those no longer run. Ther wer 68 dogs receiving points (the most ever) and Gamblers point total of 2534 is the highest ever. The IAMS Award was started to reward the top one hour dogs and to encourage greater participation in these stakes as well as a greater number of stakes. Tho this end it has been successful. My congratulations to all clubs and all the people with the dedication to run these stakes. It's my humnble opinion that you have all helped raise the standard of the Brittany to the dog he is today. Keep up the good work and gook luck to all of you next year!

2534 Gambler's Ace In The Hole
1308 Blaze Dakota Trucker
  870 Hi-Scor Jac D Ruffian
  852 The Time Machine
  846 Euchee Rocky
  796 Windagail's Last Trade
  730 Pride & Joy's Bunch Of Annie
  660 Mo-Kan Razzle Dazzle
  562 Farther Out Ace
  560 Scarface
  538 Hanging Jaze Giant Killer
  480 Rebel's Tough Is Tyrone
  456 Rebel's Wild Sparks
  442 Buddy's Trucker Express
  424 DeCartier Ben Jamin
  424 Hill's Just Judd
  420 White Out

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