1996 IAMS/Eukanuba All Age Brittany of the Year Award

Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

  The 1996 winner of the Iams Eukanuba Brittany All-Age Award was Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D. Owned by Bernie Crain and handled by Jim John, this 7 year old white and orange male dominated the hour trials for 1996 with 5 firsts and 2 thirds in 8 trials. Sparky's sire, Markar's Jac's A Dan D, was himself an Iams Award winner while his dam, FC Jim De Bob's Chengokta, was a product of Jim and Bob John's breeding program.
  Sparky has already proven himself as a producer, having produced the winner of the 1995 U.S. Open Championship, the 1996 Quail Classic, and the Winner and Runner-Up of the Victorie Nationale Derby.
  Roy Pelton was again on hand to present Sprky with the Iams Eukanuba Award this year at the Blue Mountain Field Trial Grounds near Booneville, Arkansas. As part of the venue at the Brittany Nationals, the Award Ceremony was well attended. Ross Young was in attendance with his portrat of last year's winner, readying himself to paint Sparky.

1788 Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D
  616 Rambling Rose VIII
  584 Mr. Buddy Boy
  566 Hi-Scor Jac D Ruffian
  536 RC's Sundancer
  410 Tequila's Joker
  400 Ajax VII
  390 Lobo's Sugar Daddy of Julen
  360 Kolicko's King Kaycee
  352 Renegades Double Trouble
  344 Rebel J.J. Wishful Thinking
  340 Top Contender
  302 Shamrock Missouri Magic
  284 A Bunch Of Butch
  264 Allmac's Dark Smoke Di-Na-Mo
  258 Rebel's Tough Is Tyrone
  256 Windy Hill Gator

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