1995 IAMS/Eukanuba All Age Brittany of the Year Award

RC's Sundancer

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

  RC's Sundancer was this year's winner of the Iams Eukanuba Award. This 8 year old white and orange maile is owned by Rob and Carol Richter of Harvard, Illinois, and is handled by Rob. Sundancer is our of Jac's Ray of Sunshine (Jac's A Dan D x Levelsmier's Orange Dog) sired by Carol's Little Ruffian. Amateur trained and handled, Sundancer has 34 Open All Age wins in Brittany stakes and 2 American Field Shooting Dog wins in unrestricted breed trials. Over 66% of his placements are firsts including the Michigan Championship and the Illinois OLAA this year. He placed thried in the National Open in 1993 and second in the Nationa Amateur in 1994.
  This year 26 trials were included in the totals for the Iams award. This is compared to 15 one hour stakes run in 1986, the first year of the award. Sundancer placed in 5 of these trials and a total of 44 dogs accumulated points for the year.
  Roy Pelton was on hand to present the Iams Award in the clubhouse at the Blue Mountain grounds near Booneville, Arkansas. A large crowd was present for the Iams Award Ceremony which has beome a yearly part of the schedule at the Brittany Nationals. Ross Young was there to present the painting of Mr. Buddy Boy (last year's winner) to Ed and Judy Graves. It was a good time for everybody -- the end of another good year.

  880 RC's Sundancer
  822 Windy Hill Gator
  668 Jim De Bob's Super Starr
  656 Tequila's Joker
  624 Microdot
  586 Hill's Just Judd
  572 Highbrow's Red
  542 Shamrock Missouri Magic
  504 JR's High-Proof Bazooka Brandy
  492 Mr. Buddy Boy
  432 Huskey's Trail Blazen Tasha
  416 Magnums Lit'l Buzzsaw
  410 Ajax VII
  352 Hi-Scor Jac D Ruffian
  328 Oak Grove Gomez
  312 Jerob's Magic Tradewind
  294 Allmac's Dark Smoke Di-Na-Mo

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