1987 IAMS All Age Brittany of the Year Award

FC Minnehaha's Tammy

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

  The winner of the second annual All-Age Award was FC Minnehaha's Tammy, five year-old white and orange female, owned by Bob Rankin and handled by Lyle Johnson. Winning this year's two highest point trials, the U.S. Open and the ABC National Championship, she amassed enough points to become 1987's Top Dog. Last year she was second in total points for this award.
  Born and bred in southern Illinois not far from Rend Lake, her sire was FC Allair's Evereddy and her dam, Sacagawea Charbonneau. Evereddy's line goes back to Dan De Mille's Gus and Gringo de Britt, while her dam's linage is from LeCar's White Smoke, and Leeway and Rendezvous breeding. She was pointing and retrieving naturally by age 6 months, and was brought to southern Kansas by her owner to hunt with Lyle Johnson, who was duly impressed and bought her. Dick Culbert, who had previously shot birds over her, became her owner until Bob Rankin acquired her in 1986.
  Tammy is no stranger to the winnerís circle, and is a very consistent performer. She was Runner-Up in the Derby Victoire Nationale and placed second in the Nationals at age 2 1/2. She's placed second and third at the Chicken Classic, and has been back-to-back winner of the U.S. Open Championship. She's also competitive in one hour pointer-setter shooting dog stakes with a win, a second, and a posting in the Oklahoma Open Shooting Dog Championship as "day dog", before running at the Nationals this year.
  Roy Pelton, Iams representative, presented the award in the club house at the Blue Mountain trial grounds the evening before the Open Championship was concluded. Approximately 125 people watched Roy present a $500 check to Lyle Johnson at the Iams-sponsored happy hour. Ross Young, famous wildlife artist, will paint Tammy's Portrait for her happy owner.
  This was a successful year for the Iams' Brittany All-Age Award, and we expect many more.

1196 Minnehaha's Tammy
  820 The Magic Moment
  710 Rimarda's Trademark
  552 Brewington's Briney
  522 Unique
  508 Country Cousin's Contender
  464 Crab Orchard Jet
  432 Carol's Little Ruffian
  420 Rimarda's Drum Roll
  400 Royal Britt Starbuck of Auten
  360 Timberline Teddy Bear
  354 Scipio's Little Chick
  348 Reed's Bonine Max Skipper
  338 Rimarda's Rhapsody
  336 Poltergeist Louis
  256 Bean's Blaze
  252 Kentucky Tug

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