1986 ANF All Age Brittany of the Year Award

Markar's Jac's A Dan D

Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young

  Markar's Jac's A Dan D was the convincing winner of the first ANF All-Age Award. By winning the National Championship he vaulted to the top with 1184 points. Though the competition had been tough, Jac's Consistency kept him at or near the top all year.
  Bred by Kent Lipsey, Jac is by Jacque of Connie x Smokestone Dan-Dee. His fist years were spent with the Karbiners. Under their training he had multiple Puppy and Derby wins and finished his Dual Championship. In 1984 he was purchased by Bob Weisz, his present owner. He was placed with Jim Holman whose training culminated with his winning the National Championship and the ANF award in 1986.
  Besides his multiple placements in regional trials, Jac won the Eastern Futurity as a Derby, the Pheasant Classic when he was four, has placed in the Chicken Classic and in 1986 he was R.U. Champion at both the Illinois Open and the U.S. Open Championships. Jac is a true Dual Champion and a deserving winner of the first ANF Award.
  Using the National Amateur Championship as the first trial for the ANF Award "Year" and the National Open Championship as the last, allowed us to hold the award presentation on Saturday night between the two trials. Approximately 100 people were on hand for the happy hour sponsored by ANF before the award ceremony began. Markar's Jac's A Dan D was brought in and plaques were presented to Bob Weisz and Jim Holman. Ross Young, who had been commissioned by ANF to paint Jac's portrait for his proud owner, was on hand with a "sample oil" to show Bob. Jim received a check for $500 from ANF for his part in Jac's victory.
  The last trial of the ANF Awards year was the National Championship. Listed below are the final standings.
  A Board of Directors Meeting was held during the Nationals with all the Directors (Bob Fleury, Bill Gowin, Garry Holland, D.W. Dawson, Steve Rudd and Bob Rankin) and Warren Montgomery in attendance. It was decided at the meeting to include all AKC one-hour all-age stakes in the point standings. This originated from a request by Cloid Green to include Midwest clubs one-hour Limited All-Age Stakes, in addition to the AKC Classics (Quail, Pheasant and Chukar), the National Championship, and the American Field Championships (Oklahoma, U.S. Open, Nebraska, Mo-Kan, Michigan, Illinois Open and Amateur, International and Texas). It was also felt that this would allow some of the east and west coast clubs a chance to offer stakes that could be included in these awards as most of the trials currently are held in the three more centrally located regions. The point schedule remains the same as last year.
  Stakes with no qualifying series:
    1st - 8 x number of starters
    2nd - 6 x number of starters
    3rd - 4 x number of starters
    4th - 2 x number of starters
  Stakes with a qualifying series:
    1st - 10 x number of starters
    2nd - 8 x number of starters
    3rd - 6 x number of starters
    4th - 4 x number of starters
  Since it is difficult to keep track of all the clubs, I would li8ke any club holding a one=hour Open/Amateur All-Age or Open/Amateur Limited All-Age to send me a copy of the page from the judges book covering that particular stake.

1184 MarKar's Jac's A Dan D
  612 Minnehaha's Tammy
  600 Franklin County Bandit
  568 MarKar's Bet I M Magic
  510 Home Acres Risk
  464 Tu Tu II
  464 Dawn's Major Butch of Phoebe
  440 Bandee-Britt's Red Jinx
  360 Scatman
  348 Sunnyvale Skipper
  340 Cajon Jolore
  330 Overland's High Card
  272 F & S Count Geoffery
  270 Beans Blaze
  232 Jug
  224 Lavendar 'N Lace
  224 Maxwell's Nellie of Almaden

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