ABC Shooting Dog Derby Invitational Standings

(mid-season standings)
*official points calculated only after being verified via official trial results

  • Dogs must be whelped on or after January 1st of the previous year (2017: January 1, 2016)
  • Qualifying period is between previous Nationals close to current Nationals close (2017: Oct. 11, 2016 to Oct. 11, 2017)
  • Automatic Invitation for Champion and Runner-Up in a one hour Derby Championship
  • All-Age Derby placements do not qualify for the Shooting Dog Derby Invitational.
  • Additional invitees will be chosen utilizing the following calculations from recognized Brittany Derby stakes (horseback & walking)
  • Invitees will be contacted once the Qualifying period is closed

    Point Calculations
    1 hour stake 45 minute stake 30 minute stake
    1st - 10 points x dogs run 1st - 8 points x dogs run 1st - 6 points x dogs run
    2nd - 8 points x dogs run 2nd - 6 points x dogs run 2nd - 4 points x dogs run
    3rd - 6 points x dogs run 3rd - 4 points x dogs run 3rd - 2 points x dogs run

  • Wiyanna   Gowin, T.   378
    High Lonesome Bowden Hills   Hammet   304
    Treasure States Tooney's Tribute   Noe, R   250
    Cimmarron Trials Mountian Meadows Wildflower   Neff, R.   182
    SKF Willy's Miss Mollie   Sims, M.   176
    Wingford's Blue Moon   Jowett, G.   162
    JT Cooper Buckaroo   Minch, J.   134
    Warbonnet & Campbell's Skye's The Limit   Campbell   134
    Molly Mae Alexander   Alexander,   130
    Tejas Blazing Sun   Helton, R.   126
    KJ's All Riled Up   Mehring   116
    Detroit Rascal's Son of a Gun   McCandless, B.   116
    Tequila's Tyler on Fire   Retherford   90
    Diamond Hill's Saradac's Tanqueray   Dow/Kos….   86
    Sam Hill's One Wild Ride   Thompson, S.   86
    Piney Run Star   Greenlee, M.   84
    Drummer's Mightmare Ned   Leggio, J.   82
    B&T's Hooch With a Twist   Shinpoch   72
    Coveyrise Whiz Bang Sammi   Conover, B.   72
    SKF Jr's Straight Shooter   Foster/Harris   66
    American Starry Rose   Ross, R.   66
    Hideaway's Betty Ann   Garcia, B.   56
    Sardac's Dangerous Diamond Caper   Dow/Kostka/Pollock   48
    Kinwashkly Timberline Kestral   Montes-Botham/Thompson   48
    Stillwater Allagash Pete   Anderson, G.   48
    Paco Del Prado   Casselbury, L.   44
    Samantha Jeanne Kelsey   Kelsey, k.   42
    Emma's Red Raider   Crowley,   40
    MJ's Box of Rain   Dally, M.   36
    Sniksoh Pattyann   Blasi, N.   34
    Scout Upland Trailblazer   Eberhart   32
    Triumphant Firefly White Russian   McCartney-Roy/Stalker   32
    Royal Britts TNT Detonator   Van Wieren, A/S   30
    Dogwood's Dashing Gambler   Bricker, R./Ashley, D.   30
    Bandit's Spring Time Bullet   Carlson   28
    Brook's Prairie Pirate   Brooks, M.   28
    She's Outa Control   Gerardy   28
    Copper Penny Heads Up   Di Lorio,   24
    Easton's Peaches Nevene   Easton, T.   24
    TNT's Mazin Grace   Jones, N.   24
    Dan-De Weedot   Collins, D.   20
    Rivers Bend Belle   Stevens, J & M.   20
    Copper Caliah's Dream Hi River Lilly   Sytsma   18
    Gunner's SS Augustus   Sawyer   18
    Never Say Never   Pollack, J.   18
    Dogwood's Top Shelf Tequila   Parmentar, T.   16
    Warbonnet Wynd Turning Firestarter   Breitenfeldt, T.   16
    Labrynth's I'll Drink to That   Williams   12
    Rovan's Roxie Robel Girl   Britton, J.   8
    JZ Hannabelle of Hazelnut   McClure, S.   8

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