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    DNA: All dogs entered must have a DNA profile, either permanent or temporary, on record with the AKC or American Field. The AKC or American Field DNA number must be included on all entry forms.   With the exception of dogs registered with an ILP/PAL number, and dogs under the age of 2 years at the start of the event.

    November 15-19, 2017
    State Fair Park -- Kay Rodgers Park - Expo center
    4400 Midland Boulevard, Fort Smith, AR

    Superintendent: Roy Jones

    Entries Close: October 18th


    Regular Classes, Non-Regular Classes, Best Of Breed, Stud Dog & Brood Bitch
    Arley Hussin, 11750 W 76TH AVE, Arvada, CO 80005
    Sweepstakes, Junior Showmanship & Mini Me’s
    Amy Booth, 1094 North Truhn Road, Fowlerville, MI 48836
    Obedience and Rally
    Nancy Withers, 15 Hain Avenue, Wernersville, PA 19565
    Christine Bishop, 8528 Matecumbe Rd., Port Charlotte, FL 33981

    National Specialty - Show Information
    Grooming Space reservations can be made through ABC PayPal or sent to National Specialty Chair.

    Vendor Space reservations can be made through ABC PayPal or sent to National Specialty Chair.

    Other important information about grooming, banquet, raffles, etc. can be viewed at Additional Details.

    RV reservations can be made by calling Kay Rodgers Park directly at 479-783-6176.

    ABC National Specialty Banquet reservations can be made through ABC PayPal or sent to National Specialty Chair.

  • 2017 Top 20 Competition Invited Dogs and Important Information

  • Slideshow Information for the National Specialty Banquet

  • National Specialty Apparel is now available at: You can either have your items shipped directly to you or pick them up at the Nationals in Fort Smith.
    National Specialty - Host Hotel Information
    La Quinta Inn & Suite
    6700 Boston Street
    Fort Smith, AR 72903
    Phone: 479-484-0303
    $75.00 per night
    Baymont Inn
    2123 Burnham Road
    Fort Smith, AR 72903
    Phone: 479-484-5770
    $72.00 per night

    National Specialty Committee & Chairs
    East Coast
    Jane Bjork
    Nancy Morabito
    Kristyn Stout
    East Central
    Geri Clements
    Kassie Hamaker
    Laurie O'Donnell
    Nancy Clendenen
    Dawn Droel
    Colleen Walsh
    Andi Christensen
    Rose Leale
    Sara Taylor
    West Coast
    Mary Brown
    Nancy Hewitt
    Dianne Kroll

    National Specialty Chair:
    Emmy Wollenburg, 416 South Main Street, DeForest, WI 53532 608-843-8434
    Obedience & Rally Chair:
    Teresa Armstrong,
    Agility Chair:
    Amanda McGavin,
    Trophy Chair:
    Andi Christensen,
    Vendor Chair:
    Nancy Clendenen,
    Apparel Chair:
    Geri Clements,
    Silent Action:
    Kassie Hamaker & Laurie O'Donnell
    Show Raffle Coordinator:
    Jacqui Campbell
    Top 20 Chair(s):
    Andrea Jordan Lane, and Nancy Morabito,
    Equipment and Set Up/Grounds Chair:
    Tony Morabito,
    Chief Ring Steward:
    Dianne Kroll,

    Please note: Scheduling is tentative and subject to change depending on entry numbers

    Wednesday, November 15, 2017Time
    Setup8:00 am
    Obedience/Rally Walk Throughs11:00 am
    Rally Trial4:00 pm
    Obedience/Rally Social6:30 pm
    Social event sponsored by Nancy Hewitt and Sue Drazek
    In honor of 2016 High in Trial winner, GCHB Hope’s Exceeding the Speed Limit, UD
    and 2016 High Combined Rally winner, GCH MACH3 Brookewood's Just Too Hot UD RAE
    Building Closes8:00 pm
    Thursday, November 16, 2017
    Judge's Education8:30 am
    Barn Hunt Trial – Sales Barn Kay Rodgers Park9:00 am
    Obedience Trial9:00 am
    Drop in health clinic10:00 am
    Puppy Match12:00 pm
    Sweepstakes1:00 pm
    Building Closes7:00 pm
    Friday, November 17, 2017
    Barn Hunt Trial – Sales Barn Kay Rodgers Park9:00 am
    Mini Me’s Class9:30 am
    Junior Showmanship10:00 am
    Agility Trial – Harper Stadium Kay Rodgers Park10:00 am
    Dog and Bitch Regular Classes10:30 am
    Top 20 Competition4:00 pm
    Refreshments hosted by Dawn and Joe Droel
    Owners of 2016 Top 20 Winner, GCHS Sovereign’s Chasing Legends
    Saturday, November 18, 2017
    Barn Hunt Trial – Sales Barn Kay Rodgers Park9:00 am
    Agility Trial – Harper Stadium Kay Rodgers Park9:00 am
    Dog and Bitch Non-Regular Classes9:30 am
    Parade of Champions11:00 am
    Break for lunch11:30-12:00
    Best of Breed12:00 pm
    Happy Hour hosted by Brooke Burlingame and fellow
    co-owners BGEN (ret.) Rhonda Cornum, MD, PhD, Geri Clements,
    Aaron Burlingame Jr. and Cheryl Mika
    Owners of 2016 Best of Breed Winner, GCHB Dogwood Hollow Bengal Zero Zero
    5:00 pm
    National Specialty Show Banquet6:00 pm
    Awards Presentation (Top 20 winners, Dog of the Year)7:00 pm
    Sunday, November 19, 2017
    Board of Directors Meeting, Booneville8:00 am
    Agility Trial – Harper Stadium Kay Rodgers Park9:00 am

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