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page last updated March 19, 2015


NBC Memorial Walkway


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 In 2012 the Memorial Walkway came to being, thanks to an idea brought forth by Ted Swedalla. The brick walkway links the downstairs dining room of the house at Institute Farm to the back lawn.   The walkway was initially laid in April 2012, and any newly engraved bricks will added once or twice a year.  The bricks are a lasting tribute to a special beagle, one special in the ring, the field or part of your family.  It's also a wonderful means to memorialize special beaglers, kennels or events in the beagle world.  Proceeds from the bricks go towards improvements at Institute Farm.

Personalized bricks are $100 each, use one form for each brick ordered. Print Order Form and mail it in

If you have any more questions regarding the walkway, please email Ted Swedalla or Sharon Clark