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2012 Event
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In the early 1990's, a decision was made within the National Beagle Club of America that there was a need for the NBC to take on more of a leadership role as the "Parent Club" of the breed in the United States. To this end, a dedicated group of beagle fanciers were invited to participate on the club's Welfare of the Breed Committee for the purpose of exchanging ideas and making suggestions concerning how the NBC might better serve the beagling community and provide guidance. Among the major concerns expressed was that regarding the apparently growing division within the breed between those fanciers interested in conformation, and the various, rather far removed styles of field activities; due to a concentration on breeding for specific traits (either physical or behavioral) at the expense of all others, beagles were becoming increasingly divergent in both appearance and hunting style.

What slowly began to emerge from the dialogue surrounding this split between the various factions was the idea for a return to tradition at the NBC through the sponsorship of a weekend of competitions aimed at promoting the complete, versatile beagle. In 1995 the NBC board of directors voted to go ahead with plans to hold a combination field and conformation event in the traditional fasion of early NBC trials. Three separate competitions were to be held over the course of one weekend, with all entered hounds required to compete in each phase of the event and placements based on the total, combined scores. It was hoped that by sponsoring this versatility event, the NBC might succeed in bringing together organized pack, field trial, hunting and show enthusiasts at one location for a weekend of enjoying our finest hounds. The first annual NBC Triple Challenge event was held in the Spring of 1996, and the event has continued to grow in popularity and prestige each year since.

A Brief Description

The NBC Triple Challenge event was initiated for the purpose of recognizing and promoting the complete, versatile beagle through a weekend of competitions during which the hunting talents of the individual hound will be evaluated (through a Brace Format field trial), as well as its ability to contribute to the work of a pack afield (during a Three Hour Stakes class). Additionally, the qualities of conformation, movement, condition, soundness and temperament will be judged in a Conformation show. Awards are based on a combined score earned through competition in all three phases of the event (field trial, stakes class and show). Points earned are based on the placement received in each phase of the event, and hounds are required to enter and complete all three phases of competition. The NBC Triple Challenge also serves a very valuable purpose, in that it brings together representatives of the various factions within our breed at one location, thus opening up the lines of communication.

Brace format field trial - The purpose of the brace format field trial is to evaluate the hunting talents of the individual hounds, based upon the desirable and undesirable characteristics as put forth in the AKC beagle field trial rules and regulations. First series is normally run as trios, while second or subsequent series are run as braces. As the goal during this trial is to score every hound, thereby ranking them from 1st through 30th place, judges are instructed to proceed in whatever manner necessary to achieve that goal while trying to stay within the guidelines of normal trial proceedures. Recognition is given to the highest scored hound of each size variety (13" & 15"), but no further awards are presented within any single phase of the Triple Challenge. Based on their placement in the field trial (1st through 30th), the hounds are credited with points towards their total score and final awards.

Three hour Stakes Class - The purpose of the three hour stakes is to further evaluate the hound's field ability as well as its ability to cooperate with packmates and contribute to the work of a pack afield. Judges are again using the desirable and undesirable traits as expressed in the AKC rulebook when evaluating the hounds. It is also worthy of note that, in order to successfully meet the physical demmands of the large pack format of the stakes class, the beagles need to be in peak physical condition and possess sound running gear coupled with truly functional conformation. Judges observe the pack from horseback, while handlers and gallery follow on foot. Top placing hounds may be required to run for the entire three hours, while those hounds not needed for further evaluation may be ordered up by the judges at any time. Again, high scoring hounds in each variety are recognized and all hounds are placed 1st through last and credited with points based on their ranking. NOTE: All thirty hounds are cast at the start of the stakes, hunted and judged as one large pack.

Conformation Show - The show is held following completion of all field competition. It addresses the qualities of conformation to the AKC breed standard, soundness, movement, condition and temperament. Procedure loosely follows that of "gundog show" or AKC show ring procedure; the judge is permitted to evalute and score the hounds by whatever method they find most efficient and comfortable. Often this means examining individually each hound and grading according to the scale of points found within the AKC beagle breed standard; all AKC show disqualifications apply. Again, high scored hounds of each variety are recognized and all hounds are placed 1st through last.

Hounds must enter and complete all three phases of competition at the Triple Challenge in order to be eligible to receive any awards. The purpose of this event is not to determine which hounds are outstanding in any single performance competition, nor the best conformation hounds; it is a test of versatility meant to recognize and promote the complete beagle. We are looking for those beagles which are truly functional hunting hounds and of correct breed type... with the emphasis on the beagle's ability as an efficient hunting companion, regardless of the speed or style of his work. Hounds representing all factions of our sport are welcome and will receive equal consideration.


If you are interested in entering a hound for competition at the NBC Triple Challenge event, please contact the events Secretary, who  is Jean McDonald, 4153 North State Route 669 NW, McConnelsville, OH 43756-9204. Or you can contact her at  or 740-962-5373.

In general, any one of the following achievements qualify a beagle for entry in this event:

1) The beagle has earned points towards a Championship title in AKC field trial or show competition, or 2) The beagle is an entered hound from one of the NBC registered beagle packs, or 3) The beagle has earned the title of Rabbit CH., Grand Rabbit Ch., or "Hound of the Year" in ARHA competition, or 4) The beagle has earned the title of UKC Hunting CH., or Grand Hunting CH., or 5) The beagle has earned the title of CKC (Canadian) Field Trial Champion.. Final decision regarding the qualification for entry of any individual hound shall be up to the event committee. PLEASE NOTE: All hounds must be AKC registered or entered into the NBC studbooks.

As of 1999, each hound which receives a combined, total score of 200+ out of 300 possible points during competition at the NBC Triple Challenge is awarded a special Certificate of Versatility in recognition of their achievement while competing against an outstanding entry of qualified hounds. (In previous years, a green qualifying ribbon was awarded for attaining the minimum required score.)


Triple Challenge Winner 2008

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Ch Dirty Pond Abbe
Exhibited by Kerry Cramer