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What To Do If You Have Found a Beagle

We would also suggest that you call all of the veterinarians within a reasonable distance of where you found the dog, alerting them to the fact that you have a Beagle that you found and give them a description of the dog.

If you've done all of these things and are still unable to find the dog's owners, please contact the nearest rescue location to where you found the dog. More...

Thank you for your concern for a lost Beagle and we hope that you are able to reunite the dog with his or her rightful owners soon!

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Beagle

If you lost your Beagle (got away from the car, ran away from your home, lost while visiting friends, for whatever reason!) there is a chance that someone in the rescue network may have your dog or know where he/she may be.

We would also suggest that you put up "Lost Beagle" flyers with a photo of the dog if at all possible and, if not one of the dog you have lost, then at least a photo of a Beagle of the same color. Post flyers at supermarkets and leave them at the veterinarians' offices and anywhere else it is legal to do so in the area in which you live. Physically visit any private shelter or government controlled shelter in your area. Don't just call - many of them have no idea what a "Beagle" is, much less looks like! Check with these shelters daily to see if your dog has been turned in. You should also call all of the veterinarians in your area. We would also suggest that you call those outside of your immediate area, but within the larger community area in which you live or even in neighboring communities. This is especially important if you live near a major thoroughfare where your dog could have been picked up by a well-meaning rescuer.

Another method of finding a lost dog is to post on the list. Keep posts as brief as possible. Include in your post:
The body of your message should contain:
Contact information such as phone numbers so you can be contacted off-list if needed in the event the dog is seen.
Critical information: dog's name, markings/description, microchipped, etc.

You may include with your message photo "attachments" so that readers will be able to see the dog within the context of your message and refer back to it.
To send email to the group owner:

We hope that you and your Beagle are quickly reunited!

If you've done all of these things and are still unable to find your beagle contact the nearest rescue location to where you lost the dog. More...


The American Beagle Relief Network


Many folks may think dogs that end up in rescue are in some way inferior.  Most are dogs that were simply the wrong choice for a family. Beagles are not for everyone, and despite their appeal, the demands of owning this active, intelligent hound can be daunting to a first time beagle owner. 

Mismatches are one of the top reasons beagles wind up in rescue situations.  Many families did not really consider the time & effort required to raise a lively beagle puppy. Other situations may arise that necessitates placement of their beagle with a new family. Rescue helps find new homes for these beagles.

Disclaimer: Contacts/Referrals on this page are to volunteers; the NBC does not guarantee beagles listed or referred and/or the services provided by these volunteers.

A link to a clickable map may assist you find a Rescue Group