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NBC Specialty Photos
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Pictured are WD or WB or Award of Merit as well as Breed and/or Variety winners

Ch. King's Creek Triple Threat &
Ch. Draper's Lemon Drop Daisy Mae

Alpha-Centauri's Sandpiper

Ch. Garber's Cupcake

Ch. Rockaplenty's Wild Oats

Ch. Carwood Caposa Amigo

Ch. Navan's Triple Trouble Rick

Ch Triple Lina Wor-Lo

Mr Chips

Reykholla's Densom's Double Play

Ralph's Royal Dream

Ch Pacific's Railroad Tycoon

Ch. Page Mill Upset the Applecart

Ch. Shaw's Share the Spirit

Ch Rockaplenty's Wild Oats

2010 - 13" WD/BOW.
Ch Copper Rose Murph The Smurf

Ch Starbuck's Hang 'em High

Ch. Diamond W. Mean Queen

Ch Merry Songs Uppity Miss

Ch Plain & Fancy Clover

Ch. Fairmont's Sound of Music

Ch Shaws Master Shaw

Someday Lady at Starbuck Torbay

Ch. Echo Run Kindred Spirit

Ch. Teloca Patches Littl' Dickens

Ch Bayou Oaks Jubilee

Ch. Copper Rose You Go Girl

Ch Lanbur Broadway Hit

Ch Bayou Oaks Cappucino

Ch Shaws Spirit of the Chase

Ch Fircone Country Cousin

1997 - AOM  Ch. Chardon Up Tempo

 Ch Alpha-Centauri  Crackerjack

Ch Bayou Oaks Ingenue

Ch. Whiskey Creek Headliner

Ch. Harnet Locknaw Aston Martin

Ch. Shoreview's Grace

Ch.Bayou Oaks Demi Tasse

Ch Daragoj Chelsea

Wishing Well's Worth Waiting For

 Alpha-Centauri's Attaboy

Ch Lanbur Matinee Idol

Ch. Lynstone Lexus

Ch Lanbur One Man Show

Spearits Isle of Skye

Ch. Daragoj's Diamonds Are Forever

1999-AOM - Ch. Riverrun’s On The Fox

Ch Shoreview's Will

Briarhill's Crystal

Ch Bayou Oaks Beaujolais

Ch Kahootz Chase Manhattan

Ch. Springfield's Darling Crystal

Ch Lanbur Dressed for Success

Ch Lanbur the Company Car

Ch Terwilliger's Saraband


Ch Lanbur Miss Fleetwood

Ch Tashwould Sumthingto talk about

Ch Windkist A Walk in the Park

 Ch Alpha-Centauri's Attaboy

Ch Windkist K-Run Secret of my Success

Ch Windkist Jump for Joy


Ch Windkist A Walk to Remember

1995 - Ch. Vinla's Midnight Maverick,

2010 - BOB - Ch Torquay Midnight Confession

Ch Jabrwoki's A Canterbury Tail

2010-Top 20 - Judges Choice
Ch Shadynook McDreamy at RK N"Tooker

2011 - 15" WD
 Don Diablo Sommerled de Suarias

2011 - 13" WB/BOW
Carmela de Suarias

BOB - NBC 2011
GCH Shadynook's McDreamy At Rk Tooker

13" BOV - 2011
Gch. Danter's Itty Bitty Trouble

15" BOW - 2011
Manahound Miss Terabyte

2011 - AOM GCH Fulmont's Follow Me, 15"

2011 - Select 13" dog
GCH  Roirdan Lanbur Motor City,

2011 - Stud Dog
GCH  Roirdan Lanbur Motor City,

2011 - AOM 15"
Ch Bridgehill's Mr. Mason Misbehavin'

2011 - AOM 15"
GCh Jadestone a Picnic in the Park

2010 - BOV 13"
GCh Del Rey Roosevelt's Rough Rider
2004 - BOB 15"
Ch. Copper Rose in a Heartbeat