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National Beagle Club Specialty Results (and see some pictures)
2010 - Vancouver, WA Judge. Mr S. Allmand
13" WD/BOW -
Copper Rose Merf the Smerf 13" WB -.Albedo's Next Supermodel. BOV GCh Del Rey Roosevelt's Rough Rider, BOS-Ch Skyline's Dream Big
AOM - Ch. Cabaret Catch A Fire, Ch. Tesoros White Jeans. Select Dog - Ch Beowulf Leave No Stone Unturned, Select Bitch - Ch Danter's Itty Bitty Trouble
15"  WD - Ha-Penny's Double Ought Six, WB/BOW - Tortuga's Irish Harp O'celtlan BOV/BOB - Ch Torquay Midnight Confession BOS - CH Jabrowoki's A Canterbury Tail
AOM - Ch Ha-Pennys Trouble Matters, GCh Belcanto Flags A'Flyin, Ch Scentini Million Dollar Pink, Ch Springfield's Crystal Twister
Select Dog - Ch Talbot Hill's Thyme After Time, Select Bitch - Ch Timberlost Meadow Crest's Miss Liberty At Wilkeep   HIT - Ch Starbuck Torbay Full Sail RN CGC:  HIAT
CH MACH5 Nieland's Strike Up The Band OAP OJP,
2002  - Aldie, VA    Judge:  Luc Boileau
15" WD, BOV - Elamo's Americo Vespuscio
13" WD- Alpha-Centauri's Attaboy WB - Windkist A Walk To Remember BOV, BOB -
Ch. Shoreview's Grace
2001 -Pigeon Forge, TN  Judge:  Kathy Forbes
15" WD - Roserun Tooker's Secret WB - Briarhill's Crystal BOV, BOB - Ch. Springfield's Darling Crystal BOS- Ch. Harnet Locknaw Aston Martin
AOM - Ch. Tashwould Final Warning, Ch. Lanbur Dressed for Success, Ch. Jackpots Trying My Patience, Ch. Daragoj's Diamonds Are Forever, Ch. Lynstone Lexus, Ch. Daragoj's Chelsea, Ch. Shoreview Will
13" WD - Lanbur Matinee Idol WB -Shoreview's Dixie Chick BOV - Ch. Shoreview's Grace BOS- Ch. Kountry's Trail Blazer
AOM: Ch. Beowulf Seranade for Winds, Ch. Dreamsof Cadillac Style, Ch. Kyleewood M and M's, Ch. Just-Wright High Heel Sneakers
2000  - Ft. Worth, TX   Judge:  Robert Berndt
15" WD -Emma's Adam Dalgleish Lenwin WB -Jabrwoki Devil W' A Red Dress BOV - Ch. Tashwould Deja Vu BOS - Ch. Just Wright Fashion Secret
13" WD -Fran-Ray's Little Big Man WB -Spearits Isle of Skye BOV, BOB -Ch. Echo Run Kindred Spirit BOS- Ch. Sierraskyline Eagle Feather
1999 -Delevan, WI         Judge:  Michelle Billings
13" WD Vijam Sharper Image WB Jerry's Miss Parker BOS Ch. Vinlas's Teddy Bear BOV/BOS to BOB Ch. Lanbur Miss Fleetwood
AOM: Ch. Merry Song's Top Performance, Ch. Wishing Well's Thank Goodness, Ch. Agnes Dream's Hot Ticket, Ch. Dreams of Strike A Pose
15" WD/BW Lanbur Dressed For Success WB Whiskey Creek's Small Talk BOS Ch. Someday's In A Perfect World BOV/BOB Ch. Whiskey Creek's Headliner
AOM:Ch. Vijam McErin Extra Inning, Ch. Del Cerco Miss Primrose, Ch. Bayou Oak Beaujolais, Ch. Wilkeep Twice As Nice, Ch. Tesoros Luck of the Draw, Ch. Brantwood Phantom of the Opera, Whiskey Creek's Small Talk
1998 - City of Industry, CA Judge: Robert Boothe
15" WD -Just-Wright Terminator  WB - Bayou Oaks Jubilee BOV - Ch. Bayou Oaks Cappucino BOS- Ch. Shaw's Share the Fantasy
AOM: Ch. Tashwould Sumthing To Talk About, Ch. Wilkeep Twice As Nice, Ch. Merry Song's Ramblin' Rose, Ch. Just-Wright Swashbuckler
13" WD-  WB - Terwilliger's Saraband BOV, BOB - Ch. Kahootz Chase Manhattan
AOM: Ch. Beaglesbay Hocus Pocus Wizard
1997 - Aldie, VA Judge:   Mrs. M. Lynwood Walton
15" BOV  - Ch. Whiskey Creek Headliner
13" WD - Wishing Well's Worth Waiting For BOV, BOB - Ch. Lanbur Miss Fleetwood
1996 -Allentown, PA  Judge:   Karen A. Moore
15" WD - Double-L's Bachelor Button WB - Page Mill Pennywise BOV, BOB - Ch. Tashwould Deja Vu BOS - Ch. Copper Rose You Go Girl
AOM: Ch. Shaw's Spirit of the Chase, Ch. Daf-I-Dale Pied Piper, Ch. Red Baron Gorgeous Sunny Girl,
13" WD/BOS - Kahootz Chase Manhattan WB - Eagle Ridge Meadowland Victoria BOV - Ch. Shaw's Share the Spirit
AOM: Ch. Vinla's Midnight Maverick, Ch. Beowulf Seranade for Winds
1995  -Charlotte, NC   Judge:   Lesley Hiltz
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Tashwould Deja Vu
13" BOV - Ch. Vinla's Midnight Maverick
1994 - Silvercreek, CO   Judge: Mrs. James Edward Clark
15" WD-Shaw's Spirit of the Chase WB - Bayou Oaks Ingenue BOV, BOB  -Ch. Fircone Country Cousin 
13" WD - Dreamsof Cadillac Style WB - Someday Lady at Starbuck Torbay BOV - Ch. Vinla's Midnight Maverick
1993 - Clarksville, IN  Judge: Betty-Anne Stenmark
15" WD - Fircone Country Cousin WB - Bayou Oaks Demi-Tasse BOV - Ch. Bayou Oaks Cappucino
13" WD - Lanbur Star Voyager WB - BOV, BOB - Ch. Lanbur Miss Fleetwood
1992  - Aldie, VA   Judge:   James L. Rice, Jr.
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Lenergie Clancy Lower the Boom
13" BOV - Ch. Fran-Ray's Lite-N-Lively
1991 - Mesa, AZ   Judge: William Russell
15" WD - Bayou Oaks Cappucino WB  BOV -Ch. White Acres Second to None
13" WD -  WB - BOV, BOB - Ch. Lanbur Miss Fleetwood
1990 - Poughkeepsie, NY  Judge:  J. Council Parker
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Lanbur the Company Car
13" WD, BOV - Lanbur Broadway Hit
1989 -Houston, TX  Judge: Charles P. Herendeen
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Rancho Glen's It's A Snap
13" BOV - Ch. Wright-Eager Dealer's Choice
1988 - Cleveland, OH    Judge:  Michelle Billings
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Page Mill Upset the Applecart
13" BOV  - Ch. Lynbrooke Give 'Em The Dickens
1987 - Aldie, VA   Judge:  Dr. A.C. Musladin
15" BOV - Ch. Daisy Run Benbrae Dauntless, CD
13" BOV, BOB - Ch. Teloca Lacoste Judith Anne
1986 -Phoenix, AZ   Judge:   John T. Refieuna
15" WD - Shaw's Master Shaw WB - Merry Song's Joy of Starbuck BOV, BOB - Ch. Fairmont's Sound of Music
13" WD - Skyline's Thief of Hearts WB - Hare Hollow's Let 'Er Rip BOV - Ch. Teloca Patches Littl' Dickens
1985 -Plant City, FL  Judge:   Mary Nelson Stephenson
15  "   BOV -Ch. Meadow Crest's Winjammer
13 "   BOV, BOB -  Ch. Teloca Patches Littl' Dickens
1984 -Aldie, VA   Judge:   Edith Nash Hellerman
15" BOV- Ch. Pin Oaks Mello Maverick
13" BOV. BOB - Ch. Teloca Patches Littl' Dickens
1983 - Houston, TX  Judge:  Dr. Gerda Kennedy
15" WD - Suntree's Fear No Evil WB - Starbuck's Southern Cross BOV, BOB - Ch. Alpha-Centauri Crackerjack
13" WD -Britelaw's Oliver WB - Buttonwood's Cassandra BOV - Ch. Pacific's Whimsical Bid
1982 - Aldie, VA  Judge:   Mrs. James Edward Clark
13" BOV - Ch. Kamelot's Queen Bee
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Merry Song's Uppity MS
1981  -Ravena, OH  Judge:   Michelle Billings
15" BOV - Ch. Brantwood's Desperado
13" BOV, BOB - Ch. Swan Lake's Ginger Snap
1980  -Aldie, VA   Judge:   Edward B. Jenner
15" WD -Kamelot's Kountry Squire WB- Birchwood Linven Betsy Ross BOV, BOB - Ch. Plain and Fancy's Clover BOS -Ch. Ledgewood Gunslinger
13" WD - The Whims Rule the Roost WB -Graadtre's Double Exposure BOV - Ch. Jo Mar's Repeat Performance BOS- Ch. Ledgewood Bonnie Belle
1979 - Santa Barbara, CA Judge:   Lt. Col. Wallace Pede
15" WD - Wufflairs Fringe Benefit WB -Pixshire's Sweet Sensation BOV - Ch. Diamond W. Mean Queen BOS - Buglair the President
13" WD - Winchester Magic Mark WB -Dismal Creek's Katie Did It BOV - Ch. Pacific Railroad Tycoon BOS -Ch. Valentine's Caprice
1978 1978 - Clayton, MO          15" & BOB -Judge: Mrs. Lynwood M. Walton  13" - Judge:  Charles P. Herendeen
15" WD- Shaws Friendly Ghost BOV, BOB - Ch. Plain and Fancy's Clover
13" BOV - Ch. The Whim's Buckeye
1977 - Aldie, VA Judge: Alice Jeffery
15" WD -  Reykholla's Densom's Double Play WB - Ralph's Royal Dream  BOV, BOB - Ch. Starbuck's Hang 'Em High
13" WD - Graadtre's Tom Dooley WB - Buttonwood's Sweet Sue BOV - Ch. Starbuck's Uproar
1976 - Aldie, VA  Judge: Alice Bartlett Lane
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Navan's Triple Trouble Rick
13" BOV - Ch. Colegren Sonnet of Briarwood
1975 - Aldie, VA  Judge:   Mr. Pat Hastings
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Navan's Triple Trouble Rick

13" BOV - Ch. Pixshire's One And Only
1974 -Aldie, VA Judge:   Mrs. William Warner III
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Rockaplenty's Wild Oats

13" BOV - Ch. Carwood Caposa Amigo
1973  -Aldie, VA  Judge:   Edmund J. Kauffman
15" WD - Alpha-Centauri's Sandpiper; BOV, BOB - Ch. Garber's Cupcake
13" BOV - Ch. Plain and Fancy's Missy
1972 - Aldie, VA. Judge:   Robert T. Henry
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Johjean Jubilation T. Cornbal
13" BOV - Ch. Plain and Fancy's Missy
1971 -Aldie, VA. Judge:   William S. Houpt
15" BOV, BOB - Ch. Validay's Merrie Monarch BOS Ch Triple Lina Wor-Lo
13" BOV - Ch. The Whim's Buckeye
1970 - Aldie, VA. Judge:   John Murphy
15" WD  ; WB - Wagon Wheels Dilly; BOV, BOB - Ch. King's Creek Triple Threat; BOS - Ch. Robin's Red of Honey Hill
13" WD ; WB ; BOV - Ch. Draper's Lemon Drop Daisy Mae