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Page last updated May 30, 2014  

The Mission of the National Beagle Club Health and Genetics Committee is to enhance beagle health and welfare by identifying health issues, promoting selected research studies, increasing the utilization of screening tests for breeding stock, and providing ongoing educational opportunities.

NBC Guidelines for Standards of Care View Here
The committee encourages collaboration with your vet on individualizing health care plans for your beagles

To submit questions on a specific health related problems or reports, please contact Darlene Stewart.

Beagles generally are healthy dogs, but certain conditions occur with some frequency.  The most notable of these would be seizure disorders, hypothyroidism, allergies, hip dysplasia, and inter-vertebral disc disease.   The Health and Genetics Committee will ideally be at the forefront of improving the overall health of our breed.  The committee will make a concerted effort to track the incidence of health problems in Beagles and take positive steps to improve the knowledge and information available concerning the problems. (Some of the links below, are to pages on other sites)

        Click here for link to the Handout from the Dr Bell health seminar from NBC 2011

Articles or links of interest to Beagle owners.


Beagle Pain Syndrome (SRM)

Tumbling Puppy Syndrome


Health Information

Information on Health Registries

to watch on line
2010 NBC Breeders Seminar

Genetic Testing
list of available tests

Screening Tests Available
and where to get them evaluated

Coat Color DNA test

NCCD which is believed to be the cause of Tumbling puppy Syndrome

Health Survey on the OFA website 

Other Information

In-depth Listing of Known Health Problems in Beagles

Genome Barks Podcast


NBC Guidelines for Ethical Conduct & Care View Here


Basic Health for Beagles

Your Beagle and his weight

Care of your Senior Beagle

Advice on how to buy the right beagle



Health & Genetics Committee

  1.  To develop, distribute and interpret health surveys in a confidential manner, as required to determine significant health issues in Beagles.   Ongoing surveys will identify long-term trends and the occurrence of established issues, as well as new health concerns.

Data from health surveys will assist in the evaluation of research  proposals and/or projects to be submitted for possible financial support.

Data will also be utilized to develop educational opportunities for breeders and owners by targeting breed specific health issues.

2.  Research of significant breed health issues will be identified and evaluated for
financial support.  These projects must have the potential for the improvement
of beagle welfare.  As well, they must have the potential to produce results that are reasonable, affordable and useful to breeders and owners, while maintaining high scientific and ethical standards.

Research projects requesting financial support will be evaluate by the Health & Genetics committee, and a written recommendation will be sent to the Executive Committee.  Written communication will be sent to the researcher submitting the proposal upon initial request and again, after the final decision.

Owner participation in research projects and DNA collection efforts will be encouraged.  A listing of all beagle-related research projects will be available on the NBC web site.  Specific needs, requirement for participation and contact information also will be posted on web site.

3.  Educational opportunities will be identified, developed and offered in a manner available to all beagle owners.  Educational opportunities shall be offered in a variety of formats, including but not limited to:

Web site-based articles
Web site seminars
Printed materials
Breeders/Owner seminars at Specialties
Health management articles in national dog-related magazines

4.  Utilization of available screening tests will be promoted by:

Providing information on each screening test
Listing those tests which are suggested prior to breeding
Encouraging the inclusion of screening tests and/or their results in all advertisements  Continuing education as to the use of screening tests for better breeding decisions

NBC Guidelines for Ethical Conduct & Care View Here