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page last updated December 08, 2014  

Fiscal Year 2013-2014

Link to the Bylaws (2004)  
Amendment 2010

 President, NBC:
Jessica Anderson MB

 President, Institute Corporation: Susan Mills Stone MB

 President, Loudoun Agricultural and Chemical Institute Foundation: 
 Joseph  J. McKenna, Jr.,




Richard Askins, MBH              ‘15
Joan Barrett, MB                     '17
William E. Bobbitt,Jr  MB        '15
Larry Bright, MB                      ‘16
Amy Burke MB                         '16
Charlotte D. Buttrick, MB      ’15
Dr. Rachel Cain, MBH             '18
John Gilbert, MBH                  ‘17
Chris Hamilton, MB                 ‘15
L. Stockton Illoway, MB          ‘15
Ronald Markland (SPO)          '15
Liz McKnight, MBH                  '16
Elizabeth Park, MB, MBH       ‘15
James Scharnberg, MBH       ‘15
Theodore Swedella, Jr.
(Supporting Members)            ‘17




 Chairman                      Joseph B. Wiley, Jr. MBH
President                       Jessica Anderson, MB
1st Vice President         Susan Mills Stone, MB
2nd Vice President    
  Carter Amigh, MBH  
Secretary                       Caroline Eichler
Assistant Secretary      Mandy Bobbitt, MB
Assistant Secretary      Cody Anderson
Treasurer                      Sandy McKenna, MGBH
Assistant Treasurer for SP    Sharon L. Clark
Assistant Treasurer     Elizabeth Reeser
Assistant Treasurer     Franklin B. (Ben) Tuttle
Secretary for
Supporting Members   Dr. Jen Gonzalez


Edmund Dziuk

 Beagle Advisory Committee of AKC  

Representative                  Jessica  Anderson



Building and Grounds Committee

Susan Mills Stone, MB, Co-Chairman
Elizabeth Park, BM, MBH, Co-Chairman

Joseph J. McKenna, Jr., MBH
A. Lee Reeser, Jr.
Robert Dougherty, MB
David Vore.
Alan Webb

W. Cody Anderson
Sherry Buttrick, MB
Liz Reeser
Robin Smith

Keepers of the Stud Book Committee

Chairman:        Mrs. James M. Park, MH 

Charlotte D. Buttrick, MB
James F. Scharnberg, MBH

Battin Fund Committee 

Forbes R. Reback, MB, Chairman
Ramsey Barrett, MB
Joseph J. McKenna, Jr., MBH
Francis Jacobs, MB

Health and Genetics Committee
Webpage Link

                             Ruth Darlene Stewart- Chairperson (Alabama)

                             Julie Wright (California)
                             Bev Davies-Fraser (Canada)
                             Carol Rutherford (Illinois)

 Sandra Groeschel (California)
                             Alyssa VanderWerff -Michigan)

                             Deb Wigal, DVM -Veterinary Consultant
                             Eddie Dziuk--Liaison AKC, CHF, OFA, NBC

Legislative Committee
Webpage Link

                              Betsy C Manifold Chairperson

                              Bob Boothe
                              Billy Bobbit
                              Lori Norman
                              Kim and Maggie Blutrech
                              Richard Nunez
                             Cindy Williams

Judges Education Committee
Webpage Link

                         Michelle Sager (chair)
                         Alyce Gilmore
                         Peggy Shaw
                         Eddie Dzuik
                         Mandy Bobbitt
                         Ann Roth