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Is A Beagle Right For Your Lifestyle?
Puppy Handout
(this is a PDF file you can print out at home)
  • 1.Define your lifestyle.
    Hunting vs show, as pets
  • 2.Define what you are looking to get from the relationship with your new dog.
    Do you plan to participate in one of many dog events?
  • 3.Do you travel frequently?  If so, who watches the dog?
  • 4.Do you have children?  What ages?
  • 5.What are the dog’s living conditions to be?
  • 6.Are you prepared for the cost of veterinary care?
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Where is the best place to buy a puppy?
  • 1.Where do I begin?
  • 2.Beware of Puppy Mills.
  • 3.Don’t buy from a pet shop
  • 4.Insist on meeting the breeder and seeing his other dogs.
  • 5.Look for references.

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What should I expect as I purchase a puppy?
  • 1.A written agreement relating to price and any restrictions, disclosures, or requirements.

  • 2.The ability to ask questions and have them answered, for the life of the dog.

  • 3.Any mentoring you may want towards competing in dog events.

  • 4.A health guarantee against genetic/congenital health issues.

  • Find out  what testing (if any) has been done for the parents of this puppy.

  • 5.Expect it to be pleasant.

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What should I do to be prepared to bring my puppy home?
  • 1.Crate.

  • 2.Puppy-proof the house and yard.

  • 3.Don’t give them run of the house; keep them where you can see them - so get baby gates.

  • 4.Determine where the pup will sleep, at night (crying first few nights).

  • 5.Have food, bowls, bedding, safe toys, etc.

Bringing Puppy Home

  • 1.Leaving the only home he has known – so show him love

  • 2.Doesn’t know how to act – show him what you want him to do – be clear & consistent

  • 3.Feels alone in a strange world – make him feel safe

  • 4.Protect it from toxic substances, toxic plants & animals, and protect from electric cords.

  • 5.He is a blank slate; & will become what you teach him to be (inadvertently or intentionally).

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What Playing Teaches A Puppy
  • 1.Rough play teaches them to be rough as adults.

  • 2.Aggressive play makes them aggressive adults.

  • 3.Make chasing toys fun, and start small.

  • 4.Pools – teach where to find steps; then teach to have fun.

  • 5.Playing defines a bond with the dog that becomes integrated into his personality.

Make the Dog a Good Citizen
  • 1.Puppy socialization.

  • 2.Puppy obedience – teaches you how to teach and the dog how to learn.

  • 3.Spay/Neuter if there are no plans to breed.
    Discipline guides the dog.

Housebreaking Your Puppy
  • 1.Crate.
  • 2.Don’t give them run of the house; keep them where you can see them.
  • 3.Watch for signs
  • 4.Take them out often, and reward them for doing well.
  • 5.Don’t hit them.

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Training Your puppy
  • Basic manners

  • Recall, Sit, Games

  • Training and treats

Part 1      Part 2     Part 3

Pocket Beagles
  • What are they

  • Are they rare & valuable

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